Keywords: Macbeth, Shakespeare, King James VI & I

During the reign of the King James VI & I reading and learning flourished in the kingdom. The King himself wrote well and he wrote extensively. He was one of the most learned monarchs to ever sit on any throne and was known as "Britain's King Solomon". One of the King's most famous subjects was William Shakespeare. King James I was patron to Shakepeare's troop which was known as, "The King's Men".

King James VI & I, a king from infancy, had a rich family history. Shakespeare derived inspiration from this history for the play Macbeth. Read more about historical figures Duncan and Macbeth here. Macbeth was also known as "The Scottish Play" (King James VI & I himself a Scot). Did the King like the play? This writer doesn't know.

Macbeth touches on King James' belief in the Divine Right of Kings but is by no means a biography of the King--it was rather inspired by he, his family, and his nation. You may read a short biography of Shakespeare here.

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Keywords: Macbeth, Shakespeare, King James VI & I, King James VI of Scotland, King James I of England, King James.