Part 6: Two Main Magician Paths


This article is not what it was going to be at first. It was going to list an evil process crystalizing on the surface of the earth for making magicians, but it will not list that process.

The children of God do not know or care about the particulars of heathen techniques like magic, but with this system boldly stepping in where it belongeth not (the visible churches), God's children take a look. Nowadays, the magic-training system is so on the surface that one can fairly quickly see the few steps it takes to get to the magician stage (not to say that there are not substeps). I was going to list the few steps (just a somewhat cursory glance at what is happening in the false church brings the process to the forefront) but I do not wish to give information for someone seeking details for wicked purposes. A person does not have to want to be a magician to become one, just like the person we read about who "accidentally" received kundalini awakening from a shaman yogi during a treatment for a disease.

The Bible teaches us that rejecting the truth, disobeying God's word, and being unrighteous makes a person deceivable. When a deceivable person begins the vain repetition and contemplative "prayer" (which is neither contemplative nor is it prayer), they can enter direct contact with a devil where they are further deceived with visions of "light", "love", etc. and the counsels of "the inner advisor" who enters their body in response to their vain repetition (it summons devils). They keep getting deceived to go further in the system, reminiscent of climbing degrees of masonry or going through witchcraft levels--each one a descent into lower depths of evil. The ministers of the contemplative prayer system have got the system all worked out and are rolling out the knowledge of this magic all over the place. This chanting is not just in the churches, but all across society. It is being called whatever the people will bear. I saw it in a health booklet in a pharmacy waiting area. The short article tried to alleviate people's wariness of "meditation". Often, such things teach the so-called "scientifically proven" benefits of meditation--I've seen a Transcendental Meditation (TM) book dedicated to the very thing, Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation Program, Collected Papers, Volume 1. The book contains a very fluffy, childlike, and insubstantial preface...but yet the preface is substantial in that it appears a roadmap of their past and future plans. I heard that TM could not make real inroads in the United States until the proponents of it put a scientific spin on it. I saw a magic book in an office supply store. I did not go in there expecting to see a book on magic. I did not want anyone to see me looking at it. From behind the bookstand, I put one finger on the back of the book, pushed it forward, and peeked to see what the back cover said. The book was about learning how to do magic with a "sacred word"--the same old vain repetition seen across the board, done by mystics, hindus, buddhists, emerging church people, enchanters, magicians, witches, workers with familiar spirits, sorcerers, and wizards, etc. Of note, I read that the vain repetition can be done in a silent mode [1]. May that contact-the-devil system be short-circuted again and again and again all the way until the end.


Disobedient church people want to feel God's Spirit, but they cannot; they are dried up. They are not right with God. They are tired of waiting for what they cannot receive. When a false prophet comes saying that the disobedients already have God inside of them and that they can contact him directly without obedience to his word, then the disobedients go on a feeding frenzy devouring the teachings of the false prophet--I've read that the "Christian" bookstores are full of books on contemplative spirituality. Not only can these church people remain disobedient, their "spiritual directors" even openly telling them that meditating on the holy scriptures is a hinderance to contacting God directly. The fallen away church people are listening with itching ears to the false prophets.

They are so sinful, disobedient to the Bible, poverty stricken, desperate and deluded that they will even receive the spirit of a devil over having no spirit. They would rather have a familiar spirit than no spirit. They may be ignorant of it, but they are magicians and enchanters in training.

They are not contacting God "directly". There is no such thing because no man cometh unto the Father but by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. USING THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST AS A HEATHEN WITCHCRAFT MANTRA IS A BLASPHEMY, AND WHAT THOSE PEOPLE MEET IN THEIR ENCHANTMENTS IS NOT GOD, IT IS A DEVIL.

For the disobedient church people, there are only a few short steps to becoming an enchanter, magician, sorcerer, purposely-possessed individual. But how can church people who say that they believe in the Lord become devil worshippers and have meditation sessions with atheists, hindus, witches, new agers, wizards, and workers with familiar spirits? They are being deceived into entering magician-training. Other people are also being deceived. They all meet under deception, each deceived with a lie. Because people receive not the love of the truth, God sends them strong delusion that they should believe a lie. They do not believe the truth and therefore in their unrighteousness, they are subject to being lied to. The devil and his ministers are deceiving them. Many of these church people are not consciously out to become magicians. They are disobedient to the holy scriptures are being deceived with the deceivableness of unrighteousness.

Below we will see that there are two main paths by which the people enter the magician training.


Each person has their own sensitivities and personality and there are different type of yogas for different temperments and personalities--whether a person is emotional, active, physical etc. [2]. In my researches, I came across the words of a well-known occultist and adherent of the devil (which they called Lucifer) who studied eastern meditation. This person narrowed down the paths to two--

  • the compassionate path (like a, "I want to help somebody else" personality) and
  • the self path (like a, "I want to know more about me and what I can get").

Let us examine these two classifications and the types of people that might be in each of the two groups. At this point, disobedient church people seem to be coming in more towards "the compassionate path" (as in "Love, love, love, let's all meditate and do social good and just join hands and just all be one, we are the world.)[3]. Meanwhile the atheist may be interested in self-realization so he is on the "self path". Both of these groups can be in the same room meditating--and this is done. I've seen calls for such meditation sessions in a brochure at a local library. It was a call to all people to meet at community centers, churches, etc. regardless of their beliefs (including church people). I believe it was a new age magazine. . . There might be a call for an "interfaith" session or "open to all" or one might hear words like "unity", "oneness", etc. The people was one during the time of Babel, too. This time when the people all get together, the man of sin will rise up from amongst them and all whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world will worship the beast (reference Revelation 13:8).

More about the people on the paths. . . A "white witch" may be on the "compassionate path" because she only wants (for now) to use her powers for "good" (a famous occultist plainly admitted that white witchcraft is what he called, "a myth"). Another witch who worships "the dark goddess" may be on the "self path" because she wants more black magic power. A church person may want health, wealth, and prestige from their god and so they are on the self path. Whether on the compassionate path or the self path, the contemplative/meditative prayer practitioner is going to contact the devil. Both roads lead to the same place--the gates of hell, hell, and the lake of fire that burneth with fire and brimstone.


[1] I've seen video of the the mystical ritual whirling dance of the "Whirling Dervishes". According to, the Whirling Dervishes are members of the Mevlevi Order which "belongs to the Sunni or orthodox mainstream of Islam. Its doctrine never developed a revolutionary strategy - and although it was occasionally criticized for its heretical ideas, it always enjoyed the respect of the officialdom." There are various elements to the ceremony, there is music involved, and the dancer "chants the name of God within the heart". There is the seeking of union with God, serving creation, etc.

[2] From Encyclopedia Americana circa 1971, Swami Nikhilananda (emphases ours), "[Yoga] covers a wide field of spiritual practices adapted to different temperments", e.g. "karma-yoga, suited to active minds"; "jnana-yoga, for philosphical minds"; "bhakti-yoga, meant for emotional minds, shows the way to cultivate love of God for His own sake, without hope of reward or fear of punishment" [as in no heaven and no hell]; "raja-yoga, suited to the introspective. . ." "The final aim of ALL these yogas is liberation of the soul from the bondage of matter." As seen in the above excerpts, in yoga, there are different paths available based different personal dispositions that people have (that is how you can have a path for disobedient, "social doctrine" church people AND a path for atheists, witches, etc. Yoga is now found all over the place in America. From the internet (emphases ours)--

"Hatha is an easy-to-learn basic form of yoga that has become very popular in the United States. Hatha Yoga IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL YOGA STYLES. IT INCORPORATES. . . KUNDALINI into a complete system that can be used to achieve enlightenment or self-realization. It has become very popular in America as a source of exercise and stress management."

A Beka is an offeror of professedly Christian homeschool materials. Their physical education manual (sixth edition) has a "Frequently Asked Question" section on page 7. Question--"May my student use yoga. . . [or] martial arts. . . for PE?" Answer--"Since we are unable to accurately gauge the student's skill with these activities, yoga,. . . [and] martial arts. . . are not acceptable for daily activities. . . ." Church people are destroyed for lack of knowledge--the so-called teachers cannot even warn the people, and what about the pastors of the people?.

From someone who was thrown into kundalini awakening by a female "shaman yogi" (see

. . . you were right when you said nothing good comes from Yoga. Gurus are extremely dangerous individuals. Let Christians know it could hurt your faith even just the exercise. . .

[3] which inevitably leads to, "if you tell us the truth about the word of God, you are our only enemy" (in reading the materials on this subject, one already is reading the huffing and puffing of "spiritual directors" speaking against the holy scriptures and the truth. It is like witches are taking over the visible church--the visible church is largely a fallen church a city broken down and without wall into which any invader can come. The church people are interested in the world and the devil is the god of this world. It is as if at this point whatever a person is worshipping is going to be known. A church person who is a follower of the god of this world, will make his stand on the side of the devil. The saved people will make their stand on the side of the Lord and his word.). Revelation 13 teaches us that the world will worship the beast and wonder after him and will worship the dragon that gave power to the beast. Revelation 13 teaches us that the beast will make war with the saints. The end of this is war with the saints. All those whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world shall worship the beast. They will go along with him. These people who are involved in the magician training are going to continue to be deeply influenced by the devils that they worship if they do not repent and turn to the truth. How to Get to Heaven

People are being led to commit the sin that hath never forgiveness.


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