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Update: From this vantage point, after what I have been through, I can say--
  • I am learning how to relax and enjoy my daughter, focus on others, avoid self-focus, avoid being consumed by the lamentable state of things occurring in the world.
  • It took a long, rough time before I started living more quietly and doing things for myself.
  • There should have been less books to read and less data and more quiet skill-building work. The basics can be learned without excesses. I tried to open up happy families through readings, but the scriptures show how families--and all things--are to be ordered.
  • A more bland, convenient, nutritious diet with adequate water would have been better--a diet consisting of whole foods cooked at home with real salt and minimal sweets ignoring the refined white sugar. Faring sumptuously can bring a snare. I was counseled to have a bland diet in some articles I read, but I did not hearken to them.
  • Regular, quiet, daily walks would have been very nice.
  • Observing the sabbath day from the beginning would have been good.


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