Chapter XV.

Nations Which Have Been Disgraced by the Toleration of Popish Rule.

There is no nation on the face of God's green earth to-day which has been enslaved by the power of Popery, and which has been burdened by an idle and worthless army of Priests, Monks and Nuns, but what would have become, not only tired, but disgusted with their burden, if they had ever been permitted to mingle and commingle with Protestant countries, and learn that Protestantism leads to individual intellectuality and collective greatness.

It is true, however, that there are many countries in South America that have been Priest-ridden for centuries, and who are as heavily burdened to-day with this ancient parasite as ever, who offer not a single protest, but the only reason


for this is that Catholicism has always forbidden these priest-ridden nations to make any advancement towards Protestantism, which has been instrumental in keeping these nations under the complete control of the Vatican; thus you will see they have never been permitted to taste of the grandeur of Protestantism.

We will take France for instance, which was at one time one of the most priest-ridden countries on earth, but which is to-day endeavoring to extract herself from the meshes of this damnable creed, as the intelligent statesmen of France have learned that Catholicism is only another name for ignorance and superstition, and they have also learned that so long as the affairs of France remain under the control of papal power, just that long advancement and greatness stand aloof from the portals of their country, so in the past two years the government officials have removed tens of thousands of the Pope's hirelings from authority and have closed up hundreds of parochial schools.

Now, if Catholicism is such a glorious creed,


why is it that France is so anxious to get rid of her influence? Ah! France has learned by coming in contact with Protestant countries that she need not expect to ever become a great nation if she permits popery to control her affairs.

Italy, the home of the Pope, has begun to wince under the Vatican's rule, as her national back is getting raw by the saddle of this diabolical creed. The inhabitants of Italy have been for the past few years protesting against the high-handedness of Catholicism, and the officials have begun to take notice of this vulture of humanity, and my predictions are that within a very short time Italy will do as France has done and close up the monasteries and convents, for just as long as these institutions are allowed to keep open house, and dictate to the inhabitants of Italy, just that long we may expect the immigrants who come over from Italy to bear the Vatican's mark of vice, immorality and criminality.

Go to Ellis Island and watch the immigrant ships from Catholic nations as they vomit forth their load of human carrion upon the fair shores of this


country, and your heart will become sick with fear, as this class that hails from the nations of popery are a class, as a whole, that will disgrace and ruin any nation on earth, as these immigrants are men and women who have no conception of a free country, as they are men and women who have never been taught to look above the horizon of Catholicism; therefore they land upon the shores of America as criminals and not as citizens, and you cannot make pure American citizens out of them until you boil this hellish creed from their system by the fire of patriotism, and this cannot be done as long as this country permits Catholicism to run her mills of degeneracy unmolested upon our shores.

All of our large cities are infested more or less with this "scarlet-robed hag of hell," and more especially our eastern cities, as this foreign herd of the Pope's followers land in eastern ports and spread themselves out like a blanket, reeking with a moral stench over the eastern borders of this country, and they make a specialty of settling in our eastern cities.


We will take Boston, Mass., for instance, as there is but very little difference in the "rabble'' of that city and the immoral degenerate class that infests the densely populated centers of Catholic countries.

Several notorious cases of open defiance of civil law and violation of civil rights by the tools of popery have recently occurred in Boston. One of these is the escape of two girls from the so-called "House of the Good Shepherd," in Roxbury, and the re-capture of these girls by a policeman.

Now, bear in mind that this "House of the Good Shepherd" is a Catholic institution, pure and simple, but these girls who escaped from this "plague house," were arrested by the police and returned to this Catholic dungeon without the semblance of law.

On questioning "The Mother Superior," she said that the girls were not committed to the institution by the courts, but by "the church." The question then arose: Has the Roman Catholic Church the right to give sentence of imprisonment


with hard labor as a penalty? For this is exactly what imprisonment in this "House of the Good Shepherd" means; therefore, if these girls so sentenced escape, what right has a city policeman to arrest and carry them back to this Catholic institution, which exists without the semblance of a State law and without an iota of moral law? Are the policemen of the cities of Massachusetts servants of the Roman Catholic Church? Have the courts the right to, sentence prisoners to Catholic prisons, and after sentence, have the prisoners no right? Many of them are kept for life, or until too old to work, and then they are set adrift to become public charges upon a Protestant country, after the Roman Catholic Church has made hundreds of dollars from the labor of these unfortunates.

We want to call attention to another flagrant case, which happened in the north end of Boston not long since.

A few months since, a Protestant Italian family in the north end of Boston was about to move to New York. There were two children and the


wife soon expected to become mother again. She expressed the wish that some one would care for one of her children for a few weeks, until she got well and was settled in her new home. A neighbor sent a woman to her who offered to care for the children, and when this little one was turned over to her, she took it straightway to the home for destitute Catholic children, on Harrison Avenue, in Boston. In a month the mother called for her baby and was told that it was "up in the country," and was requested to leave it there for a mouth, and was told that it would be good for the child. She consented to this, believing that the fresh air would be good for her baby, but she was an uneducated woman and was inclined to believe what others said, as she was an honest lady herself, but she did not know the trickery of the Catholic Church, so when she was asked to sign a paper, she readily agreed to it, not thinking that she was giving her own blood and flesh away.

In a month she came on from New York to get her baby and was told that she could not have it,


and was further told that she had signed a paper giving it away. Then the husband came on from New York and demanded the child, but was refused. He then appealed to the pastor of the Italian Methodist Church, on Hanover street, Boston. The two went to a very prominent Romanist office-holder, who was chairman of the trustees of this so-called "Catholic Home." This man draws seven thousand dollars per year from the city, and is elected largely through Protestant influence, simply because Protestantism believes that she can reform Catholicism by being liberal with her; but oh! Liberty! what crimes are perpetrated in thy name! This Boston official, after much talk with this Italian father, told him to bring a letter from a priest, and that he would see what he could do. The Italian said, "I am a Protestant," at which the official became very indignant, but after a little more talk said: "Bring a letter of recommendation from a minister." This Italian father got a good, strong letter commending his character from a Protestant minister in New York, and one who already


knew him, and went this time alone to this Boston official.

In about an hour this heart-broken father appeared before a Methodist minister in tears, saying: "He will not give me my child. He said I am a bad man for becoming a Protestant, and that by doing so I have proven that I am unfit to care for my children, and when I gave him my letter from the Protestant minister, he said: 'I will not take the word of a Protestant minister!'"

Now, if what we have related is true, which I know to be absolutely true in every particular, would happen in the United States of America, "the land of the free and the home of the brave," you might know what would happen in a Catholic country which is completely under the tyrannical and damnable rule of the Pope.

A minister informs us that on three occasions lately, children have come to him and told him that an Irish public school teacher in Boston had forbidden them to attend Protestant services, as their parents were at one time Roman Catholics,


and that this talk from this Romish school teacher was had during school hours.

What we need in this country is a "vigilance committee," and we need it badly, and we need it right away, and this committee should be instructed to impeach every public official who endeavors to usurp the law in favor of Roman Catholicism.

The brightest minds of the past, and the brightest minds of the present have pointed out to Protestant America the dangers of Romanism, but it seems as though we will not heed their warning, when we see upon every side evidences of moral decay and national degeneracy by permitting this "Romish hag" to supervise and superintend the affairs of this nation.

Protestant European nations have for many years beheld the despotic march of Catholicism in America, and this country for a number of years has been the laughing stock of Protestant European countries for permitting this brazen demon to tread up and down the avenues of our liberties without molestation.


A few years before Bismarck of Germany died, he, in a public speech delivered in the German parliament, pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church was only free in America, and for the benefit of the reader we will quote a part of this great statesman's speech:

"The Pope being purely a religious chief, there is no occasion to keep a permanent political representative at his port. Things, indeed, might have been left in status quo had not the present Pope thought it fit to revive the ancient struggle of the papacy with the temporal power, and more especially with the German empire. The spirit emanating the papacy in this campaign is too well known to require comment; still we would tell the house a story, which has long been kept a secret, but which had better be made public. In 1869, when the Wurtemberg government had occasion to complain of the action of the papacy, the Wurtemberg envoy at Munich was instructed to make representations, and in a conversation which passed between the envoy and the nuncio.


the latter said, 'The Roman Church is free only in America.'"

This nuncio further stated that the Roman Catholic Church in all other countries had to look to revolution as the sole means to retain her position. This, then, was the view of the priestly diplomatist stationed at Munich in 1869, and formerly representing the Vatican at Paris.

Bismarck further stated: "I know from the very best sources that the Emperor Napoleon was dragged into the war very much against his will by the influence of Jesuit priests."

Who can deny these statements, as Bismarck was a man who made the study of Catholicism a part of his life, and he was a man who was of rugged character and undaunted courage, and a man whom the world at large believed.

There has not been a war for centuries past but what the cunning hand of popery has been mixed up with the blood shed in these wars, as popery never misses an opportunity to take sides with the nation which represents Catholicism, as this creed of abominations will resort to blood-


shed if by so doing she believes she can carry her point and establish her rule of despotism.

If America will take a lesson from France she will be taught a lesson that will save this country from passing through the same ordeal that France is passing through to-day, and unless the government of the United States begins in the near future to suppress this giant of darkness, Roman Catholicism, we will within the next fifty years have to resort to the same means that Combes of France is resorting to, to annihilate the serpent of Catholicism from our shores, or else meekly submit to being dragged down to the level of Roman Catholicism, which is equivalent to losing our identity as a government, and taking our places among the nations noted only for either ignorance, vice or criminality.

Catholicism does not believe in a free country. Catholicism does not believe in a country of the people, by the people and for the people, as such a country is not the natural abode for this detestable creed.

Catholicism believes in a country which is ruled


by a monarch, as she then only has to control the monarch himself, and this is why the Catholic clergy and the Catholic officials, from the smallest to the greatest, are in sympathy with Russia, as the Russian government is a most complete monarchy, and the emperor is an absolute monarch, and this is why Catholicism is always ready to toss up her hat in glee for the success of the Russian army.

Catholic prelates all along the line, up to the Pope himself, have been trying to make Americans believe that Russia is deserving of our sympathy, but her solicitude in behalf of Russia is only a sympathetic shriek for her own polluted carcass.

Catholicism never sympathizes with any nation nor any individual who have for their motto "Emancipation," as emancipation means to Catholicism a vital blow to her teachings, as slavery of both body and soul is Rome's uppermost desire.

Can we expect Catholicism to change her abominations without force? Most assuredly not, as


her every inspiration comes from a set of men who know no more about loyalty to country than her dupes know about a living God, as the Pope is a native born Italian, and her cardinals are recruited from the ranks of Italy's king ruled inhabitants, consequently it is impossible to expect the Pope of Rome or those cardinals to recommend anything in harmony with the teachings of Protestant America, as they are strangers to Protestantism and American manhood; therefore it would be as reasonable to expect sunlight in the caverns of the earth as to expect Rome to recommend a doctrine which would be beneficial to humanity.

When I declare to the American people that unless this country in the near future makes a combined effort to stamp out the political intrigue of Catholicism, or it will not be long until America will find her every interest tied tight and fast to the carcass of Romanism; I do so because I feel that it is my duty to warn this country of her awful fate, for just as sure as God reigns, just that sure Catholicism has America "spotted" as her victim,


as this spirit of darkness has for many years in the past made her boast that "America is Rome's future possession."

There is not a nation on the face of the earth which has permitted Rome to plant her banner Of infamy unmolested but what has been disgraced by the toleration of her creed, and America cannot expect to meet with a better fate.

The dangers that beset the path of America's future are in the form of a political serpent, as Rome has learned to know that by holding out the "vote bait" to our politicians, that she can retain the balance of power, as she has long since learned that as long as she can be instrumental in keeping two political parties, both largely made up of Protestants, and fighting each other, that she can associate herself with one or the other by offering this party the undivided suffrage of Catholicism, and by this act she can gradually get control of the offices of this land, and this is her main object, for if she can control the officials, she will see that such laws are passed as will enable her to coil her slimy self about the


vitals of Protestant America, and just as long as the Protestant denominations allow themselves to be made Protestant simpletons of, just that long Catholicism will fool Protestant hosts by offering the "vote bait" to the politician.

Whenever Protestantism learns that she has a common cause to champion, and a common enemy to fight, then we will have an "American party'' on one side, and a "Catholic party" on the other, and when this time comes, Catholicism will be deprived of her cudgel of deception, and will have to fight her battles without the assistance of "Protestant partisan fools," and will cease to believe that she belongs to either this or that political party. Protestantism is a band of American patriots, and should only have the welfare of Protestantism at heart.

Catholicism, if left alone without the assistance of Protestant votes, could not turn a wheel in the affairs of this country, but by permitting Romanism to make Protestantism believe in one of two political parties thus dividing the Protestant votes, Catholicism is allowed to hold the


balance of power and dictate terms to a Protestant country.

Shame, eternal shame upon the hosts of Protestantism for permitting themselves to be made fools of, by the Romish Church, as this is exactly what the hosts of Protestantism are allowing Catholicism to do with her!

Now, I know whereof I speak, as I have been on the inside of politics in our large cities, and especially in the City of St. Louis, and Catholicism's scheme is always to allow the cities to elect a Protestant mayor, but they always endeavor to elect the other officials.

Oh, could I but whisper into the ears of every Protestant in America and make them understand what I know of the cunning and deception of Catholicism I would march an army of Protestants to the polls at our elections that would represent a mighty army of patriotism; but just so long as Protestantism permits Catholicism to make her believe that it is necessary to have two or more political parties, just that long we will have partisan block-heads, and as long as this


state of affairs exists, just that long the cunning schemes of Catholicism will be able to control the balance of power, which will disgrace the fair name of Protestant America.

I solemnly declare that there never has been a nation completely under the control of Romanism but what has been disgraced by that toleration, and America will live to realize the truthfulness of this assertion unless she becomes "Protestant patriots" instead of "prattling partisans."

To give the reader a better idea of what happens in countries absolutely controlled by Catholicism, and to more thoroughly convince the reader that what I have said is true in regard to nations which have been disgraced by the toleration of popish rule, I desire to repeat a little history that is not many months old, which happened in the United States, where it is supposed that man and woman can worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, and if what we are going to relate happens in this free land, what do you suppose is the condition in Catholic


countries that are completely under the control of the Pope?

In Worcester, Mass., not long since, a 19-year-old girl by the name of Maggie Barry received a public whipping from her mother for attending services of the Salvation Army.

Miss Maggie Barry, who is 19 years of age, had been for some time occasionally attending the meetings of the Salvation Army, and was desirous of becoming a member of the corps, having been converted a short time since.

Her parents were Irish Roman Catholics and insisted that Maggie should remain a Romanist. They regarded the Salvation Army, which is purely non-sectarian, as a Protestant organization, and they were determined that their daughter should have nothing to do with it, and forbade her attending any of the meetings.

On a Sunday evening not long since she attended the services of the Salvation Army at No. 5 Commercial street, where there were at least 250 people present. While the commander of the corps was reading from the Bible, Miss Barry's


mother came through the doorway and down to the front row of seats near the corner of the platform, where Maggie was sitting, and grabbed her daughter by the arm and began to pound her over the head, and at once proceeded to pull the girl from the hall and down the stairs into the street, all the time unmercifully beating the poor girl over the head and shoulders.

The incident happened so quickly that for a moment the audience could not realize what was taking place, but as soon as the audience could gather their wits, there was a rush made for the street.

After the meeting had adjourned many of the attendants found Miss Barry in the street weeping like her heart would break and afraid to return to her home.

She told the audience that as soon as she reached the street where a number of relatives were waiting for her that she broke away from her mother and fled.

A policeman was called into consultation relative to the case and stated that as Maggie was


under twenty-one years of age, that she had better be taken to her parents at 125 Salem street, and two policemen accompanied her to her home.

It is stated that Miss Barry has received many unmerciful beatings because she attended these religious meetings, and her old Romish mother, while dragging her down the stairs that Sunday night, threatened to do her bodily harm if she ever attended these meetings again.

A few days after this disgraceful and un-American spectacle happened in the streets of Worcester, a notice in the Central District Court appeared that "Miss Margaret Barry was charged with being a stubborn child and was sentenced to the Woman's Prison at Shearborn. She appealed and furnished a bail. The girl was arrested on the complaint of her mother because she would not stay away from the meetings of the Salvation Army."

Now, reader, you have a case right in the United States of America where a poor girl was sentenced to prison for attending a Protestant meeting. What do you think of a judge of a court


who will sentence a child to a State prison for attending a Protestant meeting?

We know what you think if you are a pure Protestant, and we know that your blood boils with pure indignation; but you cannot expect any relief from this state of affairs and you can only expect to see things grow worse if you continue to be "Partisans" instead of "patriots."

If such things are now happening in the State of Massachusetts, how long will it be before the Protestant churches in this country will be closed up by the order of the Pope, and how long will it be before those who attend Protestant meetings will be liable to arrest and thrown into prison, as it was during the dark ages when the Roman Catholic Church had full control?

Authentic history, and history that cannot be denied nor disputed, nor even questioned, gives the appalling record of 70,500,000 Protestants who were slain by the greatest curse the world has ever known--Roman Catholicism.

We, in America, cannot expect anything better


until we have a set of Protestant preachers who will practice what they pretend to believe.

Our Protestant ministers of to-day are weak-kneed, weak-spined, "nothings," who have not enough religion nor backbone to take a firm stand against Catholicism, and until we have such men we will continue to see "Maggie Barrys" dragged from Protestant meetings and publicly whipped by parents, and then sentenced to imprisonment by judges elected by Roman Catholics.

Again we want to repeat the head lines of this chapter for the benefit of those who are weak-kneed and who are entirely "spineless:" "Nations who have been disgraced by the toleration of popish rule," and we leave it to the reader to decide whether this headline is a misnomer or not, as we have offered you evidence in this chapter that should convince any right-thinking man or woman that if the Roman Catholic Church has grown so bold in America, with the ink upon the Declaration of Independence scarcely dry, what shall we expect for our posterity if there is not


a stand made by Protestantism to halt this "emperor of darkness" in his march of devastation?

This black-winged vulture of human rights is growing bolder day by day by being permitted by Protestantism to separate and divide the Protestant vote among different parties, and combining the hosts of Catholicism for an onslaught against everything American in order to control the affairs of this country. If you will listen you can almost hear the death rattle of Protestantism as the serpent of Rome has so gently entwined her slimy self about the throat of our American goddess of liberty that the death rattle is almost perceptible.

Strike while you have the power, and do not delay, or else the time is not far distant when the once powerful arm of Protestantism will be paralyzed by the infusion of Roman virus.



Chapter XVI.

Nearing the Trenches of Physical Strength.

We can only judge the future of nations and institutions by the past and present, and if we are to judge Catholicism by her past, and if' we art honest with ourselves, we cannot paint a future without producing a panoramic view that is dreadful to behold, as Catholicism in the past has been an institution which always endeavored to rule by the tyranny of oppression, and her decisions and mandates to-day are the same as they were during the inquisitorial days when our Protestant forefathers were burned at the stake for disobeying the commands of Catholic officials.

Catholicism makes her boast that she never changes; then what are we to expect the future to bring forth, if her dogmas of damnation are


allowed to fasten her intolerable hold upon this country? for if she "never changes," and we are compelled to judge her future by her past, which is the only rational conclusion that can be arrived at, then we can expect nothing more than to behold her future trail stained with the blood of Protestants, as such has been her history of the past.

It is our purpose in this chapter to give the reader an authentic epitome of a few of the doctrines and facts which we defy Roman Catholicism to successfully deny, as what we propose to give you is Roman Catholic law, and if such is Roman Catholic law, then we will have no trouble in establishing the fact that no loyal Catholics can possibly be loyal American citizens; therefore should not be placed in a position where they can carry out the mandates and dictates of the Church of Rome, for whenever they are placed in power and thoroughly believe in the laws of Catholicism they can not possibly be naught but traitors to our American form of government.

We propose to give the reader "Canon Law"


to establish our statements, as we are as well acquainted with the laws that govern Roman Catholicism--yea, better than we are with the laws that govern this country, as we for fifty-six years have been directly influenced by this "Canon Law," and for the past thirty years, or since we became a Roman Catholic priest, have been a servant and an executioner of this law; therefore, I know whereof I speak, and no man dare deny my statements.

The first declaration of this "Canon Law', is: "All human power is from evil and must therefore be standing under the Pope."

You will thus see that the first declaration of the "Canon Law" is to place the human family as a whole, under the tyrannical control of Catholicism.

Another declaration of this law is: "The state has not the right to leave every man free to profess and embrace whatever religion he shall deem true. "

In this declaration, you will further see that Roman Catholicism would, if it was within her


power, take from the American citizen the right to worship a true and living God.

The next law that we will refer to is as follows: "The state has not the right to establish a church separate from the Pope."

Again you will see that Rome is idea is to force all of humanity to bow at the feet of her creed.

Again she declares in her "Canonistic Laws:" "That the state has not the right to assist the inmates of monasteries and convents to abandon them."

Again you will see that Catholicism desires to usurp the rights of the courts and establish prisons of their own without a semblance of law.

Once more this "Canonistic Law" thunders forth her monarchial law as follows: "The Roman Catholic church has the right to require the state not to leave every man free to profess his own religion."

Again the reader will see that Roman Catholicism with her iron hand demands this nation to force and compel every man, woman and child that lives under that old red, white and blue flag,


which was bought by the blood of our forefathers, to humbly bow to this heathenish creed.

The next, and one of the most damnable laws found among the "Canonistic Laws" of Catholicism, is as follows: "Roman Catholicism has the right to exercise her power without permission or consent of the state."

Within this Romish law any one can easily discern her monarchial designs, as she boldly and flagrantly declares that she has the right to do as she sees fit, without even being molested or questioned by the laws of this country.

Further on in the "Canon Laws" of Catholicism we find the following: "Roman Catholicism has the right to prevent the foundation of any national church not subject to the direct authority of the Roman pontiff."

Thus the reader will see that the Protestant churches of America exist only by and through the numerical power of Protestantism, but should Romanism ever become powerful enough in this country she would, within the twinkling of an eye,


destroy or confiscate every Protestant church now in existence.

Further along in this Romish "Canon Law" we find that she strikes at the dearest institutions of our land, as follows: "The Roman Catholic church has the right to deprive the civil authorities of the entire government of the public schools."

The reader will see by this declaration that should Catholicism ever come in control of the affairs of this government that our public schools, which are the bulwarks of our American government, would have their very foundations rooted up and scattered to the four winds of the earth.

The most devilish and damnable law, in my estimation, that is to be found upon the statute books of Catholicism is the following: "Roman Catholicism has the right to require that the Roman Catholic religion shall be THE ONLY RELIGION of the nation, to the exclusion of all others."

We have the entire principles of Catholicism embodied in this last "Canonistic Law," as Roman Catholicism's aim and intention is to put this


declaration into effect as soon as she can become powerful enough to execute her plans.

In my estimation, the next "Canon Law" that I will quote, is the one most detrimental to our American form of government, as it is a law, when put into execution, that will throttle every ambition and strangle every hope that now permeates the bosom of Protestantism, and it is one that should freeze the very flesh and blood of Protestantism to the bone's marrow. It is as follows: "Roman Catholicism has the power to require the nation not to permit free expression of opinions. "

In this last law, which is found upon the statute books of Roman Catholicism, we have a declaration from her rulers that would deprive you and your posterity from expressing an opinion in regard to Roman Catholicism, that is, if that opinion did not coincide with her abominations, and an institution which would place such a law upon her statute books is an institution which would burn and flay alive those who would disregard this law; thus the reader may have some idea of


what he or she may expect should their posterity ever live to see America pass into the ungodly clutches of this unholy demon.

The history of Roman Catholicism in the past plainly demonstrates what she has done and how well and awful she has carried out her laws herein quoted, and Catholicism makes her brags that she "never changes," consequently the only reason why these laws are not put into execution in the United States is the lack of physical power, and whenever Roman Catholicism reaches the point in the history of this country where she possesses this physical power, Protestantism will feel her tyrannical heel upon their necks.

That the reader may thoroughly understand and realize that Roman Catholicism of to-day is the same as Roman Catholicism was hundreds of years ago, we desire to quote a letter written by Pope Leo XIII during his reign, which will thoroughly demonstrate to the reader that Roman Catholicism of the present retains all of her harshness and cussedness that she possessed when our forefathers were burned at the stake and our


mothers were punished for worshiping a true and living God. Pope Leo's letter follows:

"The teachings given by the Apostolic See, whether contained in the syllabus and other acts of our illustrious predecessors, or in our encyclical letters, has given clear guidance to the faith as to what should be their thoughts and their conduct in the midst of the difficulties of time and events. There they will find a rule for the direction of their minds and their work."

The reader will see from this letter from Pope Leo XIII that he reiterates to his followers the "Canonistic Law" laid down by his predecessors, making it obligatory upon the followers of Catholicism to put in practice to-day the hellish doctrines of Roman Catholicism of the past.

If Catholicism depends upon numbers and physical strength to accomplish her ends, then what must this country expect when such a time arrives, as Catholicism can govern by the power of physical strength?

Will we have any one to blame for what Catholicism does to this country when such time arrives?


Ah, No! No one but Protestantism, for if America, which is a Protestant country, sits idly by and permits Romanism to reach a point where she can control the affairs of this government, it will be on the account of the lethargy and imbecility of Protestantism, as we have it within our power to-day to halt this Emperor of Darkness before that time arrives, but the question is, will we do it?

The history of other nations which have been controlled by Catholicism should be enough, not only to frighten the Protestant hosts, but to paralyze them with fear, as the pages of history teem with the awfulness of Rome's rule, wherever she has been permitted to become master.

France, which has been priest-ridden for centuries, is now at this time in the throes of a national convulsion, brought about by the tyranny of Romanism.

Now, if Rome is such an abominable master and such a tyrant that France has to deport the priestcraft and close up her institutions, is it not time that the United States was taking some step to


protect her offspring from this vulture of human rights?

This country is undoubtedly a Protestant country, and if it is a great country, which no man dares to deny, she surely owes her greatness to Protestantism.

Our soul is poured into this chapter, as we never were more in earnest than we are at this time, as we can shade our eyes and look down the avenues of the past and behold naught but skeletons of Protestant despair on every byway which has been traveled by Romanism, and when we behold this mighty waste of despair we can not conceive how the United States of America can expect to fare better than have the nations of the past, unless she exerts her American and Protestant manhood and gives Roman Catholicism to understand that it is time to halt, and, in the name of an intelligent God, forbid her to transgress further upon the rights of this country.

In this chapter we will endeavor to be explicit and above all truthful, and we ask God to give us courage to present facts in a way that will fan to


life again the patriotism that has been lulled to sleep by the bat-like wings of Roman Catholicism.

We hope that this little volume may arouse unconcerned Protestantism to a realization of the fact that our public officials are year by year forcing her nearer and nearer the great chasm of Roman despair, and if we can be instrumental in this great undertaking we will feel that when our race is done, that we have fought a good fight, and will be remembered by the Protestant world as a man who taught a doctrine which was the salvation of Protestant America.

Roman Catholicism has no politics, as she is ever ready and willing to join hands with any party that will guarantee her more complete control of national affairs, as she teaches her followers that whenever they find that the Republican party will grant her requests that they should be Republicans, and she also teaches them that whenever the Democratic party or any other party will enter into a contract with her and grant her the right of way of devastation, that they should be


Democrats, or be adherents to whatever party grants them the most power.

Roman Catholicism wraps herself about the smaller officials and wheedles herself into the good graces of the small officials by promising them the Catholic vote, and by so doing she is able to control the officials higher up in power, and in this manner she reaches the highest officials of the land, as we find to-day the boa-constrictor of Catholicism wrapped about every official at Washington city, from the President of the United States on down.

Suppose that the Pope and his tribe of liberty destroyers realized that the officials of America were Protestants, and implicitly believed and lived up to the teachings of Protestantism; do you think that she would presume to approach our Protestant officials and demand their support in behalf of her damnable creed, or do you suppose that she would dare to send her emissaries into the halls of our national congress and brazenly approach those Protestant officials? Ah, never! as Catholicism is a base coward and never makes


her appearance only where she is assured that her overtures will be gracefully received.

Protestant America! do you not believe that you have granted Romanism her requests long enough, and do you not realize that unless you throttle this carnivorous beast of human rights within the near future that your protests will only be received with ridicule and jeers?

Protestantism from this day forward should resolve that her ballot in the future should be a Protestant ballot, and whenever she has reasons to believe that there is one place upon their ticket that is tainted with the abominations of Romanism they should be dropped as though they were a poisonous reptile.

It matters not what the office may be that is to be filled and what power it carries with it, Protestanism should find out whether or not the applicant believes in Protestantism, and learn, if possible, whether they or their family are tainted with the virus of Roman Catholicism, and if you should find that the taint extends to any part of their family then scratch them off your ballot, and


by so doing you will help to woo back the spirit of both Protestantism and patriotism, as one is symbolic of the other.

It may seem strange and also untrue for me to make the statement that there are cities in the United States which are as completely under the control of the Pope of Rome as Rome herself, but such is the case, and the city of St. Louis, Mo., is one of them, as Romanism rules the inhabitants of that city with a despotism that is only equaled in a nation where the pontiff of Rome is an acknowledged ruler.

During the last election in the city of St. Louis I was a Catholic priest, and was in the Catholic confidence, and I declare to you as a man of truth and before a living God that it was understood between the Catholic church and those who controlled the Democratic party that the Protestants should elect the present mayor, Rolla Wells, but that Catholicism was to be permitted to name the other officials, or at least enough to control the city government.

Now, is there any politics in such an agreement?


Ah, no; but the only object in this secret agreement was a desire upon the part of Roman Catholicism to control the revenues of the city of St. Louis, as Catholicism is a money machine and endeavors to keep her exchequer full by preying upon the ignorance of her followers.

I have mentioned St. Louis only for the simple reason that it is a recent happening, but there are a score of other cities in the United States of America which are controlled by Catholicism on the same principle, as Romanism joins hands with either the Republican or Democratic party if she sees a chance to put her hellish schemes and dogmas into practice.

That the reader may know what element controls the municipal governments of our cities we desire to call attention to the fact that over one half of the officials of our large American cities are direct representatives of Roman Catholicism, and over two-thirds of all the policemen of these cities are the Pope's followers.

Why does this state of affairs exist? Ah, it is because the Protestant voter has "politics"


instead of "principles"; therefore you yourself are to blame for this awful state of affairs.

Yes, I say that you are to blame, for you are a voter and you pretend to represent Protestantism but still will permit yourself to be made tools of in behalf of Roman Catholicism; then am I not right in declaring that you are to blame for this state of affairs that exists in our large cities?

In our municipal elections you will find Roman Catholicism courting the political power which has the greatest chance of electing their candidates; it matters not what party it may be, as Roman Catholicism has no politics, as her only desire is power, and it does not matter from what source she receives it, so long as it is granted her, as Romanism is like a chameleon, as she will change her political color to suit her surroundings if she is assured that she will be permitted to inject her deadly virus into the veins of Protestantism.

If Roman Catholicism can extract a promise from a Republican candidate they are Republicans; but, on the other hand, if they can make a Democrat do their bidding, they are Democrats;


and if they can "wiggle" into tile Populists, favor, they are Populists, in fact, they are any and everything that will serve their purpose and help to bind and throttle Protestant principles.

The nation of France is making history to-day, and each line and page of this history is a warning to Protestant America, as every page of this history is covered with the slime of Roman Catholicism, for had it not been for her tyrannical despotism, France would not have had to close up the monasteries and convents of that nation, but on account of her teachings, and in order to protect the rising generations from her influence, not only have the convents and monasteries had to be closed, but the schools which teach her damnable dogmas have been closed.

We do not have to cross the ocean and visit European countries to learn of Roman Catholicism's depravity, but we can stand upon the southern shore of the United States, almost in hailing distance of Cuba, and there behold the shores of a country which had to rebel against the hellishness of Roman Catholicism, as Cuba would to-day


belong to Spain had it not been for Roman Catholicism, as it was her abominations that continually kept Cuba in a feverish ferment.

It was Spain's ungodliness that brought about the Spanish-American war, and Spain's ungodliness was taught her by Romanism.

The West India islands were the progenies of Spain, and the Spanish government permitted the Papists to control these islands with her dogmas of instructions, which were directly instrumental in continually keeping the spirit of anarchy alive.

The only reason that Roman Catholicism does not control this country with her tyrannical hand is on account of numerical numbers, for did Rome believe that she could rule this country to-day, before the sun would set to-morrow night this would be a nation of serfs instead of a nation of independent men and women.

I perhaps have made my declarations broader and stronger than any man of the present day' but I am fresh from the ranks of Catholicism and I know her cunning, and since I have forsaken her


blind leadership and drank deep from the well of Protestantism, I have resolved that no stone shall go unturned that will help me to convince America of her great danger which shadows her future by permitting this Romish despot to flood this country with not only her blind followers, but by being permitted to brazenly denounce everything that is near and dear to this country, as her brazen denunciations of our American institutions is nothing more nor less than treason, and which should be treated as such.

To give the reader some idea of what Roman Catholicism will do if she ever has the power, we quote an article which appeared in a Catholic journal known as "The Catholic Citizen, of Milwaukee, Wis.

Now, if Catholicism has at this time become so brazen that she dares offer the Protestant world the insults that is contained in this article, what shall we expect if this damnable creed ever becomes powerful enough to control by physical strength? The article follows:

"Protestantism in Cuba? What good will it


do there? If only the good it has wrought elsewhere, Heaven help the Cubans! Protestantism is nothing but a disorganizer and a pathway to infidelity and atheism. This is the only reason of its existence. As a positive moral force, it is a farce. It has never converted a single nation, but it has unconverted Protestants themselves with a holy vengeance. Berlin has 75,000 church goers out of 2,000,000 people; London 400,000 out of 6,000,000 and so on. 'Without baptism you can not enter Heaven,' says the Scripture, and lo! thanks to Protestantism, nearly 60,000,000 people in the, United States are not baptized. A nice system (for the devil), that produces such results--results as fatal to the heathen as to the Christian. Protestantism found the Sandwich islands with 400,000 people. Where are they now? Gone. A million Macris in New Zealand. Where are they? Gone. Seven million Indians in the United States. Where are they? Gone.

"On the other hand, the friars found 300,000 natives in the Philippines 400 years ago, and there are 9,000,000 now; 12,000,000 Indians south of the


Rio Grande, and there are 50,000,000 now. 'By their fruits you shall know them.' In view of such facts, we think Protestants should leave 'Boonioboola Gha' alone and confine their proselytizing to unfortunates nearer home. An American is just as well worth saving as a Cuban or a Chinaman any day."

"The American Citizen," a journal published in Boston, Mass., made the following comment on this article, which appeared in this Roman Catholic journal:

"The above is as good a specimen of papal logic as we have ever seen--and it is the real thing.

" 'It has never converted a single nation!' Christianity is not supposed to convert nations it converts individuals. Mohammedanism converted (?) many nations by the sword, and popery attempted to do it by the inquisition, but failed except in the case of the Jews and Moors in Spain, which it 'converted' into beggars and refugees.

"Rome 'converted' the Albigenses from being peaceful and industrious citizens into the best mountain warriors in Europe--and the handful


defied and defeated the best papal armies of Europe.

"But how about England, and Scotland, and Scandinavia, and the Netherlands, and many other nations--were they not all papal at one time, but converted through reformation? How about the Huguenots--the very flower of France; the Protestant Irish, the very salvation of the Emerald Isle--were not these all at one time Romanists--converted to Protestantism?

"Read the record of Rome's 'conversions' in Mexico, in Central America, in South America, as told by Prescott and other historians--the introduction of slavery by the papal church, and the unspeakable cruelties perpetrated upon the Indians, or aborigines, of the countries mentioned. Read, in United States senate document 190, the record of Rome's 'conversions' in the Philippines--a work which has made every Filipino a bitter hater of the priests.

"'The Indians of the United States!' Have they ever been Protestants? Have not the priests had control of them since this land was discovered?


Are not the vices which have killed them apart from war--the peculiar vices of popery, especially drunkenness? What good have the priests wrought among them? Take California as an example, where these priests enslaved tens of thousands of the Indians for the sole purpose of enriching their church!

"This is a matter of history--of undeniable history. If the American Indians were slain in battle, in nine eases out of ten the Jesuits instigated them to the deeds which brought on the war. While Prescott's 'Mexico' and 'Peru' are accessible in our libraries, popery had better be dumb.

" That the Filipinos have increased from 300,000 to 9,000 000 and the South Americans from 12,000,000 to 50,000,000, may be true, for all travelers tell us that it is no uncommon thing to find a priest with a halfscore of concubines and fifty children. Certainly these priests have an advantage over Protestant missionaries in this respect. The pagans would naturally follow the example of their 'spiritual' advisers. Oh, yes, the population certainly increases where the priestcraft live."


The Roman Catholic church says that the priests shall not wed, but at the same time the priestcraft fathers an army of children.

The Philippine islands is a nation of heathens, and Catholicism has been in charge of these islands for centuries, and to-day they are worse off than they were before Catholicism planted her black banner in their midst.

Wherever you find intellectuality, morality and civilization in its fullest meaning, you will find a country where Protestantism is the predominating doctrine, as Catholicism can not exist only in the "underbrush" of, ignorance and vice.

The greatest menace this country has to contend with is the influx of Rome's followers from other nations, and unless our immigration laws are remedied it will not be long until Rome will be able, by physical strength, to enumerate the United States as one of her countries, as each succeeding year tens of thousands of the followers of Rome from Italy and other priest-ridden countries flock to our shores to practice in this country the abominations taught them in their childhood.


France's woes and miseries have been expected for years by, men of intelligence and men who could read the signs of the times, as Rome's influence was year by year growing more intolerable, and it was only a matter of time when France would be forced to either permit herself to be dragged down to the level of the debased teachings of Catholicism or else by a heroic effort boldly stamp out this Romish creed of damnation, and the latter course is the one she has chosen to pursue, and today finds the Roman Catholic church despised and detested by every intelligent and patriotic Frenchman of the land.

In July 1874, Eugene Lawrence, in the columns of "Harper's Weekly," made a prediction that ought to convince every sane man and woman in this land that the woes of France are directly traceable to the Roman Catholic church, as Mr. Lawrence was a historian of national repute, and a man who was a patriot whom the American eagle was proud of, and for the benefit of the readers of ray little book I desire to quote in full this prediction made thirty years ago, as to-day finds


Mr. Lawrence's prediction being fulfilled in every particular, and Roman Catholicism is the incarnate fiend that has forced this prediction to come true. Mr. Lawrence's article follows:

"The Papal church is chiefly responsible for the decadence of the French mind. The priests have long controlled the education of the nation and have striven to shut it out from all contact with the culture of America, Germany and England. Under the rule of Napoleon III, the Jesuits obtained the guidance of nearly all the secondary colleges; Protestant schools were sedulously discouraged, and nothing was taught that could offend the mediaeval tastes of Rome. When, two years ago, tile French republicans had resolved to found a free and compulsory system of instruction for all France as the chief want of the nation, the papal bishops and priests suppressed the measure by all their arts. They were resolved to have no education which they could not control. The republican movement failed; Bishop Dupanloup, and his associates succeeded once more in shutting out the light of knowledge from the people,


and have sown the fires of warfare in the place of mental progress and moral culture.

"France, which has often made the most rapid progress toward reform, has also been the most successful leader of modern reaction. Its revolutions have set in motion all other nations, but have failed to purify itself. It is enslaved by a single church and ruled by Roman superstition. At the recent assembly at Paris, of all the hierarchy of France, of Jesuits, Dominicans, Monks and prelates, it was resolved that all the strength of the papal party should be given to an effort to grasp the control of the higher education of the people, and make every college and seminary the teacher of the worship of the Sacred Heart; to confine instruction within the limits of Roman theology, and shut out more strictly than ever before the light of modern progress. At a great and powerful meeting of all the Roman Catholic editors of France, a similar policy was resolved upon. By a strange revulsion of sentiment the press was made to advocate its own restriction or repression. The papal editors apparently sigh


for a return of the mediaeval practices when Francis I. burned ardent printers in Paris, and the Sorbonne would have banished the printing press from France forever. The Roman Catholic papers invoke the restoration of the Bourbons and of the temporal power of the Pope, and in the ardor of a new spirit of martyrdom offered themselves up to a spiritual bondage that must end in their own slow destruction and the death of the national intellect. They would enforce anew that policy if isolation which has filled France with impurity, and left it the prey of emperors and marshals, princes and priests.

"France has thus displayed, since its first revolution, a most remarkable contest. The spirit of freedom has more than once placed its people in front of human progress, and ever again the spirit of reaction has dragged them back into the abyss of mental and moral decay. Its priests have invariably triumphed over its reformers. The Roman church has always held a supremacy above the law. Of all the national institutions, it has alone preserved its freedom of action unimpaired.


It receives an enormous subsidy from the state. While all other associations are held under a strict subjection, while political meetings are scarcely allowed, while the press is silenced, while Protestant churches can hold no assemblies or synods except by the connivance of the government, while Protestant churches are forbidden to have either bell or steeple, the Roman priesthood hold their councils and assemblies unrestrained, and cover the land with their sodalities, their societies, their processions, and their pilgrimages. The church is the only well-organized political party. Its agents are active in every commune. Its severe discipline produces order through all its hosts of Jesuits, monks and priests. Its confessors rule in the palaces of the wealthy and the hovels of the peasants. It forbids education, it stifles thought, it inculcates a pitiless severity against Protestants and reformers; and with natural indignation the leading Republicans point to the dominant church as the chief source of all the woes of France, as sacrificing the morals, integrity and mental elevation of the nation to the single


purpose of maintaining the ascendancy of a foreign Pope. The French Republicans have been forced to see that the Papal church is the necessary foe of freedom. It would be well if our own people could learn from their experience, and guard with strict vigilance their institutions from the secret and open assaults of a foreign priesthood.

"There is no doubt, at least in the minds of the French Republicans, that to the intrigues of the Papal faction is due the disordered and hopeless condition of the nation. Gambetta's paper, La Republique, assures its readers that the assembly is ruled by a party devoted wholly to the ecclesiastical interests; that they labor only to reduce the whole country to an abject submission to Rome, and are ready to accomplish their aims by measures fatal to the peace of France. It asserts that the priesthood forms a league as rigorous as that over which the Guises ruled and against which the Huguenots struggled; that the church has its myriads of societies, committees, agents, an over flowing treasury, the favor of the government, a


single aim--an infallible ruler. It calls upon the people, if they would be free, to strike down the hydra that preys upon the state. The policy of Bismarck, indeed, finds its best defense in the condition of France. If the interference of the papal faction proves so disastrous to the welfare of the French people, it is plainly the interest of Germany to crush it forever by all the resources of statesmanship. If the rule of papal Rome be so intolerable to its friends, what might it not accomplish in the dominions of its opponents? France may yet learn from its neighbors over the Rhine the only path to freedom. What it seems most to need is a Bismarck."

If in 1874, Mr. Lawrence, after making a thorough study of the conditions of France, could so accurately prophecy what would happen thirty years hence, the conditions at that time must have been indeed very palpable, but no more so than they are in America to-day, as Roman Catholicism within the past ten years has made greater strides in strangling American liberties than she ever has in any twenty-five years, before, as this


creed of abominations has been losing its hold upon not only the throats of France, but of Italy as well. As she has made the effort of her life to plant the seeds of anarchy and revolution in the bosom of her followers in the United States, in order that she may at the proper time, and as soon as she believes she is numerically strong enough to overcome by physical force, to strike a blow that will paralyze every ambition of Protestantism in this country.

Hundreds of the best and wisest men this country has ever known have been for years warning the United States of her dangers from Romanism, but it seems as though we will not heed the warning, but bear in mind that unless this country does heed this warning and halt the Czar of Darkness, we will live to see the time when we will have to resort to arms to protect our Protestant interests.

The nation of France has swung out from the power of the Vatican, and is to-day defying the Pope of Rome and daring him to do his worst, and France is a nation that has always been a


Catholic nation and controlled by her abominations, but she has woke up to the fact that unless this hellish doctrine is stamped out from her shores that she will become a nation of mental pygmies and nonentities, as she has long since learned that Catholicism is nothing more nor less than a poisonous breath that withers intellect and causes nations to decay and sink to the level of Romish degeneracy.

It seems as though the Vatican will not learn that the world moves, as the Vatican is determined that Italy shall not appear above the horizon of papal abhorrence.

It is hard for the Vatican to learn that the world moves and that Italy moves with it. In its final resolution, the quarrel between the Pope and the French government is based on the recognition of the king of Italy as the sole sovereign in Rome, but the Pope is as determined that him and his reign of darkness shall be the only acknowledged ruler of Italy.

President Loubet of France, the executive of this Catholic nation, gave great offense to the


Vatican by visiting the king of Italy, who is in the eyes of the church a usurper.

According to the Vatican's standards, the kingdom. of Italy is not an accomplished fact, as the Vatican refuses to recognize any government in Italy save that which he chooses to establish and build up out of the filth and abominations of Roman Catholicism.

The Pope declares himself to be the only legitimate sovereign in Rome, but the Italian government has for a number of years been learning that the power of the Vatican is a power of darkness, emanating from the putridness of paganism, and which is detrimental to any nation that aspires to individual intellectuality, morality and greatness.

The reader must bear in mind that Italy is the home of the Pope, and the home of Popes, and that Rome is the city of Popes, archbishops and cardinals.

This statement can not be denied by any living man, and since it is true, we want to learn something of the inhabitants of Rome, so that we may be prepared to judge whether Roman Catholicism


is beneficial or detrimental to those whom she rules.

We make the statement without fear of successful denial, that Roman Catholicism is a power which withers the hopes and ambitions of any nation, which is so unlucky as to fall under her tyrannical tread, as Romanism is a power for evil, unequaled by any creed of deviltry and diabolical cunning ever conceived by mortal man.

We have made the statement that the city of Rome was one of the most immoral and ungodly cities under the shining canopy of Heaven, and we have also made the statement that Rome is the home of popes, archbishops and cardinals, and we propose to prove to the reader that, while Rome is the home of Roman Catholic officials, that she is also the home of the libertine and immoral.

We also propose to prove that the immorality of the inhabitants of Rome is taught them by the Catholic officials of Rome, as we are not writing of what we have learned from the mouth of others, but we are writing of what we know by the power of sight, as we have visited Rome more than once


in the official capacity of Roman Catholicism, and we make this statement with a living God as our witness, that Roman Catholicism is responsible for the immorality found in the city of Rome, and this immorality is not confined alone to the city outside the walls of the Vatican, as this atmosphere of immorality and degradation permeates the very atmosphere of the Vatican, as illegitimacy is found within the walls of the Vatican, as well as without.

Rome is a city of popes, cardinals, archbishops, priests, monks, friars and ecclesiastical students.

In the city of Rome, which is the home of popes, there are 39 cardinals, 35 archbishops, 1,469 priests, 2,832 monks And friars, 2,000 nuns and 1,000 ecclesiastical students, making in all 7,576 teachers of this abomination; and for every 4,375 children born in the city of Rome, 3,160 are bastards, and for every 750 people in the city of Rome, there is a murder committed during the year; thus you will see that this herd of Catholic teachers are not only teachers of immorality and degradation, but are also responsible for murder,


as such a pestilence of immorality will lead to murder.

Is it any wonder that France and Italy are today struggling with this polluted beast in order to free themselves from her filthy grasp? Is it any wonder that France has closed up the monasteries, convents and schools of this abomination?

With such nations as France and Italy declaring to their inhabitants that Catholicism is not only a nuisance but a menace to intelligence and morality, what can this government expect in the future if she permits Romanism to continue to flourish in the future as she has in the past?

This book is not written by a man who seeks notoriety, or a man who is writing from a prejudiced standpoint, but we are writing from what we know of the awfulness of Catholicism, as fifty-six long years have rolled into eternity since I began to worship at the feet of this immoral hag; therefore, the reader must know that it is not a pleasant task to acknowledge before the world that we have been not only fifty-six years a follower of this creed of abominations, but for thirty long


years we helped to fasten this creed upon the human family.

I wish that it was within my power to become a spirit, which would enable me to navigate the air and whisper my warnings into the ears of Protestant America, for no nation on the face of the earth needs the warning as badly as the United States, as day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year the Vatican's shadow grows longer and longer upon our shores, and wherever this shadow of paganish darkness stretches itself you will find the withered hopes of man, as Roman Catholicism's only ambition is to place humanity at her feet, which will enable her to bind her followers with the cords of superstition and ignorance, as she exists upon the blasted hopes of those whom she rules.

If what I have told you in the pages of this book is true, then is it not time for Protestant America to arouse herself from her lethargy and buckle on the armor of righteousness and patriotism and go forth to battle this "Strumpet of Sin" with the valor of our American forefathers?


I have prayerfully endeavored to lay bare the sins of Roman Catholicism, and the only hindrance I have encountered in my efforts is on the account of not being more familiar with the English language, as I am a German born, and my power of expressing myself in the English language is materially hindered by being educated in Germany, but thank God that education does not stand in the way of a living God helping the foreign tongue to express itself in a manner which can be understood.

I have endeavored to inform the reader who I am, what I am, and why I am what I am, and have taken up the abominations of Catholicism and treated these abominations in a manner that I hope will carry conviction to the hearts of the reader, as I am qualified to go before not only any official who has the power to administer an oath and to make oath to the truthfulness of every assertion made herein, but I am willing to meet my God around the great white throne in Heaven and stand upon the declarations herein contained.

I have endeavored to give the Protestant reader


to understand that his offspring are considered bastards, and their parents persons who live in immorality, by not belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and being married by the priestcraft.

I have endeavored to tear the mask of ignorance from the bleared and polluted features of Romanism and show her up in all of her detestable ugliness.

I have in my weak manner endeavored to try to warn our American fathers and mothers of the great danger of the "confession," as the confessional is the stepping stone that leads to Romish abominations, as it is there that the seed of immoral thought is planted and it is there that the purity of girlhood is first tarnished, and if I can arouse Protestant mothers and fathers of this land to these awful sinks of iniquity I will consider that I have been instrumental in helping to obliterate one of the greatest evils known to the human family.

I have endeavored to point out to Protestant America the awful mistake made by the United States in permitting Roman Catholicism to


continue her debauchery in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, as I declare to the reader with eyes wet with grief that not only the flower of our army is being sacrificed in these far away islands, but that millions of dollars are being spent upon these islands and that Roman Catholicism is being benefited by this great expenditure of Protestant money, as the Pope of Rome is as powerful in these islands to-day as he ever was, and every intelligent Protestant in this land who has made this subject a study knows full well that had it not been for Roman Catholicism and her outrages, that the Spanish-American war would never have been fought.

I have earnestly tried to make the reader understand that the monasteries in this country are often the abodes of criminals, and the nunneries of this land, are the slaughter pens of virtue, and I trust that my readers will read it in the spirit that I have written it, and if such is the case I know that this little book will be instrumental in not only opening the eyes of drowsy Protestantism, but it will be instrumental in turning thousands


of Roman Catholics from the error of their ways and pointing them to "the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world."

I have endeavored to demonstrate to the reader that celibacy upon the part of the priestcraft is one of the most damnable crimes known to civilization, as it is the unmarried cussedness of the Roman Catholic priests that is instrumental in the slaughter of virtue.

I have endeavored to prove to the reader that the Roman Catholic Church is a living infamous insult to an all-wise God, by claiming that the Pope of Rome is an infallible being, and I believe that if the reader has read my book with a determination of discarding that which is bad and holding to that which is good, that he or she will close this book with an enlightened conception of this devilish creed which would have its followers believe that the Pope of Rome is on an equality with Jesus Christ.

I have endeavored to lead the reader from clime to clime, so that he or she might behold the characters of the followers of Rome, and by comparison


I have endeavored to convince the reader that the characters of the followers of Roman Catholicism are not nor never can be on a par with the character of Protestantism, as Roman Catholicism follows the teachings of paganism, born in the kennel of filthiness and surrounded and led by a class of men who glut their lust upon the virtue of their "dupes," while Protestantism is led by the lowly Nazarene, whose teachings have made Protestant America all that she is to-day or ever will be.

I have endeavored to point out to the readers of this little volume the sin of Protestantism, permitting Catholicism to control our public schools and teach our children doctrines that will be instrumental in strangling their ambitions and paralyzing their aspirations, which is near and dear to Protestant America.

I have from the bottom of an honest heart endeavored to impress upon the reader the awful influence that the priestcraft of America has upon the morals of this country, and I trust that this task has not been a useless one, for America has


no plague that is so deadly to patriotism as this black-garbed army of priests, who tramp up and down the length and breadth of this land, seeking whom they may devour.

With every drop of blood in. my old veins electrified with a desire to serve a living God, I have endeavored to warn Protestant America of the lustfulness of the priestcraft, who without a blush of shame invade the chastity of our American homes, and by the hellishness of this Romish doctrine pollute the wives and daughters of this fair land.

I have pointed out the dangers which beset this nation by the toleration of Popish rule, and have compared Protestant nations with the nations which have been morally damned and disgraced by Romanism, and I trust that my comparisons will lead an intelligent public to see the dangers that beset this country unless Romanism is relegated to the everlasting haunts of oblivion.

In conclusion I desire to say to the reader that he or she will never know of the diabolical cunning of this Romish doctrine, for it is impossible


for mortal man who has traveled this road of debauchery to ever portray in print to the public what he has seen along this journey of ignorance, superstition and immorality, as no man who has the welfare of the young and rising generation at heart would sink so low as to write all of the awfulness, that I have seen upon my journey for thirty years upon this Romish highway of carnality, as every turn in the path that leads through this desert of desolation is strewn with the bleached bones of Ambition.

There is not an oasis in this vast stretch of Romish desolation, as her every ambition is to rule by superstition, ignorance and tyranny.

Again I would warn Protestant America that we are nearing the trenches of physical strength, and unless we infuse into our Protestant manhood the liquid fires of Protestantism, the time is not far distant when the Bunker Hill that was made famous by the blood of our forefathers will have her base dripping wet with the blood of Protestantism, in defense of the principles that have


made America all that she ever has been, all that she is, and all that she may hope to be.

Can we expect anything else should Roman Catholicism ever become numerically strong enough to rule by physical strength? The answer to this question must come from the pages of Romish history, and this history has every page wet with Protestant blood shed by this Monarch of Darkness, as 75,000,000 Protestants to-day sleep beneath the sod of the universe, bearing the scars of Romish torture.

My task is done; my warning has been sounded; my prayers have been offered, and now in the evening of old age, when life's sun is slipping down behind the horizon of earthly things, I find myself surrounded with the faces of new friends, but in the dim far away I behold the countenance of my Lord beckoning me to that rest beyond the skies, where I hope to receive a full pardon from a God I so recently learned to serve, for the sake of right, I bade farewell to the associations of my childhood, but in doing so I have been permitted to taste of realities that were


bought for the human race "By the blood of the Lamb," and I feel assured that when this earthly race is over that I will be taken home to glory, where I will be permitted to sing the songs of the new Jerusalem, and my prayer is that this little volume may march on down the ages after I am gone, to warn the generations that are yet unborn of the damnable teachings of Romanism, and be instrumental in wooing away from this human viper those who have been taught to worship at the feet of this hydra-headed monster, Roman Catholicism.




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