Chapter XIII.

The Influence of the Priesthood of America Upon the Morals of This Country

An institution which is allowed to flourish in this country, should be an institution whose teachers are in harmony with the fundamental principles of godliness, morality and liberty, and unless they are, the teachers at once become traitors.

Now, is not this common sense logic and everyday philosophy?

We want to investigate and see if this logic and philosophy is not reasonable and founded upon common sense, and if we find that it is, then any man or woman of intelligence must acknowledge that if the teachings and the fundamental principles of a free country are correct, then the doctrines of Catholicism are altogether wrong, and


the sooner the American people can arrive at this conclusion, the better it will be for us, for if the teachings of our Protestant forefathers are right, and the teachings of Rome are wrong, the quicker we can eradicate and stamp out these popish doctrines, the better it will be for our posterity.

If this country is a home for those who love liberty, then the influence of the priesthood of America is detrimental to the fundamental principles of America, as Catholicism does not teach patriotism and loyalty of country, as the burden of her teachings is, "Loyalty to the Pope," and the Pope of Rome, who is at the head of the Catholic Church, is a despot pure and simple--yea, he is worse than a despot, as he rules his followers by a superstitious belief, which teaches that not only the body of Rome's followers is subject to the Pope's every whim, but the soul as well is directly under the control of this despotic sovereign.

A Roman Catholic form of government is more despotic than a monarchy which is ruled by an absolute despot, as these monarchs who have absolute


sway in the affairs of the state only are satisfied with this absolutism, but not so with Catholicism, as she haunts her followers to the grave and then demands of their surviving relatives that homage be paid her in order to keep their dead out of the regions of despair.

It matters not how strong we are in our endeavors to do right, the commission of wrong under our nose will corrupt to a certain extent the moral's of the young, and I say without fear of contradiction that the priestcraft of this and every other country are, as a whole, a set of men whose morality is below par; however, I sincerely believe that there are some few who are chaste, but I am sorry to say that this class is greatly in the minority; and why should it be otherwise, as the priesthood is composed of men who are mortal, and the vow of celibacy which they must take before they enter the priesthood is an unnatural and an unreasonable vow, and one which is not kept sacred by one out of every fifty; thus you will see at once that the priestcraft is a cancer upon the body of morality, for whenever the young and rising


generation learns that those who are supposed to teach them in chastity and morality, are men who will commit the very sins which they have been taught, are heinous. Then, what can you expect of future generations, and what must eventually be the morals of a country which is controlled by the priestcraft?

We do not have to confine ourselves to the recital of the immorality of the priestcraft of foreign countries, but we could mention scores of cases that have happened in this country and which will continue to happen as long as the Romish Church demands the vows of celibacy by the priestcraft.

We will give you an instance of the practices of Romanism in this country which happened no later than November of this year (1903), and if I had the space, I could fill this volume full of such actions by the priestcraft.

Priest Geo. D. Sander, of St. Leonard's Catholic Church, Hamburg avenue and Jefferson street, Brooklyn, New York, was known in that city as a devout Catholic priest, and he was also known in Far Hills, New Jersey, as a race horse man, by the


name of "Geo. West," who was interested in a stock farm, on which lived a woman known as "Mrs. Geo. West," but her right name is Mrs. Mamie Kipp, who formerly belonged to Priest Sander's church, but disappeared from Brooklyn very mysteriously, and whose whereabouts had been unknown to her family and her friends, until it was learned that she was living on this stock farm at Far Hills, N. J., and bore the fictitious name by which this priest was known.

The double life of Priest Sander began in 1901. Then Jos. C. Peck, racer and raiser of trotting horses, met this priest in Albany, who wore the ordinary garb of a citizen. They met at the race track, which was not a very good recommendation to say the least of it, for the Rev. Father Sander. Peck found that this priest was a keen judge of horses and their love for horses established a bond of friendship between them.

In Baltimore, a short time afterwards, these two men again met at the race track. Peck told Priest Sander that he had just sold a stock farm at Millington, N. J., and contemplated buying


another. Sander told Peck that he was the owner of a fine mare named "Ethel Burns," and that he would place her on Peck's farm if he purchased it. He told Peck that his mare had a track record of 2:201/4 and a trial record of 2:16.

Peck informed this priest that he was a bachelor. Priest Sander proposed that, they should keep house jointly and said that he would provide a housekeeper and share the expense of the establishment. He was the guardian, he said, of a Mrs. Mamie Kipp, who had had some trouble with her husband and who wanted to get away from Brooklyn. He informed Peck that this lady had a young son, and that he would bring both the mother and son to the farm at Far Hills, N. J.

It was obvious that the priest could not indulge in his love for fast horses, and make regular visits to the stock farm in his priestly robes, as he knew it would cause considerable comment; so this priest suggested to Peck that Mrs. Kipp be called "Mrs. Geo. West," and that it be given out to the neighbors that she was the wife of a drummer for a large mercantile house in New York, and


further stated that he could visit this woman as "George West," and not create any comment.

The trainmen became acquainted with this priest and considered him a "good fellow," as he was always smoking and played the part of a "drummer" in an elegant manner, and these trainmen came to know "Geo. West" as Peck's partner in the race horse business.

The merchants about Far Hills knew this priest as the husband of "Mrs. West," and when this priest would put in his appearance at Far Hills, the neighbors, of course, thought it was nothing more than natural that "Mrs. West's" husband should come to see her whenever he could get an opportunity to get off of the road.

The accounts for the supplies of the household were billed sometimes to "Geo. West" and sometimes to Jos. C. Peck, thus you will see that Priest Sander acknowledged by these bills that he was "Geo. West. "

This story got to be noised about, and the Protestant element of Brooklyn as well as Priest Sander's flock became very much interested in


the tale, and sent a reporter out to interview Jos. C. Peck, and the first question this reporter asked him was, "Is that the picture of your sister?" pointing to a portrait of the woman hanging on the wall. "No," he replied. "That is Mrs. West." The reporter asked if it was not, the picture of Mrs. Mamie Kipp. Peck hesitated, his lips trembling, and he began to look very nervous, then he gave way completely and said: "Yes, it is Mrs. Mamie Kipp." "How does she come here under the name of 'Mrs. West,' and who is 'Mr. West?' " was then asked, which Peck refused to answer.

With these facts in hand, the reporter returned to Brooklyn and sought Priest Sander in his parlor, in his parish residence, and the first question he asked him was this: "You own a trotting horse out at Far Hills, N. J., don't you I" The answer was, "Yes." "Don't you own a string of trotting horses?" The answer was, "Certainly not! Who told you that?" The reporter replied, " Oh, no; you don't own a string of horses as Priest Sander, but as 'Geo. West,' don't you?" Priest


Sander tried to look surprised, and he folded a slip of paper he held in his hand and got very nervous and replied, "Now, that is a pretty story, isn't it; who told you all this?"

The reporter laid before him all the facts he had gathered at Far Hills, and demanded that he affirm or deny the story. Then this priest said, "I may as well confess; it will be the ruin of me; it will take the bread out of my mouth, but you have got it absolutely straight." The reporter asked Priest Sander if he positively didn't know that this woman who sailed under the name of "Mrs. Geo. West" wasn't Mrs. Mamie Kipp.

This priest, not being content with the dastardly part that he had played in his immoral conduct with Mrs. Kipp, absolutely denied that it was Mrs. Mamie Kipp, and further declared that he knew nothing about her, except that she was the "housekeeper" at Peck's farm, and why she was called "Mrs. West" he did not know; thus you will see that while he was guilty of immorality with Mrs. Mamie Kipp, he also was a notorious liar; but bear in mind that this same Priest Sander was still


at this time presiding over a Catholic church in Brooklyn.

The reporter was determined to lead him out as far as possible so he repeated again, "Are you absolutely positive that 'Mrs. West' at Peck's farm is not Mrs. Mamie Kipp?"

This priest replied that he was "positive," and stated that this woman at Peck's farm was Peck's housekeeper, and further stated that he did not know anything about her at all, when he knew as well as he knew that he was living that he had been the cause of her forsaking her husband in Brooklyn, and also had been instrumental in her going to Par Hills, N. J., where he could live his life of shame without molestation.

After this vagabond had made this denial, Mr. Peck was again seen at Far Hills, N. J., and emphatically stated that Priest Sander had told him that this woman was Mrs. Mamie Kipp, and that he knew that this priest was living in adultery with her.

What is the consequence? Did the Roman Catholic Church excommunicate this bundle of perfidy


for immorality? Ah, no! As the "moguls" and "high up" officials of Catholicism are cognizant of the fact that the priestcraft are, as a whole, the most immoral set of men that ever infested the face of the earth. Now, what can we expect of the morals of a country which has for its leaders and teachers men of this caliber? We might as well expect our daughters to become women of virtue and godliness, who were raised in houses of ill fame, as to expect young men and women to become men and women of morality and chastity, who have for their teachers such men as Priest Sander of Brooklyn, New York.

There is no denying the fact that Catholicism has already a strong hold upon the affairs of this country, as we find the hydra-headed demon in every branch of our government, and since such is the case, it is folly to deny the fact that if Catholicism is what we have shown it to be, that her influence is demoralizing, and the influence of the priesthood of America upon the morals of this country is bound to be detrimental, and who will deny the truthfulness of my assertions, as I have


not misstated a single paragraph in this book; and if this is true, what shall we expect of the present generation and the generations that are yet unborn, if we permit Catholicism to make as great headway in the future as she has in the past?

We call to mind another case which belongs to the history of to-day, and in this chapter we desire to refer to the present sins of the priestcraft, as history teems with the abominations of the priestcraft immorality, but in this chapter we want to thoroughly convince the reader that the same immorality that has existed in the ranks of Catholicism in bygone centuries, is to-day as degrading and as rampant as it ever was, and if we can do this, we feel satisfied that we will impress the Protestant world with the importance of overthrowing the power of the Pope, and erecting in its stead the true spirit of Protestantism, whose influence will not blight the characters of our boys and girls, but which will make of them an army of giants, ever ready to battle for the chastity of our American homes.

One of the most fashionable Roman Catholic


churches in New York City is "St. Cecilia's" situated on North Henry and Herbert streets.

Only a few years ago the organist of this church went to the room of the priest in charge, in company with a little boy. The priest informed this boy to stay down stairs, and invited the organist to his parlor, near which were his living rooms. This priest locked the door behind him, and without a moment's warning, leaped upon her like a beast and attempted to bear her down upon the sofa and commit an assault, but her cries frightened him away.

With flushed face she rushed from this priest's room and passed the servant, out into the street, with the priest begging her to say nothing about what had happened. We want to know if this attempted crime injured the priest in the estimation of Catholicism? Not by any means, as he continued to serve the church in the capacity of priest, after both this girl's father and mother had publicly denounced him as a seducer of virtue.

The entire congregation learned of this priest's attempted assault upon virtue, but this degrading


notoriety did not injure him in the least, as his services are just as crowded as they were before. This outrage was carried before the bishop of the diocese in which this church was situated, but nothing was done.

The priest which we refer to was a drunkard, and he drank as deeply after this attempted assault as before, and in a short time he assaulted a 12 year-old girl, and not long after that he assaulted his servant, who was a girl 18 years of age, and continued his raid upon her virtue until one day, while in a drunken spree, he struck her and injured her, and she made public the actions of this human viper, who had been parading in the robes of a priest.

Did this exposure disgrace him in the eyes of the Catholic officials who were above him? Not at all, as he continued to serve this New York church without molestation, and it was a notorious fact, and known by the members of his church what he was accused of, but still hundreds of boys and girls, young men and young women, and old men and old


women, bowed at the feet of this depraved devil and confessed their sins.

If we cared, we could write from now until our old arm would become palsied with age, and each chapter would be a new story of the perfidy and hellishness of the priestcraft, as every age reeks with the stench of their immorality, and the countries which are completely under the power of the Pope of Rome are only the shadows of what this country will become if this demon of darkness is not halted, for the influence of the priesthood in America upon the morals of this country will spread its blight over the face of our fair land until our nation's morals will be a nauseating sight to behold.

Reader, remember what I tell you to-day: that unless the spirit of Protestantism takes a firm stand in this land against Catholicism, we will find our Protestant hopes and ambitions within the near future paralyzed by the infusion of Rome's immorality.



Chapter XIV.

The Chastity of the Home Invaded by the Lustfulness of the Priest-Craft.

Catholicism begins to teach her children from their infancy that no act of their officials is impure; thus their followers grow up to believe that any advancement made by these officials are made in behalf of the salvation of their souls, consequently it is an easy matter for the Priestcraft to make the female members of their congregation believe that whatever they may do or say is done and said through a righteous motive, and no stigma of disgrace can possibly attach itself to the act.

With this erroneous doctrine funneled into the minds of the female members of the Catholic Church, is it any wonder that the Priestcraft exerts a wonderful power over these members? And


is it any wonder that thousands of trusting and confiding wives and daughters are forced to the level of immorality by this belief?

As an introduction to this chapter, and in order to make the conduct of the priestcraft in general thoroughly understood, so that the reader may know what character of men I refer to, I will give a part of a story told by a nun who had been in a convent for a number of years.

I repeat what this nun related in order that the reader may not be compelled to take my statements alone. Her story follows:

"It was customary with the sisters in our convent to give the bishop and priests of my diocese a grand dinner once every year. Of course, this entailed a great deal of extra work upon our part; however, we were glad to undergo these hardships, as I thought at that time that it was a part of my religion. The finest delicacies of the season and the choicest wines graced the table. The dinner was always served in the dining room of the priest of the house. The bishop would usually arrive along in the afternoon about


two or three o'clock. We would spread scarlet felt upon the floor of the cloister in honor of the occasion, and the drawing room would be banked with the rarest flowers; the dining table would groan beneath its rich silver and cut-glass."

Now, bear in mind that what I am going to tell you is what happened when there were a number of priests together with their bishop in their midst, and it is a well known fact that "numbers" is often a check to the actions and ungodly inclinations of many, but if what this nun related is true, with an assemblage of a score or more of priests, with their bishop in their midst, then what could be expected of one of these priests alone in the presence of a female whom he preferred? I make this statement so that the reader can draw an intelligent conclusion. I will now proceed with the nun's story:

"This annual dinner would be made an occasion for great rejoicing and recreation on the part of the holy ecclesiastics. Everything was all right as long as the meal was in progress, but as soon as the sisters who had waited on them had withdrawn,


after placing an abundance of wine, whiskey and cigars on the table, then all restraint would be set aside and these holy fathers (?) would then exchange confidences as to the latest items of news they had gathered in the confessional from Catholic servants employed in Protestant families, and, without mentioning any names, would repeat, amid shouts of drunken laughter, the sins that some of their female penitents had confessed.

"We nuns would often put our ears to the keyhole and listen to the stories that were being told by the priests, and upon my word, I never in all my life heard as many dirty, immoral, filthy stories told as these vagabond priests would repeat, and it always seemed as though the bishop heartily enjoyed them.

"These carousals would proceed for hours. The whiskey bowl would be placed in the center of the table, then these drunken priests would sing songs which were vileness personified. "

I feel that it is not necessary for me to go further to convince any one of my readers that the lustfulness of the priestcraft is a menace to


the chastity of womankind, for if this nun has told the truth, and which I know from past experiences is true, and which I also know is a recital that could be intensified ten thousand times over, if the whole truth could be told, but which cannot be told in this volume, as I have too much respect for my readers to recite what I have seen with my own eyes and what I have had repeated to me by broken-hearted "sisters" who have come to me with tears in their eyes and with sighs in their throats to tell me of their miseries.

"I know of a nun who spent many years in a convent, who declared that on many occasions the priests would come to the convent and demand that a number of the nuns even do worse than expose their entire person; however, I cannot conceive of a demand that would be more degrading than this of forcing those benighted souls to prostitute their persons for the gratification of those who pretend to be the followers of a crucified Christ. "

In relating her experience, I understand that a nun who had been confined in a convent for years


made the following declaration: "That the superior of the seminary would often come and inform us nuns that an order had been received from the Pope to request those nuns who possessed the greatest devotion and faith to perform some particular deeds, which he would name in our presence, but which no moral or decent person could ever endure to speak of, and I cannot repeat what these demands often were, as I would have to resort to language so filthy that it would blush the cheek of one who was hardened in sin."

Now, if those who sail under the garb of righteousness would go so far that the inmates of the convents, who are there believing they are doing the work of God, would rebel against the priests' immorality, then what can we expect of the priestcraft when they are in the presence of your wife, daughter or sister, whom they may prefer, and who has been taught to believe that every act of the priestcraft is sanctified by God Almighty?

We want to bring the history of Catholicism down as near to the present time as possible, so


the reader may understand the confidence the "dupes" of Catholicism have in the priestcraft, for, as stated in a previous chapter of this book, it is a well-known fact that the feminine world in general have more confidence in humanity than the male population, but to demonstrate to the reader what implicit confidence the male members of Catholicism have in the priestcraft, we call attention to Ed Butler, of the State of Missouri, who resides in St. Louis.

Ed Butler is a full-fledged Catholic and believes in Catholicism twenty-four hours each day. By the way, it may be necessary for us to refresh the readers' mind of the fact that Ed Butler of St. Louis, Mo., is considered one of the most highhanded "boodlers" in America, and who has had a number of his "dupes" placed in the state penitentiary and kept himself out of the same institution by a "technicality." But to go back to the point that we wanted to make, we will just say that a Catholic priest in the City of St. Louis by the name of Coffey had a falling out with Butler over some thing or another, and in order to get even


with him he took sides against Butler and said many harsh but true things about him. One day a reporter of one of the St. Louis newspapers met Butler and called his attention to what Priest Coffey had said about him, and the only answer that Butler gave this reporter was: "Father Coffey is a Catholic priest and I have nothing to say, and if he should spit in my face I would not resent the action, as I was born and raised a Catholic, and do not believe that a Catholic priest can commit a sin."

Now, if a man of Ed Butler's intellect can be brought up in this land of intelligence to believe such abominations in regard to a Catholic priest, is it not reasonable to suppose that the female members of the Catholic Church would have a severe task in defending their virtue should a priest desire to destroy it, by telling them "that no act of his could defile them, as it was impossible for him to sin?"

Now, reader, you may not know just what kind of treatment from the Catholic Church I will receive for writing this book, but as soon as it is


placed upon the market the Catholic Church will "excommunicate" me; however, it may be possible that the reader does not understand what a horrible curse this excommunication is, but in order that you may thoroughly understand what I mean I will repeat, word for word, what some Catholic official will declare against me for writing this book, which will further go to show the reader the vileness of this damnable creed, and which will also go to convince the reader what fear the followers of Catholicism have of the priestcraft, which will more fully convince you that timid, unsuspecting woman, who has been brought up to believe in the paganism of Catholicism, can be easily led to yield to the lustful desires of the priestcraft, for fear that by refusing his request that he would pronounce this terrible curse upon her, which she has been taught would forever damn her eternal soul.

The curse of excommunication which I am certain to receive at the hands of Catholicism for writing this book follows:

"By the authority of God Almighty, the


Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and the undefiled Virgin Mary, mother and patroness of our Savior, and all of the Celestial Virtues, Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Cherubim and Seraphim, and of all the Holy Patriarchs, Prophets, and of all the Apostles and Evangelists, of the Holy Innocents, who in the sight of the Holy Lamb are found worthy to sing the new songs of the Holy Martyrs and Holy Confessors, and of all the Holy Virgins, and of all the Saints, together with the Holy Elect of God, may he, Bernard Fresenborg, be damned!

"We excommunicate and anathematize him from the threshold of the Holy Church of God Almighty. We sequester him, that he may be tormented, disposed, and be delivered over with Dathan and Abiram, and with those who say unto the Lord, 'Depart from us, we desire none of thy ways;' as a fire is quenched with water, so let the light of him be put out for ever more, unless it shall repent him and make satisfaction!

"May the Father, who creates man, curse him!

"May the Son, who suffered for us, curse him!


"May the Holy Ghost, who is poured out in baptism, curse him!

"May the Holy Cross, which Christ for our salvation, triumphing over his enemies, ascended, curse him!

"May the Holy Mary, ever Virgin and the Mother of God, curse him!

"May St. Michael, the Advocate of the Holy Souls, curse him!

"May all the Angels, Principalities and Powers, and all Heavenly Armies curse him!

"May the glorious band of the Patriarchs and Prophets curse him!

"May St. John the Precursor, and St. John the Baptist, and St. Peter, and St. Paul, and St. Andrew, and all other of Christ's Apostles together, curse him!

"And may the rest of the Disciples and Evangelists, who by their preaching converted the universe, and the holy and wonderful company of Martyrs and Confessors, who by their works are found pleasing to God Almighty; may the holy choir of the Holy Virgins, who, for the honor of


Christ, have despised the things of the world, damn him!

"May all the Saints from the beginning of the world to everlasting ages who are found to be beloved of God, damn him!

"May he be damned wherever he be, whether in the house or in the alley, in the woods or in the water, or in the church!

"May he be cursed in living and dying!

"May he be cursed in eating and drinking, in being hungry, in being thirsty, in fasting and sleeping, in slumbering, and in sitting, in living, in working, in resting, and . . . . and in blood-letting!

"May he be cursed in all the faculties of his body I

"May he be cursed inwardly and outwardly!

"May he be cursed in his hair; cursed be he in his brains and his vertex, in his temples, in his eyebrows, in his cheeks, in his jaw bones, in his nostrils, in his teeth and grinders, in his lips, in his shoulders, in his arms, in his fingers!

"May he be damned in his mouth, in his breast,


in his heart, and appurtenances, down to the very stomach!

"May he be cursed in his . . . . and his . . . . in his thighs, in his . . . . and his . . . . and in his knees, and his legs, and his feet, and toe-nails!

"May he be cursed in all his joints and articulations of the members; from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet may there be no soundness!

" May the Son of the living God, with all the glory of His majesty, curse him!

"And may Heaven, with all the powers that move therein, rise up against him, and curse and damn him, unless he repent and make satisfaction! Amen! So be it! Be it so! Amen! Amen! Amen!"

I have given you the diabolical "curse" of excommunication, word for word; thus you can see how un-Christlike the Catholic Church is.

As I have before said in this chapter, the foregoing is the curse that will fall to my lot as soon as this book is placed upon the market, thus the


reader can see that my motives for writing this book must come from a pure incentive, or else I would not willingly cut myself asunder from all of those whom I have associated with during my life. This task is not one that I enjoy, as it breaks my heart to realize that I have all through my life been burdened down with this load of superstitious filth, but I could not in justice to myself and in justice to a living God refrain from the task, after I had had my eyes opened to the beauties of Protestantism.

With tears in my eyes and with a heart full of sadness, I remember the angelic face of my old mother, as she conscientiously taught me my first Catechism and directed my feet in the paths of what she sincerely believed righteousness, and believing in a just God, I know that He has taken her to His bosom in His home beyond the skies, for what she taught me she sincerely believed, as she never had her eyes opened to the abominations of the creed of which I write, and I do not believe that a just God would damn the soul of a pure mother who honestly taught what she


conscientiously believed, but the priestcraft in general are men who are above the average in intellect, and are men whom I believe have often had had the same thoughts relative to the doctrines of Catholicism that I had long, long years before I cut loose from the teachings of Rome; however, the priestcraft is not to be excused from their raid upon virtue by ignorance, as they are taught the lessons of chastity in their childhood, but the bond of celibacy which binds them in an unnatural way, and the hellish doctrines taught by the Catholic Church that the priestcraft cannot sin, turns them into pirates upon virtue.

When we take into consideration the fact that all of the teachings of Catholicism lead to not only implicit confidence in the purity of the priestcraft, but carry with them the cudgel of destruction of the soul of her followers, if they do not submit to her teachings and demands, we can then realize why it is that the chastity of the home becomes a rendezvous for those of the priestcraft who deliberately ravish virtue to gratify their inhuman lust.



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