Soon after posting "The Seduced Opinion of the Multitude," I came across the following telling excerpt while perusing the book, Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps [Note: in the excerpt, our emphases are found only in the braces { } and non-titulary bold. All underline, bracketed comments, etc. are as found in Vatican Assassins (third edition; Lowvehm, Inc., P.O. Box 326, Newmanstown, PA 17073; (website seems taken over by other(s)), perhaps book can be found on Amazon; see pp. 481-485; ]. The excerpt includes notes and background information about a meeting of select Jesuits at Chieri in Italy (about eleven years after the Congress of Vienna). Take note as the speaker reveals how he used his position as a Romish priest to stir up anger and discontent in the hearts of the people, putting ideas in their head as he goaded them towards universal rebellion (he did this via the Roman Catholic confessional).

...A young Jesuit, named Leone, a favorite of the Rector at Chieri (who subsequently became General of the Order) took notes of the speeches and discussions at Chieri and these were afterwards published by a French publisher. In 1848 they were translated into English and published as a book entitled, [The Jesuit Conspiracy:] The Secret Plan [of the Order] by Leone, which has been thoroughly authenticated and can be read in the Library of the British Museum. It makes enlightening reading and we will now reproduce some extracts as originally published by the late Augusta Cooke.

{. . . }

F. Ireland Their Hope

Initiated fathers [Professed Jesuits under Extreme Oath], great are the hopes I build on the energies of OUR IRELAND. I regard her as OUR CHAMPION. Let us only be careful to anoint her effectually with our oil, so that in wrestling with her [British] tyrant she may always slip from his grasp. In how many folds may she not entangle the British she-wolf if she will but listen to our counsels . . . What may we not make of an idiot, savage and famishing people (the Irish)? [Is this what the Jesuits think of their Irish Catholics?] It will prove our Samson and with its irresistible jawbone it will grind to dust the myriads of Philistines (the British).

And now we learn what is the baptism of fire, which at each confession I used to pour upon the heads of my penitents in Ireland:

'Poor people' I say to them, 'How have they degraded you . . . look at these great landlords, they revel in wealth, they devour the land, they laugh at you . . . and yet if you knew how to count up your strength you are stronger than they [agitating poor Irish Catholics against wealthy {*} "heretic" Protestants justifying Masonic socialist-communism to the detriment of both peoples].'
{*} [our note: strong people should be honored. They have provided our jobs and invested in our communities. They have made America great. Rabble-rousers come in, get everything destroyed, and then come in and set up shop on the ruins--King James wrote about this practice in his Trew Law of Free Monarchies (see substantial excerpts at seduced_opinion.htm). George Washington, with what seemed great solicitude/concern, in his Presidential Farewell Address warned us to not let designing men factionalize us, to not let them split us up into warring parties (and what do we have today--Republican and Democrats. A unified, massive citizen group can conceivably sway practially any election.). There has been a constant battering ram in American society against the unjustly-called "W.A.S.P." (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). That name itself has strong racist and religious intolerance undertones--and it is permitted. The name WASP itself seems to make it obvious as to whom the namer is warring against. It is white men with powerful ideas who founded the United States of America. Everybody has their own history. Yes, some of them were slaveholders and some were abolitionists. According to Vatican Assassins (p. 1450), Jesuits were the largest slaveholders in Maryland from 1650 to 1838 but most of us never heard that in school, nor did we hear about the history of the Jesuits or about centuries-long popish tyranny shedding the blood of millions of Christians and other peoples. In order to pre-empt and keep out cavilous* cries of racism, we will note here that these are words spoken by a black American. *(A caviler raises fake objection(s) in order to make a person look bad--the truth is not on the caviler's side, but--being implacable and insolent and disposed to find fault--he will throw something out just to win a point--like accusing a truth telling white person of "racism." This horrendous and childish practice is probably silencing a lot of truth-telling people and exalting base people who can just spurt out the word "racism" at will in order to silence the truth and stir up the ire of the masses.]


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