An excerpt from Roman Catholic Terror in Croatia as she pursues a "Convert or Die" Policy of Forcible Conversions--

The article "Systematic Murder of Believers -- The Untold History of the Inquisition" (by former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett) has a section entitled, "Twentieth Century Inquisition in Croatia". This section surveys Roman Catholic complicity in the 20th century massacre of the people of Croatia. Croatia was basically carved out of Yugoslavia during World War II, the war when Adolf Hitler was in power. Anton Pavelic was the leader. Croatia was meant to be a Roman Catholic state. Excerpt from "Systematic Murder of Believers..."--
During Pavelic's four-year reign, he and Roman Catholic Prelate, Archbishop Alois Stepinac, pursued a "convert or die" policy among the 900,000 Greek Orthodox Serbs, Jews, and others in Croatia. 200,000 were converted; the 700,000 who chose to die were tortured, burned, buried alive, or shot after digging their own graves.

There are two main names to know--(1) The leader of Croatia, Anton PAVELIC and (2) the Roman Catholic Archbishop STEPINAC. More from "Systematic Murder of Belivers..." about the massacre--

The mutilations were horrific, the tortures vicious, and the savagery terrible. The Catholic Church did not leave the execution of a religious war to the secular arm. She was there herself, openly ignoring precautions and bolder than she had been for a very long time. Wielding the hatchet or dagger, pulling the trigger, organizing the massacre, the Roman Catholic priests became their own instruments of the Inquisition....)

The following excerpts (as found at also concern the persecution and massacre of Serbs in the carved-out state of Croatia during World War II (underline and capitals emphases ours)--

The greatest ethnic slaughter took place as Yugoslavia was carved up after the German invasion in April 1941. The creation of a separate Croatia under nominal Italian supervision but controlled by the fascist, Catholic, extremist Ustasha movement was the catalyst for the tragedy...

...The Minister of Education, Mile Budak, made clear the Ustasha aims: "Our new Croatia will get rid of all Serbs in our midst in order to become one hundred percent Catholic within ten years." He spoke of killing a third of the Serbs, converting a third, and expelling the remainder. The leader of the Ustasha, Ante Pavelic, said, "A good Ustasha is one who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother."

Prosecution of the Orthodox Serbs began with the banning of the use of the Cyrilic script and the closure of Orthodox schools and was followed by forcible conversion to Catholicism and indiscriminate slaughter.

About 300,000 Serbs were "converted," but by the end of the summer of 1941 [after less than six months of Ustashi government] about 350,000 Serbs had been killed and by May 1943 this total had risen to over 500,000. Thousands were kept in prison camps where the conditions were so appaling they horrified even the German officials in the area. At Zemun [suburb of Belgrade, but under Ustasha control] camp about 50,000 out of a total population of about 70,000 died within a few weeks of the camp's being established. Orthodox priests were tortured and killed, normally by having their throats cut, and their bodies were then exhibited in local butcher shops. The actions of the Ustasha were strongly supported by the local Catholic hierarchy. Cardinal Stepinac [our note: we've read that Stepinac became a cardinal after the war], the head of the Catholic Church in Croatia, rejoiced over this "PROGRESS OF CHRISTIANITY." FRANCISCAN PRIESTS LED THE KILLING OF THE SERBS AND EVEN RAN TWO OF THE WORST PRISON CAMPS, Jasenovac and Alipashin Most. POPE PIUS XII RECEIVED ANTE PAVELIC AT THE VATICAN WITH THE HONORS DUE A HEAD OF STATE AND CALLED HIM "A MUCH MALIGNED MAN." The Vatikan [sic] retained a close relationship with the Ustasha until the end of the war, and after. [our note: excerpts taken from Armaggeddon: The Reality Behind the Distortions, Myths, Lies, Illusions of World War II (1995, ISBN 0-679-43602-2) by Professor Clive Ponting, pages 231-232]



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