Where can I order a King James Bible conformable to the edition of 1611?

Heathens are tampering with King James Bibles.
We need to print out and bind our own Authorized King James Bibles (Pure Cambridge Edition).
Read about some of my experiences here.

2014 Update: While I still suggest printing out and binding your own Pure Cambridge Edition, if you would like a leather Cambridge, you may want to purchase the "TBS/Cambridge large print, Text Only" from AVpublications.com (in I John 5:8 it says "Spirit" while the Pure Cambridge edition says "spirit". G.A. Riplinger (author of New Age Bible Versions) states that both renderings are correct owing to German capitalization of substantives (nouns) (see "Settings of the King James Bible: A Review with Recommendations On Its 400th Anniversary", p. 17).). Our position is that we have examined the Pure Cambridge edition with other Bibles as well as Ms. Riplingers enlightening comments. We favor the Pure Cambridge edition, appreciate it, and we appreciate it that it is FREE. With all the changes to the Bible going on around us, if we can keep our hands on a good Bible--the Pure Cambridge Edition--God's word will stay in tact for all to read. We can make it available so that all can download it for FREE. We can also share with others a sturdy, inexpensive binding technique as well. We can publish our own Bibles--and we can keep doing it. Our children can publish their own Bibles as well. Even if we choose to buy a premade Bible, we still need to have the Pure Cambridge Edition and we still need to keep it available for others. We have a good Bible in the Pure Cambridge Edition. Many thanks are due to those that compiled the Pure Cambridge Edition and freely shared it with us.

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