I saw a picture and it bothered me a lot. It was a picture of Clarence Thomas, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, being held by a priest of Rome. I am pretty sure that I have seen the picture before, but this time was different. The focus was not on the priest, it was on Mr. Thomas-- his face, his stance, his demeanor, his posture, etc., all of which seemed to bespeak yieldedness, submission, willingness to be dominated, inferiority, docility. The priest--forward, dominant, aggressive, superior, maybe (probably) patronizing. I tried to put words to my feelings but did not do a really good job of it. I kept being disturbed about this and thinking about it. I woke up the next day still thinking about it and speaking of it.


I went through an order of books from Chick Publications. One item was a full-sized cartoon book entitled, "Jesuits." On page 20, in describing "the true purpose of Jesuit 'education'" there are pictures and commentary that seemed to put words to what I saw in the picture--
Their schools provide a teacher (or mentor) that manipulates the student's thinking in such a way that God disappears and is replaced by his "godly" priest...It's diabolical.

The result--a submissive, brain-washed robot that has willingly offered his mind, body, and soul into the hands of...the only person he thinks he can trust: his mentor (Big Brother).

The brainwashed boy in the cartoon book picture made me think of the look on Clarence Thomas' face. The book explained to me what I saw.

Based on what I read below, it seems that the Jesuit in the picture with Mr. Thomas (David O'Connell, SJ) is not his mentor--this designation seems to belong to someone else [Following copied from http://www.spirituallysmart.com/redmasspics.html, emphases ours.]--

Clarence Thomas speaking of his Jesuit Mentor in a recent interview: source: BusinessWeek

"Of all the influences in the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, little attention has been paid to the Reverend John E. Brooks. During his time at Holy Cross AND IN THE YEARS SINCE, the Jesuit priest has been, in Thomas' words, "a combination of friend, uncle, priest, father, saint, Good Samaritan." [Our note: here is where we enter that fearful union of [Catholic] Church and State, that historic union like with Charlegmagne and the Holy Roman Empire, Holy Alliance, etc. In this case, a United States Supreme Court Justice being taught by and followed by none other than the infamous Roman Catholic Jesuits.] In this exclusive interview with BusinessWeek senior writer Diane Brady, Thomas reflects on racial politics, his job, his college crowd, and the influence of Brooks on his life.

Here is the picture that I saw. Now, having read the full-sized cartoon book "Jesuits", I know that the SJ following this man's name means that he is a member of the "Society of Jesus," he is a Jesuit priest. According to the cartoon book "Jesuits," very few in the Society get this designation, the many others are not known to the public as Jesuits.

Red Mass Brunch, October 1999: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
and CUA President Fr. David O'Connell SJ, Sunday, October 3, 1999
[copied from http://www.spirituallysmart.com/redmasspics.html]


Today when I woke up, I felt bad for Clarence Thomas, really bad. The emotions, etc. of papists (followers of the pope) [1] get bound in the tricks of seducers, evil men, and hucksters that have been trained to labor to deceive them. King James wrote of seditious preachments by the priests of Rome, that would spur their people on to take action. Romish priests use the powers of man's presence and conversations and pride and man's smiles and soft words and pleasant afternoons and counsels and consolations and psychological techniques to woo the powerful. It is as if the priests take the place of God in their victim's minds, hearts, and affections--this takes place from the youth up (promising persons are identified early) [Note: According to http://www.spirituallysmart.com/redmasspics.html, 6 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices during the George Bush, Jr. administration were religious Roman Catholics.]. For their part, papists have a deep admiration for the papacy and their leaders. They are dedicated to an heretical and blasphemous system that is just using them--their money, influence, votes, etc.--and misleading them and manipulating them and teaching them anti-Biblical doctrines. Those that do not come out of this system will not go to heaven after all of their efforts to obey the papacy. To the contrary, they will discover that the purgatory that they were taught of is actually hell and their punishment is not temporary but permanent.
[1] "...falsly called Catholikes, but trewly Papists..." (King James' Workes, page 490). Catholic, a. Universal or general...Originally this epithet was given to the Christian Church in general, but is now appropriated to the Romish church... (Webster's 1828). Being called a "Catholic" was once a new thing for papists--according to the Webster's 1828 dictionary, they basically took over the name. But what now? Now they are actually calling themselves Christians and dispensing with Catholic. I can remember asking a woman a few years ago if she was were a Christian and she said, "I'm Catholilc." There was a distinction in her mind. Recently, I read an article that said that "Christians" put an ash cross on their heads on "ash Wednesday." Putting an ash cross on the forehead is a popish practice but in a single sentence, the author of the article stated that that Romish rite is what Christians do. Popery becomes the Christian church, and soon perhaps the only "Christian" church that most of the world will know. In modern books, the word "Christian" is used where the text should say "Romish" or "Papist" or at least "Catholic". In books, atrocities that were committed by the Romish church are now attributed to "Christianity." Melding and overtaking through words (not in reality because she is not the church even if everybody believed her masquerade)--now is the time for definitions and clarity. Now is the time for precise words as the wicked attempt to highjack and usurp and change the truth of God into a lie. The Roman Catholic "Church" is not Christian.


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