Wrap Up

In wrapping up this series of articles (for they must come to an end), here are a few final notes.

***** ONE CAN CHOOSE *****

In the midst of the times in which we live, one can choose what he is going to think about. Sad thoughts can assail us day and night--but we do not have to let our thoughts dwell on these things. We can actually choose what we will think about. We can be aware of what is happening and we can watch and pray about these things--but we can also cook dinner over a camp fire and go fishing or take a walk. We can live quietly and lawfully. We can maintain a generalized knowledge of the times and we can be productive. We can know what is happening but we can live the way that we should. We do not have to linger on the pains of this life. We do not have to pine away. One can become deeply troubled over the plight of others--and can stay that way night and day. This can draw one down to the depths of despair. This does not have to be. A man can choose what he will think about and what he will do as he goes about his day. The Christian can walk in his calling and his path. He can pray, read his Bible, work, care for a family, fellowship, and exercise his spiritual gifts. A man can know the truth of these times and still live and choose what he will think about each and every moment. The mind can be redirected. The Bible is a release from the constraints of this time and from this moment in history. We need to read the whole Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament. It seems that there is inadequate emphasis on the Old Testament in the professed church today. We need to read the Old Testament accounts and understand their flow and be acquainted with them--we need to know what God has done and what he can do. In discussing these things with my daughter, she replied, "They [professed Christians] know him as the Lamb of God, but not as the Lion of the tribe of Judah."

Those unacquainted with the Old Testament may wish to examine an Overview of the Bible.

The following quote is attributed to Elizabeth the first, queen of England (predecessor, godmother, and cousin of King James VI & I), "I walk many times into the pleasant fields of the Holy Scriptures...that so having tasted their sweetness I may the less perceive the bitterness of this miserable life." Cleave to the holy scriptures for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Not to say that all Christians are physically healthy, but the drain of these times can manifest in the body. Keep up correspondence with God. Years ago, someone told me, "Tracy, don't forget your first love." I don't remember that man's name, but somehow I did not listen and have had to pay the price. For the unwary, the work itself can take on a life of its own and self, in my estimation, is public enemy number one. The focus must always be our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Always. No matter what.