Interlude: A Multi-generational Library

I recently felt that it was time to reorganize our bookshelves as we go forward in our school. I decided that the early materials needed to be weeded through and put away. I began discarding, giving away, cutting out pictures and discarding, etc. I had a mind to keep clearing, keeping little, until I read a comment on the Vision Forum website about developing a multi-generational library. It struck an instant cord with me.

From the contacts I have had, people who have older children or who have no children have often shown very little interest in pursuing a Biblical Scholarship--something that I have been unable to understand. I know for myself that I have been short-sighted myself about many things and not looking at the larger picture. There is a lot of information in the world, a lot of data to consider and this is just one more thing to consider--but it is a BIG thing and huge and of major import.


Generation by generation, knowledge has been withdrawn from our understanding and practice--and this has not happened over a long period of time, either.

1. My grandfather built his own house and added to it when he wanted to.
2. My father knows how to do those things but he thinks degrees are good and chooses not to do those things.
3. I can't do those things.

From able to helpless in three generations (according what I've recently read, the withdrawal of knowledge bit-by-bit has been by design). My grandmother used to say, "Every generation gets weaker and wiser." When do we stop looking and commenting and start doing something to reverse the trend? I know for myself, when my daughter was little, we'd both get water without ice. I have nothing against ice, but I did not want to hear "It doesn't have ice in it!" if her drink had no ice. Everything in life does not have to be perfect.


Through the years, I've attempted to take notes of what we've done and the path that we have trod--even down to things like our homemade patterns for skirts and samples of sewing stitches. When we measure, I'll often measure with a cubit or a span--these Bible measurements, free us from finding a ruler or a tape measure. I have them on a piece of cardboard some where, I need to dig it out or recreate it to display. Not recreating every little thing--just key things. Through the years, I've also tried to keep a few things around for little ones that may visit.

Now that I have a mind to develop a multi-generational library, I desire for it to be passed down as long as possible. My daughter will have it and if there are any further generations to come into our lives, they will have it.

Sound books are dwindling in number. I occasionally go to the used book store for old books, intelligently written. There are also quite a few newer books that are useful, too, if one knows what he is looking for. My goal is often to get the data, make a teaching and then get rid of the book if it is something that I do not want to keep around.

Of course, the greatest, most precious, most magnificent volume that could ever be a part of any choice library is the Authorized King James Bible of 1611, Pure Cambridge edition. That is the only book needful. Anything else is optional--I think the fewer the books the better. We do have societal protocols and knowledge and we are to be conversant with these things, but number one, is to know the word and then we can know what is profitable to study and we can judge all other knowledge.

If I were gone tomorrow, could my daughter go into our library and find, with ease, whatever she may need, not having to ever go to an outside source? The index page of and some of the teachings on it could be of great use. It could act like a table of contents for those that would like an outline of what someone else did--this information does not have to be lost. If only we'd open our eyes and prepare.


Our sons need to be set free. They need to know how to hunt and fish and brave cold and heat and not sit around dealing with fruitless electronic games (may this not be). They also don't need to be cooped up in the house with a woman all the time and not plowing and gardening and climbing and exploring and building and foraging and everything else that men do. They don't need to be finicky eaters (although they should have expectations that a woman should be able to cook and clean). If I were a single mother and had a male child, I would do whatever was in my power to overcome my fears and tiredness in order to get my son out and to see him grow into a whole man--respectful but not one lorded over by a woman (me). There has been a sustained attack against men and boys--and our boys are turning into effeminates. They need to know that by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread. They need to be warned. They need to be in the scriptures, the whole family does so that we can try to get back to wholeness as much as we can. There needs to be a turning around where men are in control and reigning and ruling while we women do our part.

The school system did not prepare me to be a mother. In fact, it systematically renders individuals like me unfit to fulfill the basic functions of mankind.


Out of the rubble of the world many of us have come...and into the rubble of the visible church. We get there and we can still wear our business attire and we still have no worms, no dirt, no saw, no pick axe, no hammer, no nails, and no explanation as to what we just crawled out of. Just more tv, movies, game nights, grocery stores, video games, socials, credit cards, and whatever else church people do. Just more fellowship amongst the deceived and dependent who are feasting on the bread and circuses while the enemy messes up our Bibles and our minds and our children. Church people are boasting in church about how their children are in "college"--college where the children go to rack their brains because saying you are in college sounds good and because they hope that that piece of paper will entitle them to earn more money whereby they can buy what they cannot do for themselves. At 22 or 23 years old, they are done with college, and are no better for the wear. Now it is time to marry and work and start the process over again--but the generation that they sire will be far weaker than they are.

Where is the buck going to stop in your family and my family? Or is it? The way that I see it, it's now or never.