Interlude: We should know our bodies

Our bodies are being attacked.

Many of us do not really know the basic anatomy of our bodies. We just get sick and do not know what caused the disease. Our bodies are being attacked continually on a cellular level. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are raging but it is as if people do not know anything about these things until they catch the disease. Then they are panicked and scrambling for a doctor. The future of the true church is the woods. We will not be able to buy and sell. We should know about ourselves. Not only that, our bodies are being attacked incessantly.

The attack is incessant--microwave ovens (also known as radiation ovens), air/water/land pollution, denatured foods (e.g., the nutritious kernel of the wheat taken out to make white flour), processed foods, sweets, chemicals in building materials, fluoridated water, electrification (see the wi-fi video, third box down on right side of the page), laced vaccinations, etc. But the dangers do not stop with these things. What about planned biological warfare against the citizens of the world?

A mad scientist

There was a mad scientist that told a group of his fellows at a Texas Academy of Science conference that he wanted e. bola to be unleashed on the world so that it would kill about 90% of the world's population. He received a standing ovation from hundreds of scientists--and these are the people who are dealing with and reviving the most infectious, deadly diseases in the world. It seems that they are just waiting in the wings for the order to kill. Here is an article by an outraged scientist that was there and walked out of the meeting during the standing ovation. Here is another article about it.

A group of mad people

There is a group of mad (as in deranged) people who are working with all their might in order to kill people--and their disciples are growing in number. I read in Berit Kjos' book Brave New Schools about exercises in classrooms leading children to conclude that it would be best if some people die. I can remember years ago working on a temporary assignment and typing up a scenario for the classroom where the students had to determine who would live and who would die in a certain situation. The fall out bunker would only hold five people, but there were seven people on the scene. The scenario gave information on each of the seven people (one a minister, etcl) and the students had to determine who would go into the shelter (it was posed as who would live, but what they really wanted the students to do is choose who would die).

I am reading a document that I printed out from the Rockefeller foundation entitled, "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development." If a person's eyes are wide open they know exactly what they are reading--even the front cover of the document is a monstrosity. The first scenario deals with an influenza pandemic that would kill millions.

There are people that are planning that we die. There are modes that they favor. Their are habits that they want us to inculcate. There are technologies that they want us to embrace. These things lead to sickness, sterilization, and physical weakening of generations. Some things kill slowly, others kill quickly.

I've seen videos of Bill Gates talking about death panels (first video here) and how he "loves" vaccines (third video here). As I recall, his father was a President of Planned Parenthood, a group that Gates supports with his foundation's money. You can search on "eugenicist Bill Gates" or "eugenics Planned Parenthood" and see the goals for killing people--that is what eugenics is about even if the term "eugenics" is out of favor at this time. It may now be called "mercy killing" or "saving the planet" or "assisted suicide" or whatever term they choose to come up with. But it is all about killing people. The eugenics movement goes back many years. Some take it all the way back to Plato, the Greek, who outlined a government-managed society in his Republic--this included reproductive management.

More understanding than I had

What I am finding is that my basic knowledge of anatomy and what the body can do and how things work is helping me to understand the plethora of things that come in my direction, whether genetic engineering, plagues, etc. I am not an expert on anything, but I find that can understand what I read. The catalyst for my knowledge of the body came when I began preparing materials for my five-year old. We started with Genesis 1:26 and 2:7. It establishes that man's foundation is in the dust. As time went on we learned here a little and there a little, including the importance of nutrition on the constitutionality of the body. We should feed it well with whole foods so that it will perform optimally for us and we should drink adequate amounts of water.

The point of this discussion is that we, and our children, should have a basic understanding of how our bodies work. I had very little knowledge of the body until I had to teach it to my child. There is a simple teaching about the body at this link for those that may be interested. It was used with a five-year old but can be used for any age. I am more mentally and intellectually prepared. There was a time when my body was like an "it" that I was unaware of until there was a problem. Although I cannot fully explain this mental weakness at this time, I don't think that I am the only product of this generation that has experienced it. With it in mind, I share the Anatomy Overview booklet for those who may find it of use. [Aside: also available is a booklet to orient to geography entitled, The Earth: Our Home written for a four-year old. I learned a lot when compiling the information for this booklet also.]