Interlude: Lordship Salvation

It is being preached across the land that it is a heresy to teach that obedience to the gospel is necessary to be saved. The Bible says that obedience is necessary.

Hebrews 5:9 And being made perfect, he [the Lord Jesus Christ] became the author of eternal SALVATION UNTO ALL THEM THAT OBEY HIM;

Across the land, professed Christians are telling people that there is eternal life in disobedience. This is an heresy of the highest order akin to, "Ye shall not surely die."

If Jesus Christ is not a person's Lord, he is not their Saviour. Heaven will not receive the disobedient, the unrighteous, the lawless, the whoremonger, the thief, the adulterer, and the vile. There is another place for them.

Sample Devastation

One man told me (I've received so many emails in the past--I think this was one of them and not something I read in another forum) how heretick church people destroyed his soul. He said that he had somehow heard the gospel and gotten saved. He said that when he got saved he felt that he needed to be holy. He started going to church. That church preached that obedience to the gospel is not necessary to be saved. He sat under that teaching and said that nine months later he found himself in a hotel room helping someone to shoot heroin in their arm. God said, Be ye holy for I am holy, but these hereticks make void the commandment of God and say that it is not necessary to be holy. I remember one independent Baptist preacher who preached this heresy from the pulpit. He ended up going after the wife of one of his most trusted members.

I can remember espousing this heresy myself when I was ignorant. I told someone that they could be a prostitute and be saved--HOW EVIL IS THAT? Where did I get that evil doctrine from? I did not get it from the scriptures. There are no scriptures to support it and plenty to refute it. I think that it may have come from multiple sources all agreeing together, e.g., tracts, pulpits, and books. Wherever I got it from, it was a lie. The scriptures leave no doubt of this.

Lordship Salvation