Interlude: King James VI & I: The Unheralded Reformer


In the fall of 2008, while I was analyzing The Workes of King James VI & I (the king whose name is on the King James Bible) I came to understand that King James was as much of a reformer as Martin Luther, William Tyndale, or any other reformer that can be named, period. I'm convinced that all of these rumours have been spread to cover up the king's message and to cast aspersion on the Bible that he commanded to be translated in 1604 as the result of the Hampton Court Conference. The king took his role as bishop of the Church of England very seriously and his spiritual fatherly care of the church and his realm is quite obvious when one reads James' Workes, published in 1616. He was a master of English prose and knew the word of God and how to rightly divide it. People were saved and converted under his ministry. The king's writing is in no way dry, but lively and to-the-point. All students of history should be acquainted with his Workes since he is the first king of Great Britain and founding monarch of the United States.

  • Jamestown, VA (James' namesake) is commonly known as, "the Birthplace of America" and "Where America Began."
  • The James River is his namesake.
  • James City is his namesake.
  • James Island is his namesake.

All of these places are still sitting right where they were waiting for anybody to go and visit them. Conspicuously absent from these historical sites and museums is substantive information on King James himself.


Instead of teaching us historical truth and information that we can use, mockers and scorners--

  • take the king's words out of both written and historical context.
  • call on false witnesses to libel the king.
  • cover over and hide what he said in his Workes.
  • cover over and hide what he did or misrepresent it.
  • write the textbooks.
  • present themselves as academicians.

Stephen Coston's book, "King James: Unjustly Accused?" goes far in refuting the king's detractors and revisionist historians. Mr. Coston's work begs the reader to go back to primary source documentation and not to second and third and one hundredth-hand information. It is through Mr. Coston's writings that I went to examine The Workes for myself.

A fancy title does not make a person honest, nor does it make him an expert--we are too easily impressed with degrees and positions. These people are lying to us. Books based on rumours, deceit, and the "critical method" are less than nothing and totally unworthy to be countenanced. We are so conditioned to believe every "expert" and textbook that we just accept their outrageous, wild proclamations. This practice needs to cease (i.e., us accepting their words). The devil is a liar and so are his people. We saints have to change. We are no longer to be brainwashed MKULTRA victims. We've been made free and are no longer under the dictates of the world. It is time for us to cast out Deception from every area of our minds.


Recently, as I read the Epistle Dedicatory of the King James Bible, I came across an amazing find--King James' writings exposing the Roman Catholic institution--her heresies, murders, plots, etc.--are referenced in the Epistle Dedicatory of the King James Bible--

...THE ZEAL OF YOUR MAJESTY TOWARD THE HOUSE OF GOD DOTH NOT SLACK OR GO BACKWARD, BUT IS MORE AND MORE KINDLED, MANIFESTING ITSELF ABROAD IN THE FARTHEST PARTS OF CHRISTENDOM, *BY WRITING IN DEFENCE OF THE TRUTH, (WHICH HATH GIVEN SUCH A BLOW UNTO THAT MAN OF SIN, AS WILL NOT BE HEALED,)* and every day at home, by religious and learned discourse, by frequenting the house of God, by hearing the Word preached, by cherishing the Teachers thereof, by caring for the Church, as a most tender and loving nursing Father.

King James did serious damage to Roman Catholic power. He undressed the Mother before the world and left her naked, bare, and bleeding. Through his writings, he left her totally exposed. King James was a man of peace. His motto was Beauti Pacifi, "Blessed are the Peacemakers," but when Roman Catholics cooked up the Gunpowder Plot and condemned the succeeding proclamations of the king, he took his pen in hand and came out swinging and landing every blow. Kings across Europe stood up under the power of these writings finally realizing the longstanding usurpations of the Roman Catholic empire and her Jesuits. And many Roman Catholic persons were converted according to James, bishop of Winston, publisher of The Workes. [Those that know those strange and peculiar ways of the Lord may very well perceive in the introduction to The Workes that there was that strange way working in the king and his bishop's midst.] The method of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot was a miracle in and of itself. No, Rome did not kill King James in 1605 as she had killed many others, but rather he lived and wrought mightily against her wiles by the pen thereby exposing her to open view and leaving it on record. In 1616, the bishop of Winston compiled many of the king's writings into a single book that we call, "The Workes."

If you read the Summary of the Workes and The Workes itself, you will come across the forceful, cogent writings of the king and the results of his writing against the Mother.

For some excerpts on what His Majesty had to say about Rome, see,

King James has a message that Rome does not want you to hear.

There was not a prince like King James before him or after him--and there won't be one in the future. He was one of a kind.


The Authorized King James Bible (Pure Cambridge Edition)


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and maybe do a history lesson with your children. The page includes a link to a short video biography of King James.

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400th Year Anniversary of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible

May..2011 is...worth celebrating, should we live to see it. We could schedule an array of activities--reading from the Authorized King James Bible, making displays of the artifacts and articles that we have from the period, watching the King James video biography, and maybe even laying out an Elizabethan/Jacobean-type feast.

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