Interlude: When there is no doctor.

  • Combat Medicine, the DVD Series (For when there is no doctor and no help.)


    Combat Medicine - Now The DVD Series

    When medical help is not available. This is a series of medical tapes done at a live 2 day seminar. You will learn things here you would not learn any place else. This 5 tape set is one of a kind. This is strictly combat medicine, not e.m.t or emergency room or even first aid . This is for when this is ''The Only Aid''. by Chuck Fenwick, Combat Medic.

    DVD Titles:

    Combat Medicine: Battle Dressings

    1. Arterial Bleeding; 2. Venus Bleeding; 3. Thoracic Puncture (sucking chest wound); 4. Abdominal Wounds; 5. Head Wounds. This tape covers different types and sizes of bandages and tourniquets. This series is one of the most important set of tapes to have in your library. 2 hours.

    Combat Medicine: Fractures

    1. Simple Fractures (limbs); 2. Compound Fractures (limbs); 3. Spinal Injury; 4. Other Fractures (facial, pelvic, ribs and upper thorax). The different types of splints and how to improvise are also discussed. 1 hr 35 min.

    Combat Medicine: Minor Surgery

    1. Suturing (external); 2. Suturing (internal); 3. Cutdowns (Surgically invasive I.V. therapy); 4. Debridement of Wounds; 5. Removal of Bullets and Shrapnel. Excellent exercise on Suturing. 1hr 30 min.

    Combat Medicine: Thermal Injuries; Airways & Triage

    Burns and Cold. How to diagnose and how to treat. Breathing; Artificial airways; Emergency tracheotomy; Ventilation. How to classify and how to decide who gets treated first in a battle field setting and the many problems which may arise.1 hr 26 min.

    Combat Medicine: Shock

    1. Definitions; 2. Symptoms; 3. Treatment; 4. Blood Volume Expanders (I.V. solutions); 5. Whole Blood Transfusions; 6. Attendant Procedures; 7. Shock Suits. The second most important part of any medicine. As Chuck says in the seminar, almost all deaths occur because of Shock and not the actual injury itself. 2 hrs

    Each of these DVD's is worth well over $25.00 each This information will be invaluable in a real emergency as we have seen through out the world and recently in the USA. Prepare you and your loved ones NOW.

    Order the entire set of 5 Combat Medicine DVD's order #VIDCBS( a $125.00 value ) for only $84.95 + s&h.

    To Order On Line Click Here
    Order Toll Free in the USA and Canada 1-800-321-2900

  • Hesperian Download Page (May include some of these titles, Where There is No Doctor, "Where Women Have No Doctor," "A Book for Midwives, "Where There is No Dentist", "Disabled Village Children", "Women With Disabilities", "Helping Children Who are Deaf", "Helping Children Who are Blind", "Sanitation and Cleanliness". This is not a Christian organization. When in a critical healthcare situation, most of us will get help wherever we can. Some of their offerings (not listed here) appear communist/socialist in nature.)

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