Words significant to someone that was gutted out, deformed, and denatured.

The following is excerpted from Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps, a dense book (heavy with information and quotes)* which deals extensively with the history of the Jesuit order and its place upon the world's stage (ISBN-13 978-0-9793734-1-1). It includes an excerpt from Eugene Sue's international bestseller, The Wandering Jew** (1844) that captured my attention. It seemed to describe what happened to me.

*I do not agree with Mr. Phelps' racialist or Calvinist views or all of his historical commentary; however, the book/tome is amazingly dense. The website seems to have been taken over, I recommend one not look it up or purchase from it.
**I have not read The Wandering Jew, but according to Vatican Assassins, a key character is Rodin the Jesuit who is attempting to steal a huge fortune from a French Protestant family. The fortune is held in trust by a Jewish person who, in the end, thwarts the Jesuit's plan.

In the following excerpt (Vatican Assassins pages 512-514), Mr. Phelps tells us of another character in the book [bold, asterick **, and CAPITAL emphases ours; underline and brackets [ ] theirs]...

Another character is the refined, Jesuit Superior General, Abbe Marquis d'Aigrigny. The author assigns this traitor the perfect narrative describing the function and power of his Order--a power virtually unheard of today! We read:
What ought not to be sacrificed in order to reign in secret over the all-powerful of the earth, who lord it in full day? This journey to Rome, from which I have just returned, has given me a new idea of our formidable power. For . . . it is Rome which is the culminating point, overlooking the fairest and broadest quarters of the globe, made so by custom, by tradition, or by faith. Thence can our workings be embraced in their full extent. It is an uncommon view to see from its height the myriad tools, whose personality is continually absorbed into the immovable personality of our Order. What a might we possess! Verily, I am always swayed with admiration, aye almost frightened, that MAN ONCE THINKS, wishes, believes, and acts AS HE ALONE LISTS, UNTIL, soon OURS, HE BECOMES BUT A HUMAN SHELL; ITS KERNEL OF INTELLIGENCE, mind, REASON, conscience, and FREE WILL, SHRIVELED WITHIN HIM, DRY AND WITHERED BY THE HABIT OF mutely, fearingly BOWING UNDER MYSTERIOUS TASKS **like watching nonsense on television and completing the puzzles, riddles, and "socialization" of the school system**, WHICH SHATTER AND SLAY EVERYTHING SPONTANEOUS IN THE HUMAN SOUL! Then do we infuse in such spiritless clay, speechless, cold, and motionless as corpses, the breath of our Order, and, lo! THE DRY BONES STAND UP AND WALK; ACTING AND EXECUTING, THOUGH ONLY WITHIN THE LIMITS WHICH ARE CIRCLED ROUND THEM EVERMORE. Thus do THEY BECOME MERE LIMBS of the gigantic trunk, whose IMPULSES THEY MECHANICALLY CARRY OUT, WHILE IGNORANT OF THE DESIGN, like the stonecutter who shapes out a stone, unaware if it be for cathedral or bagnio [brothel] . . . But now, in spite of the misfortunes which have befallen our Order [during the Nineteenth "Century of Disaster"], I feel myself a thousand times more ready for action, more authoritative, more strong and more daring, at the head of our mute and black-robed militia, who only think or wish, or move and obey, mechanically, according to my will. On a sign they scatter over the surface of the globe, gliding stealthily into households under the guise of confessing the wife or teaching the children, into family affairs by hearing the dying avowals,--up to the throne through the quaking conscience of a credulous crowned coward; --aye, even to the chair of the Pope, himself, living manifesto of the Godhead though he is [later to be declared "Infallible" by the Order's First Vatican Council in 1870 enabling the Black Pope to direct the White Pope's International Vatican Empire through the rule of a single, solitary man], by the services, rendered him or imposed by him. Is not THIS SECRET RULE, made to kindle or glut the wildest ambition, as it REACHES FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE, from the laborer's hovel to the royal palace, from the palace to the papal chair?" {5} [Emphasis added]

Having fired the soul of the French, The Wandering Jew

". . . caused such a storm of indignation that the [Jesuit] novitiate was moved from Avignon to Nice on orders from General Roothaan [the Rebuilder]. Jesuits in Paris were hastily redistributed, and in other danger spots there was a thinning and scattering of members . . ." {6}

It was these descriptive and accurate portraits of the Jesuit Order that brought the learned and compassionate Eugene Sue world renown. He also became the accursed enemy of the Brotherhood while it plotted to overthrow its most notorious French adversary, King Louis Philippe. As we shall see, the Jesuits excited the Second French Revolution bringing their perfected doctrines of communal "communism" into the European upheaval of 1848.


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