Deception 77: "Aliens" -- Part II

Michio Kaku is interviewed on MSNBC about aliens and basically says that the subject book about UFOs is the next best proof of alien life to getting some actual alien DNA. [Update: These links may no longer work.]

Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discusses Leslie Kean's new book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record."
Air date: Monday August 23, 2010

HERE IS THE LINK [it became broken]:

The next video also features Michio Kaku and contains a lot of jibberish. Just because someone is speaking with a straight face, it does not mean that the words, ideas, and concepts that leave their lips make any sense whatsoever. He makes two points that I wish to address. (1) Earth is in the process of ultimately becoming an intergalactic civilization, and (2) those that oppose this change are "terrorists."

Aside: In looking at these matters, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that when the people in power talk about terrorists, they are talking about those that do not accept their deceptions and proclamations. Fake terror attacks and talk about terrorist attacks keep the word "terrorist" in the forefront of people's minds. Anybody who does not tow the party line is a potential terrorist and the media paints that picture in people's minds as they sit there day in and day out watching tv and reading the newspaper. Homeschoolers, Christians, people who believe in the Constitution (which is the law of America), etc. are villanized. When I used to hear the word, "militia," I did not think back to the militia of the early days of our country or of the minutemen. I just thought of some mentally imbalanced people with guns and maybe some bombs and weapons who may be prejudiced. I only thought of people that committed random violent acts (not that such people do not exist). I did not consider for one moment that there were some law-abiding people who could see that there is something very wrong in our country and that they are willing to stand up against it, even if they lose their lives. They may not call themselves militia, but they are taking a stand, like the Oath Keepers. Some of these groups may indeed be prejudiced against black people, but when I look at large segments of black American society, I can clearly see horrendous realities and can understand some of the points of prejudiced people--and I am a black American. I have observed a taking advantage of the system (e.g., welfare and affirmative action as regarding federal contracting) as well as violence, meanness, aggression, etc. (I don't know all the mechanics of where all this came from (I do have some ideas, though), but Jeb applies to us all, whether white or black). I also know what it is like to be discriminated against by white people every once in a while and I do remember things that my fathers have had to endure at the hands of prejudiced individuals, but I just go on about my business...

Through the school system, the masters of the present have turned us American citizens into one big fat lump of grossly apathetic, ignorant people. They made school compulsory and then made us go to school for a long time (simultaneously brainwashing us with homework, tv, books, peers, and movies outside of the classroom). Then in school, we spent our time learning puzzles and riddles to confound us. We did not learn about the transition from the caesars to the popes (oh no, never.). We did not learn about the crusades and the inquisitions, oh no--we did not learn about the original terrorists, oh no. We did not learn about Roman Catholic recusancy, the Dark Ages, and the terror of the popes, oh no. We did not learn about the Dominicans and the Jesuits, oh no. We did not learn about the intrigues worked to overthrow lawful kingdoms, oh no. We did not learn about which countries the Jesuits were kicked out of for their intrigues, oh no. We did not read King James' Workes exposing these practices, oh no. We did not learn that Roman Catholics could not hold offices in the United States in the early days (and why they could not), oh no. We did not learn about the Congress of Vienna and the subsequent emergence of these fake political systems--marxism, communism, socialism--which all look and smell like the same old feudal lord and serfs oppression but couched under words of equity and fairness. In the school system, we did not learn about the League of Nations and the United Nations. No, and we didn't learn about any of the uproars over the things that we now accept, like compulsory schooling. We also did not hear, in context, the rousing speeches of men like Patrick Henry and Abraham Lincoln, etc., oh no. Nothing to whip us up into a patriotic fervor. We did not learn about the power of the Constitution and the protections it affords the citizens of the United States nor did we learn that it was written for a moral people and that it is inadequate for bad people (more rules and regulations and strictness and force are required for bad people). We also did not read Samuel Breese Morse's Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (if anything, we learned about something called Morse code--written by Samuel Breese Morse--and that was about it.)

But even with all of the miseducation, if the church had remained true to the Authorized Version of the scriptures and had remained separate from the world, she would have been a true witness to the current day. And those that got saved out of the world, would have come into her arms and learned the truth...but things did not work out that way.

In the next video Michio Kaku says that there are three types of civilizations. He likens each to a science fiction tale--

  • Type 1 Civilization-- has harnassed its planetary power--controls earthquakes, weather, volcanoes, etc. (likens this to "Buck Rogers")
  • Type 2 Civilization -- is stellar. It has exhausted the energy of its planet and gets its energy directly from its mother star. (likens this to "Star Trek" a federation of planets)
  • Type 3 Civilization -- is galactic . They harness the power of billions of stars from across a galaxy (likens this to the empire of "Star Wars")

He says that earth dwellers are now a Type 0 civilization but that that is changing, that they are transitioning from a Type 0 to Type 1 civilization. He says there will be a Type 1 language (English), a Type 1 culture (movies, rock n' roll, etc. with the internet only as a telephone system [all these websites will not be online forever, if you wish to retain certain information, it would be advisable to print it out soon.]), and a Type 1 political system. He states that some people do not want this system, they "fear" it because it is "tolerant" of many cultures. Of them, he says, "These are the terrorists" (at approx. 3:40 of the video). He says that the terrorists fear because they are witnessing the birthpangs of a new planetary civilization[1] and the terrorists[2] want nothing to do with it.

[1] that "civilization" will not be civil and its culture will be the outgrowth of the doctrines of devils and do whatever you feel like doing--perhaps inarguably, American wickedness has been the leading corrupter of the world in this regard. Hollywood is like the epi-center of evil.

[2] With impudent face, people like Dr. Kaku make these bizarre and outrageous proclamations. The powers are the ones killing and maiming and robbing and arresting--and they call those that resist victimization, oppression, and deception, "terrorists".

Below is the video for those who wish to view it. Mr. Kaku makes other statements, but those portions that I wished to address are found above.

HERE IS THE LINK [this became broken]:

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