Deception 73: Logic
There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 14:12

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 16:25

When a man decides from his own feelings and logic what is right, he is in deadly territory. Man's corrupted mind cannot reason out what is right. Man is born corruptible and rebellious. No one has to teach him how to lie or do wrong. That comes automatically. We inherited corruption from our father, Adam. Something or some course of action can feel very right to a man--but it is wrong. In order to have a proper perspective, we have to accept and cleave to God's pure, holy word. It will cleanse and right our minds and give us the right perspective. Many men will not take this right way. They encounter things in life and then decide within themselves what is right. This is a deadly way of thinking and the end of it is death. Man's corrupt way of thinking is deceptive--his thoughts can seem right to him, but they are wrong and deadly. The only way to avoid the ways of death is to compare our thoughts to the scriptures. If our thoughts say one thing and the scriptures say another thing, we must always go with the scriptures. Our own thinking is corrupted. God's high and holy ways are not our ways and when we choose to think about things our own way, we are headed towards the ways of death. We need God's word, we need it at all times, and we need to apply it to everything we encounter and to all our thoughts judging all things based on God's word--including the motion of the sun which some professing Christians don't want to do and won't do.

Again, reasoning out of our own heads based on logic and what we think seems right is deadly. Reasoning out of one's own head makes it so that no matter what such a person encounters, it always results in the ways of death--it always concludes with a dead end and no arrival at the truth. These people are always learning but are never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. God's word is the truth. The highest level to which a man can attain is to agree with the truth of God, the Most High, Creator of heaven and of earth. The truth of God is his word, the Authorized Version of the Bible. To stay stuck within our own heads is death.


The following is excerpted from the Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary

LOG'IC, n. [L. id; Gr. from reason, to speak.]

The art of thinking and reasoning...

Logic may be defined, the science or history of the human mind, as it traces the progress of our knowledge from our first conceptions through their different combinations, and the numerous deductions that result from comparing them with one another.

In logic, the multitudinous data bits flying around inside of a man's head all come together in order to reason out answers. It does not matter where the bits came from, they are all just dancing around in the head ready to be called upon. In modern society, these bits can come from many, many sources, like

  • the thousands of conversations a man has seen on tv,
  • the thousands of hours, he has listened to music groups,
  • the hundreds of books he has read, the thousands of newspaper articles he has read,
  • the 12+ years he has sat in an institution learning to be "socialized" to the new world order,
  • the scary Dr. Seuss books his parents purchased for him,
  • the Book-a-Month club he is a member of,
  • the false teacher that he calls pastor,
  • the experiences he has had,
  • the magazines that he has read in the dentist's office and elsewhere, etc.

Yes, this man has a lot of data bits flying around in his head--the powers that be make sure of it. And they make sure of one more thing as well--that he is not taught the Bible (the book that is perfunctorily opened at "religious" services--and even then the so-called Bible that is opened is often going to be a perversion of the holy scriptures). No, the Bible is not taught, its knowledge is hidden to the sons of men today. Worse yet, it is actually derided by the educators and scorners who claim that the Bible was "just written by men." Who pretell wrote the books that those scorners read? Were they not men? Why don't they question that newspaper writer about the veracity of this morning's headline? Why don't they question that newscaster on tv? Why don't they question that author? Why don't they question the scientists? Are they not men? Why don't they question their teachers? Who pretell taught that anthropology class that that scorner believed? It was not a monkey, it was a man. Who wrote the script of that movie that they watched five times? Who wrote that newspaper article that they quoted from yesterday? It was an unanointed scornful man just like them. The Bible, on the other hand was spoken BY HOLY MEN OF GOD AS THEY WERE MOVED BY THE HOLY GHOST (ref. 2 Peter 1:21)


In the past few years I have wondered on more than one occasion why I learned about things like Greek mythology and Greek philosophy in school. And then, last month, while listening to former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett's testimony* (listen here), many things were unlocked for me--especially the disclosure of his training in Aristotlean logic, methods, and vain philosophy in his study for the Roman Catholic priesthood.

*This is the same testimony linked to in Interlude 46, "The Real Saint Patrick."

In writing this article, I went back and listened a portion of Mr. Bennett's testimony and took some notes--

  • At about the age of 18, Richard Bennett entered a Dominican order-run priori in order to become a Roman Catholic priest. Up to that point, he had been in Catholic schools and trained under the Jesuit fathers.
  • His first year consisted of rigorous Roman Catholic devotional excercises and preparations before entering studies.
  • In his second year, it was not the Bible that was opened, but rather the volumes of Aristotle. For three years they studied the philosophy of Aristotle [our note--see the succession of the Greek philosophers to Rome, Daniel's fourth kingdom-->Plato, Socrates, Aristotle (who taught Alexander the Great) and then after the Greek empire eventually ended, the fourth kingdom took over, Rome]. It is still Roman Catholic law that every Roman Catholic priest MUST BE TRAINED FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY. (Prior to entering the priori, Mr. Bennett had purchased a Bible for his training for the priesthood, but he would not need it)

    THEY STUDIED the cosmology, the physics, the metaphysics, the psychology and THE LOGIC OF ARISTOTLE. The students knew that this was going to be important later on in theology [applying logic--what seemeth to man--to man's so-called "theology"]. Learned, in Latin, the different principles of Aristotle memorized them like a Bible-believer would memorize Bible texts. Still knows, by heart, the different principles that Aristotle held.

  • Then he began "theology". In so doing, he studied Summa Theologica and the volumes of Thomas Aquinas. He kept on learning man, man, man. Man's corrupted thoughts are pounded in and poured in. Thomas Aquinas was studied for four years. His writings are based on the Bible, on tradition, on the pope, on the church councils, and on the philosopher

    [So far we see he has learned about Rome's rituals and about logic and about philosophy. NOW we will see how he learned to distrust the Bible. This is a one-two punch. (1) Get man to consciously think that he thinks his own thoughts with no outside guide--and that this use of logic is good. (2) Distrust the Bible as a reliable source of information. This same abomination is being worked today and I have met at least two people in recent years who outright made it known that they do not believe--and it seems that they cannot believe because someone sowed such evils in their heads about the Bible--apparently quite similar to what happened to Mr. Bennett below.]

  • Then they studied "minutely" THE PHILOSOPHY that was coming out of Germany by Rudolph Bootman (?) and other Germans who were liberal Protestants. They studied redaction criticism, form criticism, and higher CRITICISM--HOW THE BIBLE CAN BE DISSECTED AND HOW IT HAS SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED JUST AS THERE WAS PHYSICAL EVOLUTION AND HOW THEY HAD TO DEMYTHOLOGIZE, take the myths out of, the New Testament. Told that different people were just copying from each other in order to form the scriptures. It was lethal, very damaging to the soul and it pushed him as a student studying for the priesthood to the holy mother church because he could count on her, the Bible was not reliable. The pope was infallible and we had an authority that was living and not a dead book. Pushed him back to the Roman Catholic institution. We had a living voice in the pope. [I am convinced that the results of a modern Greek education leads to a life of non-reason and trusting somebody else to do the thinking. I know that it did that to me, and I knew it and I was not philosopher. I knew that I could not know. My thoughts had nothing to do with the Bible, but with the fact that I could not know many things, so I just gave up trying to figure anything out.] With the Bible taken away, he was more driven back to the teaching authority of the church [where else could he go having been taught that the Bible was mythology?]

    Bottom line results of seminary:

    1. he was driven more and more back to the authority of the church (every heretick, blaspheming professor drives the nail into the seeking-to-serve heart--I've long-heard that the same thing happens in Protestant seminaries) and
    2. he was taught the doctrine of the damnable liberal Protestant theology that they were fed in the Catholic seminary.
    [Note: One semester in my sophmore year of college sent me reeling. It was a secular college and I was 19 or 20 years old. In that semester,
    • my anthropology teacher told us that men came from apes,
    • my philosophy teacher said in front of the whole class, "there is no God," and,
    • my humanities likewise told the whole class that "the Bible is a myth."

    I remember during that time, standing outside of the dormitory one day looking up into a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and wondering, "Why do I believe in God? Is it because my parents told me about him?" I can remember that very clearly. I did not know that God would one day reveal himself to me.

    To me, the whole school system is set up like the masons. Every grade is a degree with more and more abominations ("mysteries") being revealed until the student reaches the end and graduates having passed through all the abominations (I don't feel like writing about this. I want to be happy and I want to forget about this. This is not my "hobby."). I hasten to add that each class and grade in school, in my opinion, does not have to bear the load alone. There are other "extra-curricular" things to go with the classes (are they really extracurricular?)--within each grade there is classroom time and textbooks and homework AND each school year also has innumerable abominations to go with it and supplement it (maybe even drive it, its like a keyboardist playing with hands in contrary motion. Maybe it is the school that is the supplement. The is like a big, long, boring propaganda piece and place where companions of fools can get together (I was one too), meanwhile, the tv is an attention-grabbing propaganda and teaching piece)--tv shows, movies, books, conversations, activities, entertainments, major "news" events (whether prevarications and shams or actual), etc. Initiations into all kinds of abominations abound, like "sex education". What? When one stops to think about it, it even the title is outrageous. How could parents overlook this (like mine did)?]

  • They did an introduction to some books of the New Testament but they did not study the Bible as such. And that was a minor subject, it was not a major subject. [I was in the church system for years and was not taught within the church system the Old Testament. Knowledge of the flow and substance of the Bible came as a result of personal study of the New Testament and the purchasing a course on the Old Testament and studying on my own.] In my estimation, the visible churches today are very much like that Roman Catholic seminary.
  • He remained religious and kept doing different Roman Catholic exercises so that souls could be filled with sanctifying grace as they died and be saved and he did these things for his own soul as well. He continued to live a rigorous life. In Dominican gown, he strictly kept all the laws. He strictly did all that was required and even above all the fasting and penance that they did in the monastery and priori itself. [To me, this is busy work--the powers have to provide something for people to do. Unsaved people get involved in churches, clubs, organizations, etc. to keep busy. Some to get into heaven their own way (or to avoid hell), some to help mankind, some to pass the time, but no matter what the reason it is all fruitless because it is not what God required in his word it therefore and leads to death.] Got permission to make a flagellation whip and he whipped himself. [he was taught that he had to save himself]
  • Mary was "seen" in different places [King James talks of Catholic superstition and tales in his Workes. How many tales are there on television and in books nowadays?]. The Marian message of one of those places, Fatima, was that many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray or do penance for them. He took cold showers in winter in order to suffer, flagellated himself, put small stones in shoes for discomfort. He never knew when his exercises were enough, when you should stop because this is what Mary said, this is what the church said--we must suffer for sinners and we must suffer for our own sins and we must suffer for others so that they may be saved and not go to hell. He was ordained a priest in 1963.
  • When he saw the inequities around him, true to his training, he searched out books and essentially began preaching Marxism and liberation theology.

*** I TOOK A BREAK ***

I took a break from writing this article and then somehow came across an article about something called Project Blue Beam (which ties in with hypnotism and MK-ULTRA). It has its complexities but the following stuck out (excerpted from, )--

The third step in the NASA Blue Beam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication. Lt. Col John Alexander's article continues:

"If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual's ONLY resistance would be to CONSTANTLY QUESTION the motivation behind their thoughts and NOT ACT UPON THOUGHTS which they consider to be OUTSIDE THEIR OWN ideological, RELIGIOUS [FOR US AUTHORIZED KING JAMES BIBLE OF 1611] and moral BOUNDARIES.'" (emphases ours)

If a person is not firmly guided by the true doctrines of the holy scriptures, he will listen to whatever voices he hears--and then based on the data bits in his head he will make a decision. Let's say that one day he hears a voice inside of his soul (bypassing the auditory canals and communicating directly to the brain) who pretends to be God and makes him feel good and whose words appeal to his reasoning and logic and experience and beliefs. Because that person is already leading a life based on nothing but what he has heard, read, seen, decided, discussed, experienced and embraced, it is natural for him to use that same logic method to determine whether he accepts the voice he hears.

Let's say, the words sound good. There is a nice feeling. The man is appreciated for who he is and is told that he is a good person and that the religions of the world are outdated. He is told that God loves him as he is and requires nothing but worship. The impostor who is impersonating God continues his masquerade. He tantalizes the man's other senses--eyes, ears, touch, taste, smell. The masquerade is replete with lying signs and wonders. How can the man not believe the impostor? Everything seems so right, so he believes that this impostor must be right. The man discarded the Bible a long time ago so he has nothing on which to base the words of this spirit that is speaking to him.

The man who goes with logic, with his own reason, with the way that seemeth right in his own mind is going to find death. Such a man only makes decisions based on anything but the Bible. Therefore each event, each situation, is considered as it comes. He weighs the merits of each and then takes that course most logical and most pleasing to him. As a result, this man's life consists of a series of corrupt decisions. Imagine again that he hears from a one who "seems" to obviously have divine powers and that the man can feel the warmth and "love" and light and energy of such a one. The man will jump at the chance to follow that one and worship him and the spirit that gives power to him (ref. Revelation 13:4).


There is a group of people who call themselves "freethinkers." I don't know where this term originated, but I submit that the people who call themselves freethinkers are not free thinkers. They've listened to somebody in life and think according to what they have been taught. That is why they know English, somebody taught it to them. English did not come from them, they did not think it up. They listened to somebody and accepted what they were told. This has happened many times in their lives and that is why they know the ABCs and the colors, etc.

Freethinkers may think that they think on their own two feet based only on their own thoughts, but they don't. I think that closer to the truth is that they actually base their thinking on anything except the Bible. As long as they remain that type of "freethinker," they are

  • free from the scriptures,
  • free from the truth,
  • free from righteousness; and,
  • free from eternal life.

This can change if they turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and his word, but at present, they are at the mercy of their own (and others') corrupted reasoning, they are sinful, and they are on their way to hell and the lake of fire. They are

  • free from the benevolent God of the scriptures; and,
  • free from the protections of the scriptures.

A cursory look at the statistics of the plagues of modernized western nations shows the results of freedom from the scriptures. Look at the suicide rates, rates for divorce, murder, etc. Look at abortion rates, drug abuse, drunks (alcoholics), mental disorders, ADD, pedophilia, obesity, etc.

When under the freedom of the holy scriptures, on the other hand, there is life. Instead of abortion, there is clean marriage and children which are a blessing. Instead of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), there is an absence of such diseases. Instead of divorce it is "until death do us part." Instead of theft, there is helping those who are downtrodden. Instead of murder, there is kindness. Instead of drunkeness, there is fruitfulness and labor and productivity. Instead of ADD (attention deficit disorder), children are helpful and courteous. Instead of mental disorders, there is a sound mind. Instead of obesity, there is temperance.



"You need to think for yourself. You need to be a freethinker. You don't have to go with those old-fashioned ways; the religions of man are outdated. With the scientific advances that man has achieved, we no longer need stories to explain the material world. Religion is the opium of the masses. Christianity is outdated and worn. The Bible was just written by men...

"You do well to agree with me. Now that you are a freethinker, come into the classroom and let me teach you sex education, guided imagination, and all that a freethinker needs to know. And then after I have brainwashed you with lies and stuffed your head full of tales, tell me what you think about Christianity and Christians.

"Never forget your daily dose of tv. Watch the History channel and get their interpretations of history. Receive it all in your head and then, as a freethinker, you can feel good about it, because you figured it out all by yourself and you can stand up tall and tell everybody how you freethink. Every little thing in life is unbounded for you. You have nothing to stop you from experiencing everything that the world has to offer (not to mention the things from the past through books and things yet future). You can do whatever you want to do. You can do whatever you feel like doing and you can try new things without the constraints of the old ways and old laws.

"This is a new day, a new age. You can even explore the idea of a new world. A world where all people are one...What do you mean, 'What will happen to the United States Constitution?' Are you a terrorist to the new world order? (I will excuse your ignorance because you are new at thinking for yourself.) There is no room for that stuffy old Constitution. We freethinkers come up with our own rules as we go. Actually, our rules are no rules because we can each do what we please so we don't need a piece of paper protecting our freedom. We are already freethinkers. Isn't that grand? No paternalistic ruler abiding over us and protecting us by a set of outdated laws and morals. We need abortion rights and gay rights and the old rules are hindering us. Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, witch doctors, theosophists, vooduns, etc. will all live in harmony with no conflicts whatsoever. And all will be governed by consesus. Yes, I know that we never reach consensus at our meetings, but we do meet and we all rule. Ah, to be a freethinker.

"In freethinking, women are liberated into working forty hours a week. And they can spend half of their money on designer clothes and perfume and makeup so that they can tempt the men at work everyday. And, oh yes, to complete the ensemble, they can "buy" (or rather make payments on) the most expensive vehicle that their credit report and pay ration will allow. Meanwhile, they will live in an apartment. No, not alone--they don't have enough money for that--they'll be packed in with two or three other liberated women who also bring their temporary lovers in over the weekend--lovers that don't pay their bills and who have other women on the side. Ah, to be a freethinker.

"Men don't have to marry nowadays, they have options. Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free? Ah, the licentious man. He deceives woman after woman making him completely unfit to be anybody's husband. He's done too much and seen too much and by the time he's dead, he has already sired 15 children that never saw the light of day (they were dismembered under the abortionist's knife). Isn't it interesting how these men sometimes decide to settle down with a nice girl? Those girls should have done a little more freethinking and background checking before saying 'I do,' but then again Zoloft and therapy should do the trick.

"In freethinking, children make their own decisions about religion. They'll figure it out on their own and make their own choices from the hundreds of alternatives out there. In school, they can learn about Native American legends, shamanism, Islam, Hinduism, agnosticism, wicca witchcraft, Harry Potter, atheism, Buddhism, literature of all sorts (excepting the Bible of course), and anything else that the tv-watching teachers can think up. The children can also have access to the previously forbidden with no guidance. And when they get ADD from overstimulation from tv, sweets, etc., simply put them on drugs like Ritalin--some call it "kiddie cocaine"--freethinkers know that science has all the answers.

"Ah, to be a freethinker and not brainwashed like others. The joys of children being able to sit in school thirty hours a week (plus homework at night) learning to be socialized. And then being able to sit in front of the tv for another 30 hours a week learning to release those old, outdated ways in order to embrace the new freedom. They can watch murder, sodomy, lying, bank robbery, adultery, and all the previously forbidden. They can watch cartoons and foolishness for multiplied hours every week at a time when they are still trying to gain perception on what reality is. Ah, to be a freethinker. For the mind to be founded upon the philosophy of textbook authors and the vain imaginations of screenwriters and programmers of electronic video games.

"You know, curiously enough, some people stubbornly hold on to the old beliefs and insist that the Bible has meaning today. Obviously unbalanced, these people need re-education, don't you agree? Of course you do because you are a freethinker."


I have some workbooks written for young people--including at least one "Test Prep" book that shows the depravity and subtilty of those who are writing the texts for children. American children are being trained to use logic and to accept foreign gods and to despise and ridicule the Bible. These things are sickening so I don't know if I'll pull out some examples or not before I destroy them. They were purchased for our use, but upon closer examination, it did not take much reading to see where the writers were coming from--even down to immigration, communism, free trade, the Constitution, ridicule of the Bible, etc.-- the book that I'm glancing at at this moment is for 8th graders.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

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