Deception 72: "Why so much focus on women?"

[Setting: A black woman and a black child quietly sitting at a dinnette table. The child is reading about American frontier living. She stops reading her book and asks her mother a question.]



DAUGHTER: Why is there so much focus on women in this book? [The mother takes a look to see what book the child is reading.] This book talks a lot about things that women did--for instance, one woman could shoot a dime thrown into the air from 90 feet away and it talks about the deeds of a frontier man's wife. Why so much focus on women?

MOTHER: That is a good question. This country, as we know it today, was not forged by women or by Africans. It was forged by white men with powerful ideas ordered and written down. Powerful men with powerful thoughts, inventions, and grit. They were not perfect--nobody is--but they set up a system from which we still benefit today. I am sorry to see the white man's vilification and decline. Revisionist historians and authors have degraded him by writing a history of their own imagination and passing it off as fact. They have written a history where the accomplishments of others (like women) are magnified and the accomplishments of white men are suppressed or vilified or sourly reinterpreted. The white man has been removed and today women and children (including childish men) rule over us. Through words on a page, just words, the vilification of the white man has been accomplished with ease. Using words, simple words, base men have evil effected the minds of the masses against the white man. Every white man is not evil and every black man is not good.

There has been a rending and a divorcement from our country's founders. Revisionist historians, through their writings, evidence a disdain for our founders and who they were. There has been a sustained perversion of American history. An open season has been declared on the white man--divorcing us from his ideas, and his Bible...and this has not only happened in America.

Of course, we are interested in all contributions to our society. We have learned a lot from the colonist, the Native American, and the black man. There are things to be learned from peoples from all over the world--men, women, and children--however, America was not built by women or any other group. It was built by white men.

Postscript: Revisionist historians have attributed things to "the white man" that are not necessarily his to own and at the same time they have not attributed to the Roman Catholic institution things that are indeed hers to own like her imperialistic exploits all over the world whether in Mexico, South America, or elsewhere (it seems that those things are attributed to "Christianity" so that she escapes unscathed and untarnished although she is the very one who called for and conducted and sustained the crusades, the Inquisition, etc.). And who is "the white man" so vilified and despised today? Is he not the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) I heard of all those foggy years ago? During all those school years, I don't remember ever once hearing the word, "Jesuit" and most certainly was never taught of his intrigues and place in history. I don't even know if I knew what the pope was, and yet I do remember hearing about the WASP--who was the leader of the WASP? Nobody can name one, but he still had a name as if he were part of some organization. He was put into a group, the Protestants. Who would single him out like this? Who would categorize and vilify the Protestant? Who would sow these tares in men's minds? And who might sustain this vilification from generation to generation?

Once people are mentally divorced from their fathers, their nobility, and their government, they can be taken over by a new force. In my estimation, many Americans sound like communists and, having totally discounted the Constitution, are eager to embark on new uncharted political and societal waters (these brutal waters have actually been chartered in Stalin's Russia and other totalitarian regimes, but the undereducated American--of which I was one--does not know that these unchartered waters lead to brutality and oppression. He just thinks about the government handouts and notions of equality and stealing from the rich to give to those that did not work for that wealth--he won't call it theft, he will call it what Marx euphemistically did, "redistribution of the wealth." Actually hearing this talk coming from the mouths of Americans has stopped me in my tracks. And this deception goes way back, too, e.g., Helen Keller (1880-1968)--as I recall reading in a book about her--joined the Socialist party.).

Communist principles and ideas will bring brutality and oppression to this country just as they have elsewhere. Americans think that these things could never find their ways to our shores, but they can and will and, on some level, have. The outrageous and unconstitutional rules, regulations, and decrees are increasing and multiplying more and more. The encroachments on our liberties seem to be increasing by the second. There are a few in government that want change, but, by and large, it appears that--

  • Democrats represent "the little people" in the communist system that beg for more government intervention and handouts and
  • the Republicans represent fascists, "the corporations" that run the government and make decrees. (The GMO Trilogy shows in one film how biotech giant Monsanto had employees that would go back and forth in positions in Monsanto and the federal government. Obama (ostensibly for the "little people") appointed a Monsanto man, Michael Taylor, as his food safety "czar.")

There are those that contend that these two (Democrats and Republicans) work in concert to achieve certain goals--and that is why no matter which is in power, there is a progression towards global government. As one person put it, Democrats and Republicans are two pant legs on the same pair of pants.