Deception 69: The Red Mass


Excerpt from the article, "Catholic Control of the Supreme Court" (

The Red Mass, a historical tradition within the Catholic Church, is held on the Sunday before the opening session of the Supreme Court.

6 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices are religious Roman Catholics. This is the first time in history that there have been so many Catholics on the Supreme Court. Obviously this page was done when Bush was President. Obama's is every bit as subservient to the Papacy as the Bush family is.

"The centennial was officially celebrated on Monday with a historical Red Mass in St. John's Church. The Red Mass was designed to ask St. Thomas More and St. Ives, patron saints of the legal profession, to bless the law profession and offer guidance for justice." *SOURCE*

"Saint" Thomas More persecuted "hereticks" unto the flames [1].


In the article, "Catholic Control of the Supreme Court" (, pictures tell the story all the way back to 1965 with President Lyndon B. Johnson descending steps of St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Cathedral as he left from the Red Mass.

[1] Historical details of this article should be confirmed. Article states that Roman Catholic "saint" Thomas More, "...had many good men and women burned at the stake, including William Tyndale who was a main translator of the Bible into the English Language." Although I've read elsewhere that More was a staunch opponent of Tyndale, Tyndale's writings, and the Protestant Reformation (even unto the burning of "hereticks"), I read the following on wikipedia concerning More's role in burning Tyndale--

"More also did his vigorous best to get rid of Tyndale, who had taken refuge on the Continent, and was eventually seized, strangled and burned there, though after More's chancellorship was over." (

Of course, this does not mean that More's work in capturing Tyndale was insignificant. I am not seeking to cast doubt on the subject article, "Catholic Control of the Supreme Court," but to encourage all to take heed to the scriptural admonition to prove all things.