Deception 64: What Lengths?

What lengths will the powers go through in order to make Christians look bad? What intrigues will they engage and sustain in order to infiltrate and subvert whole nations?

[Note: In reporting these things, I don't want to encourage anyone to be a newsmonger or to be on the internet endlessly surfing around. I do not spend a lot of time on the internet, but at certain seasons, I check to get a pulse on what is happening in the world at large so that I can understand what is happening. I was completely offline for over a year (not surfing, not opening a web browser whatsoever. If I was told about a website, I typically would say that the internet is evil and that I was not online.). I thought that I would never get back online again, and that was just fine with me, but through a series of circumstances I found myself back on line.

I discourage anyone from spending the bulk of their time hearing or telling some new thing that is going on in this world. May we simply live the Christian life, working and being productive. The Bible has a lot to say about working--and the way that I read is that the first place we need to be working is at home. The Bible says that if any man provide not for his own, he is worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5:8). A woman is to be a keeper at home, that the word of God be not blasphemed (ref. Titus 2). We are supposed to work. The Bible teaches that if any will not work, neither should he eat (ref. 2 Thessalonians 3:10). We are supposed to be working.

Working in my home and ministering in my home is what I am supposed to do and I find that it gives me peace and purpose in the midst of this situation in which we find ourselves. A walk to the store for milk on a sunny day is refreshing. And sitting outside on a bench outside the store and sharing a treat is just great. I like having nice times with my daughter--even if I do look up in the sky and see those planes dumping out their dust into the firmament.]


I came across some information about Alex Jones of and I searched around to substantiate it. It concerned some footage he allegedly sold to the 20/20 tv program that the person did not want to be made public at that time [1]. I had the opportunity to see and hear some of the footage in question, but that is not why I wrote this email. While I was searching on that topic, I read about plants and counterplants--like secret agents and double-agents. The people who undertake the work of deceiving America and other nations conscript vast resources and engage in various intrigues in order to work their wiles and sorcery--and this they will do over long periods of time, even decades or generations. But even with all their wiles, being deceived and duped by a disinformation system is nothing to fear if we live right and follow scriptural admonitions such as--

  • prove all things (compare everything to the scriptures and search out before you believe.)
  • in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let the truth be established (find more sources to back up what you have heard. It is my desire that these articles will allow others to have less interaction with some the griefs to be encountered in researching.)
  • lay hands suddenly on no man (don't just immediately believe the first thing you hear); and,
  • be ye holy.

As we do these things--i.e., closely follow the scriptural admonitions and precepts--we find that we can take up serpents and information and not be harmed and we find that if we drink any deadly thing, and it does not hurt us...But if a person does not take care to follow the scriptures, he can be deceived.


What lengths will men go through in order to make Christians look bad? Might they set up a big act to evil affect men's minds? The following video, "From Jonestown to Waco," gives a different kind of perspective on the Jonestown massacre and the "Rev." Jim Jones, the leader of it. According to, Alberto Rivera said this about Jonestown and Jim Jones--

"...the Vatican planned the infamous Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978. Jim Jones was a Jesuit under that secret oath with instructions from Rome to commit mass murder in order to discredit Christian camps..."

I know that I have personally heard from a self-described "militant atheist" reader comparing me to Hitler, Koresh, and Manson ( which was completely outrageous. I know almost no one, I am nobody's leader, and I don't want to be anybody's leader. He said that he felt certain that a government agent would show up on my doorstep one day--and for what? For being a Christian?

What lengths will the power go through in order to make us look bad? What lengths will they go through in order to stir up against us more anger and more hatred and more wrath? People are looking at tv, reading newspapers, and reading books in blind submission to the authors and it is evil affecting their outlook. It worked that way with me. It makes a person believe that anybody that does not tow the party line has something wrong with them. I used the think that every dictionary was right and every textbook was right. I never stopped for one second to question the veracity of the textbook or the newscaster. "Do as you are told," was my marching order until I was made free by the Son of God, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who rescued me and delivered me from the jaws of this evil and perverse generation that is waxing worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.

What lengths will the powers go through in order to make Christians look bad? Would they set up Jonestown and an "evil Protestant cult leader" that they had meeting with the first lady of the white house and other prominent people so that people would know him right well? And then might they engineer it that he would commit as despicable an act as a mass murderer and then have it televised for all to see? What lengths will they go through?

The video also delves into some other important areas. At a certain point, as I watched the video, I thought to myself that I could add to some parts of the video, but that I choose to forget. I said to myself, "I could add, but I choose to forget." It is not good to explore the depths of Satan and I avoid them. What little I see, God helps me to forget much of it. Some Christian ministries give too much information thereby making the listeners like a toilet bowl listening to things that don't need to be repeated. We have to learn how to protect our brethren and forget what we may have heard. In fact, we should seek to stay as far away as we can from evil. Watching to see what is going on, but watching from as far back as possible...Don't look too closely at this video when you see two men facing each other--one of them is displaying that hand signal that I warned against in an earlier Deception article while the other looks on. Also, try not to look at image that is supposedly of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That is not him and God prohibits the making of such images in Exodus chapter 20. I put a paper on the screen to cover an image in one instance.

Note that secret societies have both endoteric and exoteric doctrines. Endoteric doctrines are the doctrines that they freely share inside amongst themselves--including all their goals and plans and workings. Exoteric doctrines, on the other hand, are the exterior doctrines that the members let the outside world see. In a black costume (trimmed with accoutrements like a white collar and a big cross hanging on a necklace) and with speeches and gestures, they can look sacrosanct and pious but the exoteric is a coverup for what Alberto Rivera revealed to be a criminal organization.

exoteric adj. Not confined to an inner circle of disciples or initiates. Comprehensible to or suited to the public. (from

Also of note, Vatican City is literally a country. It is located within another country (Italy). The pope is the head of both a religious institution and a political institution. The film states that James Arrabito (a Seventh Day Adventist (a cult--many cults were started in the 1800s and have somehow been sustained unto this day) who was a researcher of Rome and other matters) was murdered. I do not know about this assertion as I read that he died in a plane crash in foul weather...but then again, singer Keith Green died in a plane crash too after writing the Catholic Chronicles series (a href=, cursor down the page to read excerpts) [2].

Here is the link for, "From Jonestown to Waco" by
(copy and paste the following URL--update: it may no longer work):

[1] I quite accidentally came upon this information. Although I have found the events detailed at to be quite timely for my researches, I am sorry that a betrayal like this has happened (it has led me to further disturbing investigations of Alex Jones and government control of alternative news media). This is what I found--

  • John Gray wrote a letter to James Lloyd [I do not subscribe to Lloyd's organization] about Alex Jones betraying Gray. I do not know where I saw this information, but John Gray's letter can be found at the end of the article at this link at James Lloyd's organization's website--
  • I wanted to confirm this information and found a 20/20 video clip about John Gray at-- At 6:10 into the video one can hear what sounds like Alex Jones' distinctive voice instructing the cameraman to get the footage and then the cameraman retorting, "I'm getting it Alex!"
  • Another article about the situation --
  • I recall Eric Jon Phelps (I do not agree with Mr. Phelps racialist views), expert on the Jesuits and author of the amazing and massive tome, Vatican Assassins (ISBN-13 978-0-9793734-1-1), calling Alex Jones a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. A coadjutor is a coworker. To me, in this instance, this could mean that as Alex Jones talks, his talk can lead people to false conclusions--or maybe no conclusions and thereby he is leading people from finding out the true complicitors. I've also recently seen other comments about Jones in this vein (, don't focus on the pictures at the top of the page--Jones is using the hand signal warned against in an earlier Deception).

    I have never considered a Christian news source (I don't know of one) but have considered it a source of specific events that are occurring in the world. Given what I have recently learned about Mr. Jones and his connection to the mainstream media, etc. I am searching my memory banks and considering what these things mean.

[2] I did not agree with all of Keith Green's lyrics and can listen to but very few of his songs; but I perceived that what he had was real. Certain of his songs met me at certain seasons in strange ways. To me, there was a prophetic dimension to some of his music, but in much of it, the rhythms from the world and certain other things should have been left behind (before his conversion, he played the world's music.). As I recall, he was only 28 years old when he died.

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