Deception 62: Geoengineering III

If what I have seen today is the Chemtrail (which I believe it is) and if it came from the federal government--whether the civilian or defense sector (maybe neither, maybe a contractor or some other group was tasked with it)--Who is the supplier of the aerosol? Who put out the solicitation for the contract? Who wrote up the technical specifications for it? What agency? Who was the Contracting Officer? Who is the COTR (Contracting Officer's Technical Representative, the person who oversees the contractor who won the contract)? Who made the aerosol? Who packaged it? Who loaded it up and who delivered it into the atmosphere? This thing had to have gone through a lot of hands. Something on this scale takes a lot of coordination. And,

What other substances or diseases can pass through an aerosol delivery system that is already set up and in business?