Deception 58: Hypnosis


A few years ago I purchased a book entitled, "Encyclopedia of Country Living," by the late Carla Emery. It is an amazing and insightful book that teaches the helpless, dependent generation about traditional things, about the old way of doing things--like milking animals, childbirth, gardening, etc. in a down-to-earth nuts-and-bolts way. She did mankind a great service in sharing this knowledge with us. The book has gone through a number of editions and I think that it has had a wide readership. At some point, I looked up information on Carla Emery on the internet. And what I eventually found I in no wise would have ever expected. She wrote a deeply disturbing book (now out-of-print) entitled, "Secret, Don't Tell [-] The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism." Please do not read it. Please do not even read the excerpts of the book online. The book is a combination of case stories, research, quotes, and the ways of that dark hypnosis world. Mrs. Emery was herself a victim of what people call "unethical hypnosis." She explores various aspects of hypnosis in this book in order to make people aware of what is happening. She lived in hiding while she wrote it.

I have examined some portions of the book but do not intend to keep it around. It is so dark that one hardly dare to open it. The artwork only reinforces the horrors of the victims of hypnosis--whether they were victims of the government, a stage hypnotist, a new ager, neighbor, school teacher, or a criminal. Hypnosis is going on in schools and it is getting worse and worse. This hypnosis, brainwashing, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. is crystalizing more and more.


In a previous Deception article we noted the seemingly "prescient observations" that come from the crafty and subtil. Aldous Huxley, the person to whom the following quote was attributed, was a descendant of Thomas Huxley (T. Huxley was also known as "[Charles] Darwin's bulldog")...

We have had religious revolutions, we have had political, industrial, economic, and nationalistic revolutions. All of them, as our descendants will discover, were but ripples in an ocean of conservatism--trivial by comparison with the psychological revolution toward which we are so rapidly moving. That will really be a revolution. When it is over, the human race will give no further trouble. (Aldous Huxley, quoted by Andres and Karlins in Requiem for Democracy? An Inquiry into the Limits of Behavioral Control, p. 1) (As found in Secret, Don't Tell p. 199)


There are different techniques used in trance induction. Some people are actually going to schools to learn how to do manipulate people and put them into trances. Then they go out and practice whenever and on whoever they can. In a grocery store in the check out line, anywhere. And they practice multiple times a day on unsuspecting people that they encounter. There are different techniques for trance induction and these predators are looking for susceptible people. In the course of her research, Mrs. Emery learned that some of these people get into other people's minds by "invasion" where they just try to mentally force their way into people's minds. Others may have a long boring conversation with a person until the person starts daydreaming and then they keep on moving in like a serpent on their prey.


Mrs. Emery's book was published around 1998 and she mentions HDTV. I heard of it because somehow I read that the government was giving people like $80 towards getting HDTV--a brainwashing sorcery machine. Mrs. Emery said this--

The most blatantly inductive television routine that I have seen is the introduction to a children's cartoon show. Many children now also receive induction training in the classroom... Secret, p. 199

I do not understand how anyone who says that they are a Christian can let themselves keep watching tell-a-vision. And they do. They keep on watching it and won't stop. They are hooked and it seems that they won't even try to let go. And why not? What are they feeding on? And their children, what are feeding on?

Companies spend millions on advertising because they know tha tit works, and they know how it works. In the 1950s, the advertising industry began motivational research. They discovered that ads could be directed at consumers' unconscious minds as well as their conscious minds. They learned that unconscious motivations could be even more powerful than conscious ones. A bunch of new "needs" were then created by advertisers, targeting unconscious yearnings...

Media Can Displace reality--Over 97% of homes, all over the world, now have a television set. Most people spend hours every day in front of the fascinating--and hypnotic--tube viewing reprehensible social examples, addictive substitute realities, managed news (government knows how important this medium is!), and commercial persuasions (often with subliminals). Human beings are born gullible to a verbal or printed pitch.

Media are powerful mind-influencing tools because, strange but true, your brain takes the spoken or written word more seriously than the evidence of its own senses. [she goes on to back up this assertion with the research. I don't know if 97% of homes have tvs, but I can see how the 2, 3, or 4 tvs that a lot of people have could make it look like almost every home has one.] (Secret, p. 201)


People are going to school to learn how to do hypnosis. All of it is dangerous notwithstanding the proclamations of the "experts." Mrs. Emery explores psychology too. Professionals are doing it and so are many others. Some people are playing games with people's minds and lives--

"The people I sent to Atlantis never had any troubles," Jerry said defensively. (He had hypnotized friends and told them to "Go to Atlantis.")

"Why did you ask them to go?"

"I wanted to find out what was there. You know, past lives and all that sort of stuff."

"Suddenly I had a chilly feeling in my soul. Under deep hypnosis the Atlantis Jerry sent people to would have felt real to them. Atlantis could have become important in their lives for years after. Maybe for the rest of their lives. They would believe in Atlantis, believe in past lives, want to see those visions again, feel that seductive deep trance sensation again. They would feel the powerful draw of rapport [an aspect of hypnosis] to Jerry for years after that. All because Jerry was playing around with hypnosis, using them as his subjects to "find out what was there."

I went home. (Secret, 201)


I ordered a book on living simply in a time of crisis. Upon perusing it, I found teaching of hypnosis and the occult. I seem to be finding horrors at every turn, even in children's books. Mrs. Emery on the proliferation on the use of hypnosis--

In 1945, fewer than 200 U.S. professionals used hypnosis. By 1971, 20,000 dentists, physicians, and psychologists were using it professionally. Mental health personnel, advertisers, spiritual advisors, motivation specialists, sports psychologists, people programmers, educators, meditation leaders, dream-group leaders, and group leaders of every sort now use more and more sophisticated mind-influencing technologies. Now, millions of people expertly induce trance and direct the trance experience of others--often for profit (and power).

Human society is now polarizing into division between the influencers and the influenced, the programmers and the programmed, those in the know and those out of it. The trend is toward division into subjects and operators--at worst, into hypnotic predators and hypnotic prey.... There has been an associated revolution in attitude toward trance. In 1971, LeCron wrote, "Where it was not at all unusual twenty years ago to have a patient refuse hypnotic treatment, now this is a very rare occurrence..." (LeCron, The Complete Guide to Hypnosis, p. 223) In 1997, most persons enter inductive settings with even greater abandon.

How did that happen? It happened because the technologies of trance induction and trance management have become ever more sophisticated, more effective, and more widely disseminated to possible "agents." (The names for hypnotist are as legion as the name for hypnosis). It happened because public information about trance has become tightly restricted to only positive, good-marketing statements...

It is self-defense to understand how your mind works. Awareness of your suggestibility can help you to resist manipulations that you might otherwise uncritically accept. Induction and suggestion technologies (induction to lower consciousness, suggestion to take advantage of that state) are now very sophisticated. Those technologically expert mind manipulations are directed at a largely ignorant public. (Secret, p. 193)


This article only cursorily touches on the book and purposely leaves out the great wickednesses being committed with the use of hypnosis. If we live simply, strive against sin and overcome our besetting sins; if we are obedient to God and his holy word, then we will walk uprightly and soberly having our minds about us for greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. Tv hypnosis is a non-factor for those that do not watch television. Subliminal advertising is a non-factor for those who are satisfied with the few things they have and do not pay attention to glitz and glitter. Fake news is a non-factor for those that don't listen to it, watch it, or read it. Witchcraft in the classroom is a non-factor for those who educate their own children. If we walk soberly, righteously, and godly, we will go to convenient places, conduct our business, minister if so led, and leave. Mrs. Emery says that some people are more suseptible to hypnosis than others. If we walk uprightly before the Lord and take heed to his commandments, we will be aware and in our rightful position and doing what is right.

While Mrs. Emery is an excellent researcher and writer, I don't agree with all of her beliefs and conclusions--such as the belief that some hypnosis situations are okay. At no point do I desire to just let my mind go at somebody's suggestion. Hypnosis and the occult are everywhere--in churches, professional offices--psychiatrists, doctors, community centers, swimming pool centers, etc. I do not want to have anything to do hypnosis, visualization, witchcraft, Reiki, yoga, guided imagery, or any other occult practices.

The intent of this article is not to frighten, but to make aware of--

  • what has happened in America,
  • what is happening,
  • and what direction the future is going in.

For others, like me, who have grown up under these sorcery conditions (and care about what has happened to them--which it seems most don't) we can understand where we came from and how to get untangled from the vestiges of these things that try to stubbornly cling to us influencing the way that we see things. Americans and tv watchers and those who are educated under "progressive education" are a bewitched people. I believe that many are possessed and that in general there is deep deception in the land and people are heavily influenced by devils--and they keep on watching the evil and keep on believing "the experts" and keep on continuing in "higher education" where they are introduced to more and more abominations. People's thought processes are not right.

Only a love for the truth can bring somebody out of this sorcery. Pilate asked What is truth? God's word is the truth. Way, deep down inside, there has to be a love for the truth and when that is engaged and operating, a person will read the word, take heed to it, and follow it to the end. And thereby will God bring him out of deceptions. There has to be such a love for the truth that a man will receive it and be obedient to it. With all the evils and seductions of the world today that appeal to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, a person has to really want to be saved in order to be saved. A man has to turn his back on this evil world and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. He has to leave the wine and revelry of Bacchus alone. He has to leave the bread and circuses of Rome alone. He has to leave Baal alone. He has to leave Ashtoreth--the queen of heaven of Jeremiah chapters 7 and 44 alone (the queen of heaven is one of the Roman Catholic Mary's names). He has to turn away from Molech, Remphan, Succothbenoth, Nergal, Ashima, Nibhaz and Tartak, Adrammelech and Anammelech. There can be no more worshipping the host of heaven--the sun, the moon, and the stars. No more listening to the "experts." No more sucking on the the wickedness of the television and foul books into the soul. The so-called men of the church are self-admitted pornography freaks. They are watching it. I've reports from various sources--including preachers. God sees these wicked acts committed by so-called men of the church. Many, in that great and dreadful day of the Lord, are going to be rejected and will be consigned to the lake of fire that burneth with fire and brimstone.

I've read of cases where victims of these vicious hypnosis practices try to get out of them. I heard of one witchcraft practitioner that went to a preacher for help. He told the pastor that he could not join him, because, as he said, "I have more power than you do." Other people have been able to get to a church only to be turned away because that church did not want to deal with their problem. In this anemic, fallen church we may not know too many answers, but for those that are seeking, we can still pray for them and we can tell them about the one who has the power to heal them--and he will do it if they want to know him. This is not a task for the lukewarm and careless. People have been horribly abused and I perceive that if a person is not walking close to the Lord, he can end up like the sons of Sceva or he can end up being tempted by something that someone reveals. As for me, when I am dealing with people, I get a general overview of where they come from and then I just go on to focus on God and his word and his holy child, Jesus and his commandments--and step by step a person can come out of that incomprehensible evil in which they were entangled*. We can keep on reading the Bible to people and we can tell them about God and his word and his holy child, Jesus. We can seek God for people. We can sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to them. And if we are real Christians, we can help them by letting them come along side us and just start living the plain, simple Christian life. [Update: I believe that The Deliverance Series can help.]

*At any point where a person refuses to accept the truth, I have learned to stop ignoring that refusal. We park on that point and if we cannot agree, then we go our separate ways. This is not a matter of parking on small differences, but on those things of major importance like Christians watching television. Past experience has taught me that ignoring people's refusal to acknowledge the truth puts me in a position of listening to others' delusions and rebellions. In the instance of tv watchers, they want to tell me about the news, movies, etc. that they have seen. I do not watch and do not want to hear about it. They are under deception and have decided that watching the wickedness of television is okay. That is a lie. It is not okay and I have distanced myself from a number of church people for this reason. I have learned from experience that ignoring these crossroads of truth only causes troubles further down the road. By stopping at those pivotal points, people can pause and consider those points and I don't find myself in a position of silently listening to the rebellions of others. If, at some point, we agree on the truth, we can go forward.

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