Deception 54: 911

The following documentary presents deeply disturbing assertions about what happened with the 911 attacks and is substantiated with film and witness testimony. A few items covered in the first two (of eight) videos--

  • a hijacker who was supposedly on one of the planes is still alive,
  • no plane fragments were found at the Pentagon,
  • one of the collapsed buildings was not hit by a plane
  • there were no bodies at the crash site in the field.
  • military aircraft could not respond quickly because there were over twenty war games going on that day (included is an excerpt of a recording asking if the call for help was real world or an exercise). One man basically said that the pilots were deliberately confused by those games so that they could not respond in time.
  • the government will not release video of the Pentagon attack

If these things are true, I find it deeply disturbing that somebody had/has the power to perfectly orchestrate a catastrophe of this sort and on this level. In the wake of 911, Homeland Security popped up as a response to "terrorism" and now we see the implementation the Suspicious Activity program and other programs or groups like fusion centers which seem to be focused on U.S. citizens. Everything is moving at breakneck speed. Some say that the devastating collapse of places like California and Detroit is going to spread across America--not that we don't deserve judgment. We need to get our houses in order and pray and fast and call on the name of the Lord and remember others. People around the world are suffering. A recent HSLDA article warned that the third wave of persecution is coming for homeschooling. It looks like S510 passed ( As I understand it, it will eventually be called the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act." May we get our houses in order that we might intercede for and help others.

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