Deception 52: The Obfuscation System -- Part I
obfuscate, v., To darken; to obscure.

The word of God has been obfuscated by these hundreds of modern Bible versions and by these counterfeit King James Bibles like those popish Authorized King James "Family Bibles" that I burned up. THE KING JAMES TRANSLATORS ***WARNED*** US ABOUT THIS POPISH PRACTICE OBFUSCATING THE WORD (see below). WE NEED THOSE TRANSLATORS NOTES IN EVERY BIBLE IN MY OPINION TO REMIND US WHAT POPERY IS--MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH, THE IRRECONCILABLE ARCH-ENEMY OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Read this passage from the Translators to the Reader (was published the Authorized King James Bible in 1611)--

"...we have shunned THE OBSCURITY OF THE PAPISTS [1], in their 'azymes', 'tunik', 'rational', 'holocausts', 'prepuce', 'pasche', and a number of such like, whereof their late translation is full, and that OF PURPOSE TO DARKEN THE SENSE, THAT SINCE THEY MUST NEEDS TRANSLATE THE BIBLE, YET BY THE LANGUAGE THEREOF IT MAY BE KEPT FROM BEING UNDERSTOOD. But we desire that the Scripture may speak like itself, as in the language of Canaan, that it may be understood even of the very vulgar [2]."

Translators to the Reader, Authorized King James Bible of 1611

[1] "papists" is the old name for Roman Catholics, followers of "the papa", the pope.
[2] "vulgar" means used by the common people, common; used by all classes of people. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

"The Official King James Bible Page" ( is a perfect example of obfuscation. The name "Official" already tells you that something is wrong with it. When you read the example below, you will see that these wicked have no shame. They will sit there and do anything to obfuscate. Look at the following "response" from their "Responses" page at This is along the lines of the abominations that I encountered in those, "Family" Bibles. The so-called "response" is all in one big confusing lumped-up paragraph written by "Donna." I would not be surprised if Donna was actually a man named "Dennis." THE RESPONSE MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER AND NEITHER DO THE "RESPONSES" FOLLOWING IT (I am not including those because even this is too much to read. Please don't read it all, it will confound you. Please don't. To me, this is like black magic sorcery. I did not read this whole lump--just enough to get the point--obfuscation. When I first went to "The Official King James Bible Page" (I clicked on it out of curiosity) I encountered a scripture passage in which they used older spelling but somehow with a twist (maybe it was the modern typefont that threw me for a loop). My daughter and I easily read the old typesetting and spelling--we can pick up a 1611 or the more modern spellings and read them with equal ease--but when I saw it the way they presented it, it looked like a hierogylphic for some reason. I recommend that you not go over there. It will be a waste of time and may confound you. There are all kinds of crazy obfuscations on "The Official King James Bible Page"--links, quizes, Catholic-looking abominable art (don't look at Roman Catholic art--I've seen a reference to a video that sought to show the embeds from centuries ago--it is an antichrist system. I would not click on the trailer. I strongly suggest that you do not look at Roman Catholic art or that movie if you come across it.), etc. Please don't waste time on "The Official King James Bible Page." It's bothering me just writing about it. "The Obfuscation System -- Part II is coming up right after this so don't park here on Part I. Part II has some words of deliverance for those who have an ear to hear. Here is the "response" from "The Official King James Bible Page" (these people have no shame)--

1/03/2011, 11:24pm - Comment by "Donna" about 1 John Chapter 3... "Hi Linda, This is personally for you. Please email me for any after-thoughts or questions, as I will try to be as brief as possible. And you know for yourself, as a writer, and deep-thinker, being brief is not easy, as we want to try to explain every detail, which makes for getting off track with the original subject matter. ( REGARDING THE 'RAPTURE:' More later, after you email me, which then I will forward you scriptures to back up all I say in this response. Also, Linda, PLEASE, if you don't have one, get you a bible that is the 'King James Version.' THAT is the version, that, whether it was the original translation or not, was, and is the PERFECT English Translation. Think about it: If God is going to speak to you in a particular language, God, Who is PERFECT, is going to speak in the PERFECT language of that particular language. While the Hebrew language has NO periods, NO commas, etc., and is PERFECT, having a word for everything, and which takes more words, and such as 'periods,'and 'commas;' jots and tittles, in the English translation, in order for the SAME expressions to be translated, the ENGLISH translation was prophesied to come to pass: Luke 16:17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail. As it is written where Jesus SAID: Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Think about this: Yes, there are words such as 'thee,' and 'thou,' etc., that we just don't speak today in the common English lingo. But, while it is said that THEY talked backwards, NO they didn't. WE talk backwards. As, whatever LANGUAGE version came FIRST was/is the ORIGINAL manner of speaking in that language. And it is the Shakespear type English that was/is the original, and thus the PERFECT, English language. ALL of the 'modern day' versions are filled with shallow, diluted, and even untrue, sayings, whether intentional, or not, all due to the 'words' being not accurate, in accordance with the TRUE/PERFECT English. I do not sympathize with anyone who boo-hoos and murmurs over the awkwardness of the 'old' English language. Because, when I was nearly 12 years old, I had such a heart desirous of knowing what God's Word has to say to me, that when my Mother handed me a 'Good News' Bible, and I recognized that it did NOT say 'HOLY' Bible, I questioned it immediately, as to WHERE the info came from. When she told me it came from the King James Version 'HOLY' Bible, and that it was just written in the 'now-a-day' English language, I told her 'Mom, I have a dictionary for any words I don't understand, PLEASE get me a 'King James Version' HOLY Bible, cos I want to see FOR MYSELF what God REALLY has to say!,' she smiled, and said 'okay.' The more I compared the Holy Bible to the 'modern version,' I could hardly believe my eyes as I noted all the incorrect wording, in many places the word used in the modern version was not EVEN close to what the true English version of that word meant. It did not take me long to totally discard any reference to the 'diluted;' and 'substituted,' modern version. [EDITOR'S NOTE: PLEASE DON'T READ TOO MUCH MORE OF THIS "RESPONSE".] If I change any words at all in my mind, it is such as 'thee' and 'thou' to 'you,', and 'thine' to 'yours,' etc.., but am very careful to make sure the meaning is exact. I stay as close to the wording as possible, since certain words through-out all relate, and ring-a-bell so to speak when you see them again. The true English version is so perfect and poetic, it is like a song that never ends, but that conquers over, and leaves behind, all the evil that is clarified for what it is, like a river that cannot be stopped, cannot be damned, or dried up, but just keeps moving, gently, and yet mightily, over and around all obstacles, all the trash, purifying itself with it's ever flowing; ever moving forward, eventually completely leaving this old world and it's scattered ruins behind. If there's anything you want to find in the Holy scriptures, just email me, and I will direct you to it. In the meanwhile, for starters, the 'rapture,' and the 'second coming' are not the same thing. They are two seperate events. The 'rapture' comes first. As, the Lord Jesus Christ will not, and cannot, return to earth without His BODY, which are all those that are, and continue to be, filled with His Spirit; the Spirit of God. His bodily members include those of us upon earth, still alive in this world, as well as those already in heaven. When He appears to meet those that are ready, in the air, in New Jerusalem, He will be drawing up; gathering, unto Himself, those of His body upon earth, as well as all those of His body that are in heaven. WE shall all be WITH HIM when He comes to the earth; returns to the earth. Another thing, the Anti-Christ; Satan, CANNOT sit, and declare himself as if he is God, and take any rule over all the people upon earth, AS LONG AS the BODY of Christ is STILL HERE, as we have, as it is written, POWER over ALL the power of the enemy. So he will just HAVE to wait, until we are raptured up, before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. (more on this later.)" > Respond now...

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