Deception 43: Digital Nomads

It is summertime. I'm outside gardening with my child. I look up. All is quiet. "Where are the children?" I wonder. They are no where to be seen. I assume that they are inside engaged in some sort of mindless, addictive electronic activity--tv, internet, video games, radio, etc., maybe a book. They are blank slates being written on by outside forces. Their thoughts and desires are dictated to them by somebody else--many somebody elses. They are a shell of a person with no skills and no uniqueness. Families are not really families in America. Everybody is pursuing their own electronic interests. We don't have a standard dress and a real culture. We don't cook in America. We are too busy being amused as we relax.

An internet excerpt--


Distraction aside, the "second life" experienced online is designed for a more sinister purpose: to lure us into an electronic control grid. The elite plan a borderless world where a homogeneous slave populace serve their interests.

Jacques Attali, an Illuminati banker go-fer, wrote a book called "Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order" in 1990. He said amusement machines are used to re-program us:

"These objects--whose embryonic forms, like the Sony Walkman or the laptop computer, are ubiquitous today--will help create a different human being."

The new human will have no family or cultural ties. He will be nomadic, tracked and controlled by a "memory card" (i.e. ID card):

"The memory card will become the principal artificial limb of a person, at once an identity card, a checkbook, a telephone, and a fax machine--in sum, nomadic man's passport. It will be a kind of artificial self. To use it will only require plugging it into the global electronic networks of information and commerce, the oases of the new nomads."

As nomadic worker bees, we will scramble to live in the super-cities of the future:

"Middle-level nomads will stay in places that are impersonal, like the hotels that today ring airports throughout the world. Only the most fortunate rich nomads will have the means to become property owners in the large cities, which will be the magnetic poles for their brethren from all areas and regions of the globe."

We will co-exist in two realities: in the real world as surfs and in our cyber-fantasy:

"Cities will be fortified, dangerous places, the tangled heart of electronic networks, a cabled field of dreams."

The internet is designed to lure us into totalitarianism. The acceptance of a "second life" online is a rejection of reality, making us clay in the hands of our rulers.

Those hooked on the internet, most especially the young need to start rejecting it and fill our parks, homes, pubs with real social activity.

We must start shaking off our "second life". If we don't, we may become the "losers" Attali describes inhabiting the NWO:

"In the coming world order, there will be winners and there will be losers. The losers will outnumber the winners by an unimaginable factor. They will yearn for the chance to live decently, and they are likely to be denied that chance. They will encounter rampant prejudice and fear. They will find themselves penned in, asphyxiated by pollution, neglected through indifference. The horrors of the twentieth century will fade by comparison."

One day a neighbor child approached my child as she shoveled dirt. He struck up a short conversation with her. "You come from a working family," he said. He went on to say that he did not really have to work. His mother did not ask him to. My daughter said that she was at a loss as to how to explain how much she enjoyed her life. Our life is like a series of fascinating projects. Searching for potatoes that you grew is far more exciting than an easter egg hunt. Cooking in a pit you dug is interesting. Having a clean kitchen and sitting by a warm fire is relaxing. Making your own clothes is liberating.

I did not always feel this way. In teaching my child and studying the scriptures, a new sort of life emerged for us. In testing out Bible foods, fragrances, tools, and ways, I found a new sort of rich life that I did not know existed. I did not know previously that I liked carpentry. I bought several tools just because they were in the Bible. I did not know that I would use them. When I made savoury meat I did not know that I would become a better cook. We've taken elements from the Bible and begun to let our own kind of culture and traditions arise.

I don't always feel like working, but I know that I must. Articles like the one excerpted above scream out, "Live! Get outside! Cook a good meal! Take that meat out of the freezer! Cook that rice! Make a side dish! Prepare that vegetable platter! Work! Make you own things! Spend time with your family working, eating, exploring! Be aware of what is going on around you! Why is the VISA logo on my debit card? I don't believe in credit...I know you say that it is not credit--can you take that off of there, and disconnect VISA from my account? Thank you...Get off of the computer and get your nose out of that book! Work!" Day time is for working and night time is for sleeping. Get up early, get in a good day's work, and then go to bed early having had a productive day. Why not walk to store for milk (non-rGBH) instead of driving? We are supposed to work six days a week and then rest on the seventh day (Exodus 20:8). Live--seek God as to what that means. Many of us don't know anymore. Everything is "convenient" but when we live as if we have nothing, life gets so interesting...we become more independent, more free not only physically, but mentally...

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