Deception 40: Not all Cambridge editions of the King James Bible agree. We need to print out our own Authorized King James 1611 Bibles.

Ever since putting out Deception 39: In the Wrong Hands, I've been learning more and more about the abominations being wrought on the King James Bible. It was just in this past week or so that I discovered that--

  1. more recent printings of the Cambridge edition of the King James Bible do not agree with more traditional KJV readings in places like I John 5:8; and that,

  2. MORE RECENT PRINTINGS OF THE CAMBRIDGE EDITION OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE DO NOT AGREE WITH EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this for a fact because I've been trying to get to the bottom of exactly which Cambridge edition can be trusted. I researched various Cambridge editions of the King James Bible, wrote down the ISBN numbers, and ordered what appeared to be the best of them. I cannot recommend ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered two hardbacks and one leatherbound. THEY ALL FAILED THE TEST found at How to Know the Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) of the King James Bible.

You can download, printout and bind your own Bible for free. I did and have been using it. I have found it clean. I am still keeping my eyes open and I double check if I have the smallest doubt as to the correctness of a word--I then check it against what Bibles I have left after all the burnings. I have not found one error yet and don't expect to find one. The people who put out this download have truly magnified their office, and with good cause. Their website is Get your download while you can and tell every King James Bible-believing Christian that you know about this ASAP (as soon as possible)! You can bind it using the special method on the download page or you can put your Bible in a three-ring binder to get you started. Staples has a three-ring binder called, "Better Binder" with a lifetime guarantee on it (that's what the sign said in the store. It looks like the corners are made out of tire rubber)--

  • 1" binder holds 275 sheets, $7.49, Item No. 648819, Model 13395
  • 1.5" binder holds 400 sheets $8.99, Item No. 648821, Model 13394

I advise you to publish extra Bibles while you are at it. Save a copy of this critical electrone file (of the Bible) on your hard drive, but live as though there may be no electricity tomorrow--there may not be.

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