Deception XXXIX: In the Wrong Hands

This morning during our Language Arts time, I was reading Daniel chapter 5, verse 2 aloud--

"Belshazzar, while he--"

"Whiles," my daughter interrupted.

I looked at my Bible. It said "while," but her Cambridge (the one Bible that I [used to] trust to be right [1]) said, "whiles."

There was an error in my Bible.

We had a short discussion about this grievous situation. I told my daughter that we, the church, should have been printing out our own Bibles all this time. This important business of Bible publishing should have always been entrusted to the most faithful, trustworthy saints. The church of the living God is the pillar and ground of the truth. We are the custodians of the truth. We are to be the custodians of the word, it is our bread. It is not the bread of heathens. Our riches should not be in their hands. If we had kept the printing in our own hands we would have always known that our Bibles were authentic. We never should have put Bible printing into the hands of heathens. We should have been printing out whole Bibles (Old Testament and New Testament, including the instructive Epistle Dedicatory and Translators to the Reader) this whole time.

The church of the true and living God is the pillar and ground of the truth (ref. I Timothy 3:15). God's word is the truth (ref. John 17:17). We should have been printing our own Bibles all this time instead of--

  • building Bible colleges for the training of heretics and unanointed men
  • building gymnasiums
  • building bigger churches with plushier pews
  • building literature ministries (tracts, scripture portions, books, newsletters) to forward pet denominational doctrines
  • wasting money on other pet projects and social events.
Each church with the means should have been publishing God's word so that all could have an intact copy of it--both young and old. Maybe some small churches could have banded together to get the printing press running. We could have had some classes on how to print the Bible by hand and by simple machine. Maybe we could have had some handwriting classes and some classes on what paper is best for archiving and how to handbind the word. Today with personal computers, there is no excuse for a church or individual not to publish their own Bibles YOU CAN PRINT AND BIND YOUR OWN KING JAMES BIBLE FOR FREE--there is an excellent KJV download at this link. I have not found an error in it yet. If I do, I will update it. [Update: I now know more about this Pure Cambridge Edition and I do not think that I will find an error.] I printed it, bound it, and will continue to read it, keeping my eyes wide open for any typos or errors.
You can download and print out a pure copy of the Authorized King James Bible for yourself. You can put it in a three-ring binder or utilize this simple, strong, secure, bookbinding method.

Instead of doing what we should have been doing, we went to outsiders for our Bible. We still are. We go to Bible purveyors like Thomas Nelson (I heard that the Nelson family is Catholic. I did a cursory internet search on Thomas Nelson and saw books like "Catholic Prayers" and "International Student Bible for Catholics"). We will go to any purveyor who decides that it is worth his while to print out the world's best-selling book, the Bible. Our failure to print our own Bibles has not been without serious consequence...


I will let email correspondence tell the story:


About 5 days ago I saw the worst thing that I have ever seen--I wanted to burn a King James Bible found in my own house. I wanted to go no further in looking at it. It was not just one Bible I wanted to burn, but two--two "family" Bibles. Should God will, I'll get the evidence from them and then go from there [update: I don't want to get any further information from those abominations, these emails you are reading will have to tell the story]. It was the most horrendous discovery that I have ever encountered, and I understood many things, a big thing, perhaps the big thing on how we've gotten to the current state of church blasphemy against the word. It was after the morning oblation when this horrific discovery occurred. I thought that I was sitting down to read Phillipians. I thought to myself as I sat astonied, "This is the worst thing I have ever seen."

What could be worse than all the things covered heretorfore I wonder?

I will try to begin here [to tell the story]. I have been unwilling to think about this since that horrible event--even though I feel that this information must be known. I was assaulted and I was victimized and I hate what I saw and I will not even type what I read. I want to forget it. I will give you an overview.

I sat down to read Philippians. Under the title, there was a paragraph of information. This [paragraph] was a frontal assault on my whole soul. I could not believe what type of blasphemy was inside my eyes and head. [After glancing at it], I had nothing within me with which to read [Philippians]. I turned to the front of the book. I looked at the prefatory materials. I will tell you about one thing that I saw. It was entitled, "The Way of Salvation to Everlasting Life and Security."

That confounded document begins on page 4 and ends on page 28.

It has subtitles and sub-subtitles. Grammatically, these do not make sense. Under these are scriptures that have nothing to do with the subtitles. Sometimes a subtitle is a scripture. It is the most confounded, EVIL THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. On the index page I wrote, "One of the worst things I've ever seen in my life 'The Way of Salvation' [written] to confound so [that] no one would ever be saved." Of course I had my suspicions as to who did this. I investigated further and even pulled down another "family Bible" to see if it held anything like it [and it did]. After more investigation, I wrote on that same page, "Family Bible to destroy and confound." One of the "family Bibles" said that the Latin Vulgate was the first Bible, and had pictures of Catholic churches in the appendices.

To say that there were doubt-casting introductions to various books of the Bible would be an understatement. This is what I saw when I turned to Philippians, I saw the damnable ADDED notes. When this abomination called the "family Bible" came out, somebody should have said, THEY ARE ADDING TO THE WORD! and, "LOOK AT THIS ABOMINATION THAT THEY SAID!" and "IT LOOKS LIKE THAT OLD WHORE IS PROBABLY AT IT AGAIN! RESIST THE DEVIL CONGREGATION AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU!"

But no. The dumb dogs [reference Isaiah 56:10-12] were probably giving out these abominations as wedding gifts. Abominations that have a presentation page and geneaological record pages of weddings, births, deaths--all additions to the word.

I have one of the abominations on my table. [My daughter] just now walked in here and pointed out a page entitled, "Our First Child." Three lines down it says, "BAPTIZED BY" I said, Protestants don't do that! Then I looked down at the next line, "Confirmed or Joined the Church on______" I said, "Protestants don't do that! Confirmation is Catholic." All of this abomination in a King James Bible, not to mention the images strewn throughout (I had previously torn them out). A stranger put her or his filthy hands all over God's word. One of the Bibles (Good Counsel Publishers, Chicago, Illinois) had copyright dates of 1960, 1963, 1965 by J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company. On the other Bible (Books, Inc. Publishers, New York) I found no date information but it looks like an older Bible (through the years I've collected used Bibles). It says, "Permission for the use of 33 color illustrations by arrangement with Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd." These Bibles got people used to seeing multitudinous cross-references, in text interruptions, additions to the word, subtractions to the word, heretick introductions to the word, "study aids," credentialed "experts" giving their blasphemous opinions, etc. This is nauseating. Someone once asked me what my credentials are. I don't remember what I told them (if anything) but all I have is that I am saved and that I believe the King James Bible conformable to the edition of 1611.

In the text of one of the vandalized Bibles, there were numbers and letters. Sometimes the letters were in front of the verse number. For instance--

x7caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity; (I am looking at it right now).

I made notes as I was enduring these things. On one slip of paper, the first word is "obfuscate", a word that I may have never used in my life. Here (between astericks*****) is what is written on that slip of paper--


  • obfuscate
  • cast doubt
  • lead astray
  • confuse -- by wresting, wrongly dividing, adding words
  • confound
  • dissemble the mind
  • dismantle the mind
  • dismantle
  • make hopeless of ever understanding
  • to cast doubt
  • to confound--can't find
  • to distract abc 123 (there were numbers and letters within verses)
  • to question Authorized -- [magnify college] degrees, MAN
  • to neuter and scramble --The worst thing I have ever seen
  • teacher of youth (notes to "help" Sunday School teachers that would lead to confusing youth [and teachers])
  • Bible stories
  • to present Rome

Where were the dumb dogs? The church should have been warned. Instead, gifts. "Study aids" section.

Best alone [I don't know what I meant by this]


What I have just related to you is what I saw on a cursory level. I was going to burn the Bibles. That was my initial reaction. But I decided that I had to tell this story and I needed some proof to remind me of what I saw and to back up my assertions. I am glad that I wrote some initial impressions down at that time, so I can tell the story. I did not go into the "study aids" that they included in the back for church workers. One thing they said was [that] after meditating on a Biblical text, the teacher should think about a particular student and his home situation and his school situation, etc. and think hard about how to make the passage relevant for that student.

Imagine 30 students. Imagine a focus on each as a man instead of a focus on God and his commands. Imagine the hours spent trying to puzzle out what to say to each student. The instructions would be confounding enough if a person had but one student. This confounding pedagogy, I believe, may be a hallmark of Romanized "education." Somebody came in and vandalized the Bible and in so doing, the entire church. Not content with this, however, they had to layer on confusion.

If this explanation seems confounded it is because what I saw was confounded.

[Update (10-15-10): we did burn the Bibles down to ashes, there was also some shredding. Another Update: A KJV only bookseller is selling one of the aforementioned Bibles in leather. He calls it a quality volume.]


I am almost continually in a state of shock and dismay at this point and time. I don't know what the church has been doing all this time. As I look back in time and as I look around today, I see a barren landscape and death when it could have been life. Now it is too late for a relaxing, good life--a life lived under my own vine and my own fig tree. In these final days, I'm thankful for the good days that we have, but I know that they won't last too long. I find the errors of my people most distressing. Somehow and some way, we did not do what we were supposed to do, and now, at the end of time when everything is falling apart, I'm starting to understand.

The church of the true and living God should have been printing its own Bibles this whole time. We never should have put this responsibility into the hands of heathens, hereticks, blasphemers, and devil worshippers. Instead of building "Bible colleges" we should have been building printing presses all over the world and printing out the word [and accurately translating the Authorized King James Bible into all languages].

[1] Cambridge has started printing out plenty of abominations like other Bible versions, their "KJV for boys" and their "KJV for girls," etc. One cannot find their KJVs everywhere, either, but worst of all, not all Cambridge KJVs agree! You can print and bind your own Bible for free.

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