Deception XXXI: "Education"'s taking too long


From time to time I look for used books at library book sales. I rarely purchase "Christian" books of any sort. They are typically warmed over worldly scholarship. [Aside: Sanctified homeschooling is of a different nature than any other type of scholarship on the face of the earth. Our textbook, the Authorized Version of the Bible, succinctly overviews all knowledge that can be known (Genesis 1:1-2:7 has proven so explosive in our school that I've given that impact a name, "The Genesis Factor.") The result is that the student of the word has a perfect overview of all things and the right perspective because it was learned directly from God's word. At convenient, appointed seasons, the Lord allows the student to explore the various areas whether Geometry or carpentry or any other area.]


[In America, children actually go to school for 13 years--they enter "kindergarten" at about five years old and then continue on through first grade to twelfth grade.]

During a trip to the library, I came across a GED mathematics workbook. People in America who do not get high school diplomas sometimes elect to take the GED test in order to get their GED (I believe it stands for General Educational Development) certification. As I flipped through the book, I thought to myself, "It looks like my child could pass this...she probably could have passed this a few years ago." She was ten years old when I had these thoughts.

A few months passed by and I went on to purchase some GED study guides and sure enough, as she was doing the pretesting (she did the "Language Arts, Writing" section), the material presented no difficulty whatsoever. [Update: as I've continued administering the GED pretests, there have been some areas my ten year old was unacquainted with--like using the critical method in examining literature--but these things are easy to teach (I explained the critical method so that she would understand it. She could have just read the reading and answered the questions, but I could see that the critical method was behind some of the questions. I explained the critical method--and then went on to tell her that men of corrupt minds have done the same thing with the Bible--her eyes grew big at that statement, but we didn't go into depth about it, there was no need (There is no need to enter and plumb the depths of Satan.). We skip some readings--and there are some very bad ones.*. On other unreasonable, but answerable, questions we may respond to them and put a "I Cor. 15:33" rebuke in the margin next to them. We'll use the GED books as diagnostics and fill in learning gaps, where necessary. There are only five tests on the GED test, as I recall. From what I have seen, I am convinced that it does not take 12 years of formal schooling to get a basic education, especially if one does not waste those first few years of life.]

*on the GED "Language Arts, Reading" section (sample questions) I found much abomination:
  • an in-your-face allurement to sodomy,
  • materialism,
  • effeminacy, and
  • disrespect by a foreign woman to a U.S. president.

There were only a few normal readings, but even these appear to have been carefully chosen to convey messages, not to test reading. The test already has reading, reading comprehension, and composition in it in other sections. The normal readings include one about slavery, a poem about the migration of geese across the city landscape, and a confusing article about renter's insurance. Noticeably absent was a selection that had any positive reference to the sons of Japheth--we are being rended away from--

  • our country's fathers,
  • the Constitution that they constructed, and
  • the voices of their sons that still know from whence we came as a country.


Babies can read and babies should read--especially babies of Christian parents. Those babies have something to read--the Authorized Version of the Bible. Babies love reading and they can do it fast and they can do it in diapers. My daughter read her first words to me at 20 months old--those words included "Bible," "God," and "Jesus." All normal (and even not-so-normal) children have this capability to read. They are also able to count and do mathematics. Their minds are like sponges that want to soak up everything. [Aside: I've read that babies can read before they speak (they can pick up the appropriate card when you ask for it)].


People protest that children should not be forced to learn. But who said anything about force? They learn how to talk and walk without any force whatsoever. For us, it was the same thing with reading. In 5-10 fun minutes a day, my little one learned to read. It was fun and it did not take a long time. Reading is a faculty easily apprehended early on. When "kindergarten" came she had been reading for quite some time. Her textbook was, and is, the Bible. The narratives of the Old Testament were perfectly suited for a three year old reader. Genesis 1:1-2:7 organized all of creation and told us who made it all. The word goes on to tell us how to interact with it, each other, and the God who made it all. We've had many adventures as we have made our way through the word. Our school has been a delight. This Deception Series has been, in no small measure, impacted by our studies. When my child was five years old, one day we were having school when she exclaimed, "It's a feast down here!"


Modern "education" is taking too long and its results are disastrous (I have no doubt that this grievous situation is by design). The children complete school and still do not know too much. Then they go to college and don't learn much more.

In going through the school system, tv, movies, foolishness, and entertainments children's minds are gutted out leaving them mentally weak, dependent, and idle. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 teaching, on the other hand, is swift, thorough, pleasant, stimulating, and worshipful.

When a child is in a home where there is at least one saved parent, a sanctified school should be normative as disciples follow the command of Deuteronomy 6:6-9. It is not supposed to take many, many years of godless "liberal arts" education to teach children societal protocols and our nation's learning. It takes ZERO years of godless education to teach our children. It takes ZERO seconds of godless education to teach our children. If you believe the Bible, you can have a sanctified school. Here is a test to see if you are ready for a sanctified school--

The Bible teaches that the sun goes around the earth.
Do you believe this?
Do you believe what the Bible says?
If so, walk in your power
(forget man's anti-Biblical, antichrist pronouncements. His help is wickedness and vain (ref. Ps 60:11), his tender mercies are cruel (ref. Pro 12:10), and his wisdom is foolishness (ref. I Cor 3:19).
Believe in the word regardless of what man says--the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force (Mat 11:12). This violence is a holy violence (not guns and knives--For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds, II Cor 10:4) where we press into the kingdom by leaving behind wickedness and pursuing the word through obedience to it.
As saved men, we become disobedient to all forms of wickedness--we no longer obey them.
We are turned from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God.


If it does not take 12 years to get a basic education, what are children supposed to be doing? They could be doing a number of things. They could review and also continue learning some of the finer points of select subject areas as they start training for their life's work--like medicine (real medicine, not toxic, pharmaceutical, money-grubbing "medicine"), carpentry, or whatever God has ordained for each child. The apprenticeship is truly worthy of re-examination. Some are going into college at 12 (I don't have much use for most colleges and degrees but something like medicine is a consideration if we could find a school that teaches good basic medicine). CNA training or vocational training could be a consideration. They could participate in a six-month language intensive to perfect foreign language skills while perhaps working with the subject language speakers. There are many options, these are just a few ideas. As I see it, at a minimum, we are to teach our children what we know. What we know was good enough for us to obtain a place to live and some food to eat. By 18 or 19, children should have some kind of a real skill even if they decide to go into further academic studies in that, or another, area. We need to pray and seek God and ask him to lead, guide, and anoint our efforts. He will show us the way.


On another (but related) note, everywhere we turn there is student testing. Why? Where did this come from? Where is it going? Does it make sense? What is being tested? What is being asked? Is it good? Should there be any test at all? What do the results prove other than the taker may be little more than a parrot? Standardized testing, SAT, ACT, GMAT, the GED...why is there all this testing? where did it come from and where is it going? Is it going in a good direction? What are they going to ask next? [I once saw an older black and white film entitled, "Question Seven" that depicted Nazi Germany (or some other oppressed European country). The government slipped in a question on the standardized test to see if students would tow the party line.] Each wave of testing, each revision, is going towards something. In the end, there may very well be only one question on the test--"Are you going to obey us?"

Response: I Peter 2:13-17, Acts 4:19

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