Deception XXI: The Playground
Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There was a children's toy store called Toys R Us (it may still be around) that had a jingle on tv. I don't remember all the words, but it went something like this--

"I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid
There's a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with
I don't want to grow up 'cause baby if I did
I couldn't be a Toys R Us kid."

This sort of advertising should be illegal. Only a criminal would try to keep children stuck in that nightmare world of endless toys, video games, mindless books, gadgets, widgits, puzzles, riddles, and whatever else they have out there. Children were born to grow up. By one year old many are walking and soon after that they have mastered their language and are moving on to other things. They can learn a remarkable amount of information is a very short window of time before that sponge-like mind slows down. Babies can read before they turn two--I know this from personal experience--but today, parents are stuffing children's heads with the foolishness of television, candy, and toys.

Under the mind control of the "thought leaders" and the "experts," our poor, poor children are stuck in a perpetual, impulsive, useless childhood--and these same children are growing up to be impulsive, useless adults. Look at all the ADD, therapy, Ritalin, anti-depressants, whoredom, STDs, drugs, obesity, and perversity flowing through this once great country.

And it started at the playground. The devil through his agents got us playing and we don't want to stop playing and being entertained and pleased at every moment. [IF ANY CHILDREN ARE READING THIS ARTICLE, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS SECTION HERE IN ITALICS WITH THE GREEN BACKGROUND AND DO NOT LOOK UP THESE WORDS... Aside: Addiction to masturbation is epidemic and is crippling the world. Nobody wants to talk about it, but given what I've seen I am forced to call this out. It can manifest itself as some sort of obssessive-compulsive disorder. The spirit of pornography--whether father's spirit of lust flying around the house, or whether seen (or perceived) on tv or encountered in books, movies, etc.--whether explicit or implicit--is waking up the tiniest of children to whoredom and holding a multitude in servitude worldwide. And as if this is not debilitating enough, they are teaching whoredom to school children--I've seen pictures of a textbook teaching elementary students how to masturbate. Enslavement to this addiction is bringing some people to their knees while others like the "experts" take it on themselves to further enslave addicted people by telling them that masturbation is not wrong (The man of sin will be leading sinners like the ringmaster of a circus).

We need to pray for the people of the world, especially the children--they need our prayers. In a sanctified homeschool, as you teach your children the whole Bible (not just a Bible story here and there), they will learn that their secrets are secret. Secret, privy members are for going to the toilet, for washing when one bathes, and, if they marry, for the marriage bed and making babies. That is it. Otherwise, leave them alone. They need to know this at a young age. If children are reared in the scriptures, their own soul will tell them a lot. My child, at three, saw a woman with a strapless-type dress on and gently tapped me and said "...that woman with the ribbon in her hair did not have enough clothes on." The scriptures introduced her early to what is lawful and what is unlawful. Me telling her how to conduct herself just matches up with what God's word has already taught her. And parents need to keep on watching children. Children need direction. "What are you doing in there?" What are you about to do? Did you finish weeding? Come let us do this together..."

Parents today are absentee and the television and other electronics are continuously blasting Satanic messages into the hearts and minds of the untended children--including those in the homes of church people. Parents take back the critical role that God has given you. ]

...the playground...

  • I asked a recently retired woman how she liked retirement. She said she's home alone all day and "there's nobody to play with."
  • I asked an older real estate agent if he liked to garden, he said, "I'd rather be out playing golf with my friends."
  • In the course of a conversation about the state of things, I told a man that my daughter wrote her first check when she was five years old. He said, "That is important. I had a twenty year old renter who filled out his check in pencil."

I recently watched a U.S. government propaganda video entitled, "The City" (1939 for the World's Fair) about the Greenbelt Towns that were built under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The movie starts out showing rural life. It then shows city life under industry--smoke, complaints, dirty children in the streets. Then it cuts over to the Greenbelt "city" (they used "city" in the video as the Greenbelt Towns were designed to be the extension of the city--a cadre of workers conveniently located near industry) which is the answer to the dirtiness of the street (they never do compare it to the freedom of the rural life.). In the Greenbelt town, the playground was central. They make this very clear in the video. They say Greenbelt town was really for children. Not withstanding the green belt of trees surrounding it, it was really a contained nursery experiment. In the video you hear continual talk of the playground in the testimonies of the people who grew up in the Greenbelt towns. Their memories of lot of playing are fond. They specifially talk about the playground and the video shows plenty of footage of "joyful" children playing on the playground and riding bicycles and swimming, etc. [The yards were so small, one could hardly take ten steps without stepping into the street or the neighbor's yard. The playground was a place for all the juvenilles to meet.]

...the playground...

The boys of yesteryear could hunt by the time they were ten years old. The boy in the Greenbelt Town could swing on the monkey bars and ride on the merry-go-round. The girl on the farm could make a fire, sew, knit, and cook when she was six. The girl in the Greenbelt Town could get on the see-saw and maybe make sandcastles. The boy and girl on the farm were useful to their parents at seedtime and harvest. The boy and girl in the Greenbelt Town went to a school designed JUST for children with plenty of art classes and "new learning".

When compulsory education first came out, there was an uproar from parents. Enacting and enforcing those laws was tough, but our enemy, the devil, knew that he had to have the children and that his masterpiece and other agents had experience, time, tricks, lies, and deceit on their side--they would prevail. They would work their wiles until the takeover was complete--the takeover of children from their parents under the guise of "exciting, enriching programs." Read this illustrated book to see how we migrated from the homestead to the city and the playground.

...the playground...

In the name of play and education, children were spending lots of time away from home and away from their parents and away from learning the skills and beliefs of their parents. They were learning the "new ways". The ways that would eventually bring unbelief, lasciviousness, drug addiction, Ritalin, and ADD.

When we are playing we are not working nor are we thinking. In the years when children's minds are developing, their minds are now being wasted away with endless cartoons, inane games, and entertainments--the children are mentally deficient--hence the ridiculous "educational" toys to encourage, "critical thinking skills". How ridiculous--man's mind is a masterpiece and is ready from the womb to come out thinking critically. Look at what a baby does in those first years. He learns to walk and talk and communicate--and he can read too. See, the experts don't tell you that part, and I think a lot of them know it. I did not know it. I only knew that I wanted my daughter to know Jesus through his word. It was by God's almighty and miraculous power that I found out babies could read. She learned the ABCs by 18 months and wondering if maybe she could read, I made up some flash cards out of index cards and a red marker. At 20 months old, she brought the cards in the kitchen and started reading them to me. I found out that babies can read. Learn more about it at this link. My niece and nephew were also reading in preschool--a saved kind of reading--not just any old junk sold in the markets. A saved kind of reading. None of these children watched tv. My daughter told me to read to her out of the Authorized King James Bible instead of a Bible storybook when she was two years old. One day her cousin asked her, "Do you know about John Wesley?"--they were about three years old pushing their doll strollers in the front yard. Everything was matched up. They were being raised under the word in the same manner. I've worked with children for years and I know that they want to know the truth and they want to act on it (that is why the devil is working so hard on children. He wants to secure them for hell early on). All these years later, my daughter still loves the word. She is not perfect, but even when she is wrong, she totally expects to be punished--it is the only thing that makes sense to her. I neglected to punish her one time and she asked me why I did not. She did not breathe out a sigh of relief like I would have when I was a child. The word makes you want justice and anything less does not make sense.

No, I don't make a one hour roundtrip to the "playground" and sit there doing nothing while she is playing with idle children who have been trapped in superman, batman, and spiderman (as their parents look on).

Proverbs 13:20 He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

***Go get your children back.***

Go get your children back from the playground and put them on solid ground. Set their feet upon a rock--the holy scriptures. And instead of playing constantly and working a little bit, switch it around. Let them do work constantly as an important member of your family and play infrequently. When one woman saw my four year old unloading the dishwasher, she said, "I started too late." My daughter started making up her own bed and folding clothes, etc. at two years old. I just put things at her level. She didn't know those things were not fun. I remember one time running late for an appointment and telling my daughter to go make dinner for her father. I think she cooked bacon, eggs, and toast--she was six at that time. She is an important and functioning member of this family and has been for a long time. She is vested in this house.

The work done by children should be real work and suited for the child. If you grow your own food, you have work to do together. If you make your own skirts, you have work to do. If you crochet dishcloths, or cook over an open fire, or make your own doghouse, or fish, etc. you have important work to do together. We have a ball working together and I can get so much more done because of my helper. This is not grievous work, it is important work done with God's oversight. One day we were out in the yard and she said, "This is the second best place to a farm." I don't have all that I have wanted in life, but I work with what I have. Do you work with what you have? If not, will you?

True Christian, sanctified Christian, go get your children (and yourself) back from the PLAYground if they (and you) are still there--that includes retrieving them from the school system and teaching them yourself under a Biblical Scholarship. Biblical Scholarship is not just for them, it is for you, too. You were brainwashed, too.

The late CIA Director William Casey is said to have made the statement,

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is false." [Emphasis mine.]

The school system is a primary vehicle for delivering this disinformation program. Combine the school system with television, news, textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, GMO food, junk food, compulsive spending, movies, entertainments, books, and every other aspect of this society and the propaganda program is complete and lock solid. This world is full of lies and there is only one source of truth--the Authorized King James Bible. I am part of the lost generation, but the AUTHORIZED Bible is, step by step, showing me the way back to ancient manhood, ancient womanhood, ancient childhood. No other Bible but the Authorized King James Version will work. It contains all of the necessary words and doctrines--the ones the modern versions delete. The Authorized Bible actually forms a crystal clear roadmap out of the wreckage of modern- Satanic-witchcraft-television-MKULTRA-hypnotized-artificial-"happy slave" living and back to a real life as an independent whole person under God's protection. Visit for more information on the power of the Authorized Version of the holy scriptures to deliver us and free us from ALL deception in these end times.


Send your children back to school.
This is our compulsory, ironclad rule.
If this you fail to do,
We'll promptly take those fools from you.


You don't have a harvest so you don't need a hand
Send us all your idle children from across this washed-up land.

Persimmons are ripe
Time to preserve for the winter--
But you won't do that
Because we serve you dinner.

You're so dependent that when you want to eat,
You scuttle over to the store to buy our meat.
Chicken comes in plastic, not a feather around
Carrots are bite-sized, not a hint of the ground.
Your fools don't know where their food comes from
Because they're too busy in school learning how to be dumb.

Science doctored up that breakfast cereal with GMOs and all
Slurp it down you fools and then hit the mall.
Use that credit card that you love and adore
Get buried in debt and then spend some more.


Still in school, that's the rule
We'll teach them what they need to know
Like Halloween tales and useless information
Never teaching the reasons for the Protestant Reformation.

They'll go through life, not knowing the past
They'll only believe lies to the very last.
Never knowing the truth even if it hits them in the face
Because they have no interest in the Bible we've erased.

Our tv, books, and radio override the senses
And weaken a person's natural defenses.
As we call to the flesh from the cradle to the grave
Multitudes imitate the whoremongers travelling the airwaves.
Go get that abortion and keep your mouth shut
The school counsellor will "help" you--you miserable mutt.


Still in school, that's the rule
Sitting at a desk, writing on a slate
In real life, our students must never participate.

A twenty year-old man fills out a check with a pencil
Another fine example of a public school imbecile.


Near the end of the month, we'll take a break
Candies, cookies, ice cream, and cake.

Physical education and afterschool clubs
Can't hold back the call of addictive fast-food grubs.
Big and fat (you call them obese)
They gobble down gallons of sugar, salt, and grease.

Attention Deficit Disorder--could it be the tv?
Combined with a lack of training from a Mommy absentee?
Does Mommy make you mind or does she leave you on your own?
Does she really think you'll act normal when you are finally grown?
Medicine to the unruly or they cannot come to school
Dope them up, send them here so they can obey our attendance rule.


No hot beds to prepare, nothing to build
We keep them in school and out of the field.

It's cold outside, the icicles glisten
In a nice warm building students sit there and listen
As we stuff their heads with protocols for the new world order
That has snaked its way into America's border.

Parents hold beliefs and traditions that we hate and abhor
So we deconstruct them in the classroom behind the closed door.


Few chores to do, lives full of electronics
And now we don't even teach them phonics.

They can't read well and they can't write,
To the powers that be, this is a delight.

Impulsive and unstable, their minds are confounded
In the Humanities, not the Bible, they must be grounded.
Tossed about as waves of the sea, they suffer and fornicate in the land of the free.


You don't have seeds and you won't sow
Keep your child at home? The answer is no.

The birds are singing, they've returned for the season
They know their place but your fools lack reason--
They learn a multitude of facts but can't put them all together
They shrug their shoulders and are glad for warmer weather.

Their lives are like circuses filled with strange acts
Nothing to do so there is pressure on their backs.
"Where will I go today? Who will I see?
As I get ready, I'll watch the tv."

Some kids turn to suicide, others to drugs or self-mutilation
Death groans from the souls trapped in a pleasure-loving nation.

Mama's too tired and papa doesn't care
Let the tv raise them as they sit there and stare.
The images and messages lodge between their two ears
They'll host those spirits for the rest of their years.


April showers bring you no flowers
Because you have no farming powers.

Sitting in school with nothing to learn
In hopes of a degree one day to earn
Our finest students are those who best
Parrot back the information we put on the test.

"My child made the honor roll," you say with glee
You wouldn't say that if you saw what I see.
He achieves in a system designed to fail
An empty-headed proselyte who believes the stories we tell.


The students are still here, still sitting in schools
Steadily becoming even bigger fools.

Developing the useless man takes patience you see
It's best to start working before he turns three.
Fill up those years in which he learns so fast
With foolishness galore, cartoons, and trash
Then shuffle him off to school an intellectual bane
To extinguish the intellect and further stunt the brain.


We finally let the herds of "kids" go home--
(after a quarter of the month is already gone.)

Yes, summer is here and the kids get a break
Courtesy of your Big Brother, the State.


July, July, no children outside
They are in the home where the internet they roam
And watching tv
Where we want them to be.

We examine the experiments of the behaviorists you see
Who condition rats and monkeys that want to be free
Then we turn the results on unsuspecting man
Programming him for his entire lifespan.

Both pain and pleasure are used to achieve our goals
We've known this trick from the days of old
But now we use science and technology to perfect our old ways
Ah...truly these are the good old days.

Nobody can stop us now, no one knows who we are.
If you told them our name they'd think you'd gone too far.

Our agents in black work twenty-four seven
Promising the glories of their kind of heaven
Meanwhile subjugating the unwitting of all stations
Who drink of the cup of the mistress of nations.


It's August already and there are flowers in the clover
We'll start school again before the month is over.

The circus will continue, deconstruction goes on
Each fool in a seat is an unwitting pawn
As the powers that be reach their objectives
A howling population releases invectives
Against an enemy unseen, in the shadows, unknown
Who they'll never correctly identify even when their fools are grown.

                                                                                       (school is now in session)

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