Deception XVII: 50%

Thursday, 10-29-09


I'll preface these comments by saying that I am not political and that I am not interested in politics. Democrats and Republicans are two legs on the same pair of pants. I do not watch tv (it's been over a decade since I stopped) and I do not receive the newspaper. I do not listen to the radio. I could have barely told you the name of the last vice-president. But somehow, by God's almighty appointment, I got wind of the pre-presidential Obama fury through a Way of Life article I saw laying on a desk. It arrested my attention because there was a messianic fervor attached to this would-be presidential contender, and because someone from Chicago had written me four years earlier about Obama and asking me to pray against his election to the Illinois senate.

Today, this man is president of the United States of America. He and his party have my attention because they are being used to quickly and decisively bring this nation to its utter destruction. The devil's troops have long used subtilty to swing the American vote in their favour--most recently under the guise of, "empowering the community". Through various motions they've made allies of the simple-minded, the disgruntled, the youth, the immigrants, the give-all-my-generations-a-handout welfare recipients, and the non-thinking I-watch-tv-and-live-and-believe-the-experts propagandized herds. This strategy is reminiscent of how Absalom stole the hearts of the people from David his father.

And now we see a man is in power doing things and making decisions never heard of before. This man is like a one man wrecking ball. But make no mistake, this conspiracy is not new, nor is it nested in the democrats. This is a foreign conspiracy. Samuel Breese Morse (inventor of the Morse Code) wrote about it in his "Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States" in 1835. The Mother of harlots and abominations was even then plotting the overthrow of this previously great nation.

Satan's goal of world government is coming and is upon us. We are on the brink of it AND WE WILL NOT STOP IT. The Bible says so. Revelation 13 has proclaimed this disturbing truth for 2,000 years. There is no need to picket in the streets. It is just time to heed the word and make ready for the coming of the Lord--THAT is the event that we truly ought to fear. Daniel teaches that these times are to purify us and make white. We Christians have a lot of dross on us--especially in America which is probably the most deceived nation on the face of the entire earth. The scriptures teach that we will suffer. In fact, there will be a war actually waged against us--and we have no guns (the weapons of our warfare are not carnal). Now is the time to fast and pray, love one another, and do good.

Revelation 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.


Now on to the subject of this email, 50%. Somehow, someway, I recently read that 50% of Americans do not trust democrats (if people could see and put together all the obvious evidence, nobody would trust them). This statistic has remained in my mind over the past few days. Exactly who is this 50%? Who might they consist of? I know that over the past few years I've met individuals who have had a sense of foreboding concerning this country. They were not speaking religiously. They were just plain folks I encountered along the highways and byways of life.

Who is this 50% that distrusts the government? Is it possible that a good-sized chunk of that 50% consists of older people, as in parents? And who is that 50% that does trust the government? Is it possible that it is their children? During the presidential race, I heard of a man who was trying to convince his mother to vote for Obama. If an ideological divide between parents and children has taken place, how did this idealogical divide take place in this closest of relationships, parent and child? How were parents separated from their children? How did they not pass on their beliefs to their children?

Could schools and tv have anything to do with it? Thirty hours a week in school. Countless hours in front of a tv screen. Messages, foreign messages, from every quarter, relentlessly penetrating the impressionable mind and heart--and all with no parental oversight.

One sunny day in her front yard, a woman mentioned to me that a homeschooled child looks so innocent. She said that her children went to school. She said, "You can just tell when they change. They get so hard," she said in a moment of clarity. But, in typical prideful American fashion, she added, "...but my kids are good kids, they don't drink, they don't smoke, they don't do drugs...."

I can second that woman's observation about the hardening. Students get hardened as they progress through the system. I taught Sunday School in the modern church system for about 7 years. I started with a particular group when they were in about the 4th grade and taught them up to high school age. I could see the horrible changes around junior high school (7-8 grade and definitely in high school). For all my teaching and trying, they went home to tv and off to school, day after day, year after year. And as the time passed,

[Aside: What's really tragic is that the false church has plenty of room for such children and their parents. The book of Acts says that the Lord added to the church daily such as should be SAVED. The church is for saved people. It is a place of refuge and safety for those that believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sinners are not to penetrate into her inner bowels and remain there with their filth. I remember being in a church service where a new father, unmarried, stood up and boldly testified--and I sat there. The preacher of that church repeatedly said that the church is a "sin catcher". That is a lie. The Bible teaches that the church of the true and living God is the pillar and ground of the truth.]

What happened to these children? Could the messages of tv and school have indoctrinated (and initiated) them into the spirit of the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and pride of life? Could "sex education" actually be an initiation rite? Could television actually be a hypnotic trance medium implanting suggestions to be carried out at the soonest available opportunity? When I was in high school, I can remember feeling like I was on a snowball rolling down a hill and that I was powerless to do anything about it. I didn't know that abortion was in my future. I didn't know that fornication was in my future when my parents sent me off to college to "further my education" (as if that death ("education") needed to be furthered).

The children that I mentioned from my Sunday School class are now well into adulthood. Could they be amongst those 50% that think that everything is okay as long as they get a paycheck, can order a pizza, can watch tv in their apartment, have a few laughs, and maybe get on the computer?


Send your children back to school.
This is our compulsory, ironclad rule.
If this you fail to do,
We'll promptly take those fools from you.


You don't have a harvest so you don't need a hand
Send us all your idle children from across this washed-up land.

Persimmons are ripe
Time to preserve for the winter--
But you won't do that
Because we serve you dinner.

You're so dependent that when you want to eat,
You scuttle over to the store to buy our meat.
Chicken comes in plastic, not a feather around
Carrots are bite-sized, not a hint of the ground.
Your fools don't know where their food comes from
Because they're too busy in school learning how to be dumb.

Science doctored up that breakfast cereal with GMOs and all
Slurp it down you fools and then hit the mall.
Use that credit card that you love and adore
Get buried in debt and then spend some more.


Still in school, that's the rule
We'll teach them what they need to know
Like Halloween tales and useless information
Never teaching the reasons for the Protestant Reformation.

They'll go through life, not knowing the past
They'll only believe lies to the very last.
Never knowing the truth even if it hits them in the face
Because they have no interest in the Bible we've erased.

Our tv, books, and radio override the senses
And weaken a person's natural defenses.
As we call to the flesh from the cradle to the grave
Multitudes imitate the whoremongers travelling the airwaves.
Go get that abortion and keep your mouth shut
The school counsellor will "help" you--you miserable mutt.


Still in school, that's the rule
Sitting at a desk, writing on a slate
In real life, our students must never participate.

A twenty year-old man fills out a check with a pencil
Another fine example of a public school imbecile.


Near the end of the month, we'll take a break
Candies, cookies, ice cream, and cake.

Physical education and afterschool clubs
Can't hold back the call of addictive fast-food grubs.
Big and fat (you call them obese)
They gobble down gallons of sugar, salt, and grease.

Attention Deficit Disorder--could it be the tv?
Combined with a lack of training from a Mommy absentee?
Does Mommy make you mind or does she leave you on your own?
Does she really think you'll act normal when you are finally grown?
Medicine to the unruly or they cannot come to school
Dope them up, send them here so they can obey our attendance rule.


No hot beds to prepare, nothing to build
We keep them in school and out of the field.

It's cold outside, the icicles glisten
In a nice warm building students sit there and listen
As we stuff their heads with protocols for the new world order
That has snaked its way into America's border.

Parents hold beliefs and traditions that we hate and abhor
So we deconstruct them in the classroom behind the closed door.


Few chores to do, lives full of electronics
And now we don't even teach them phonics.

They can't read well and they can't write,
To the powers that be, this is a delight.

Impulsive and unstable, their minds are confounded
In the Humanities, not the Bible, they must be grounded.
Tossed about as waves of the sea, they suffer and fornicate in the land of the free.


You don't have seeds and you won't sow
Keep your child at home? The answer is no.

The birds are singing, they've returned for the season
They know their place but your fools lack reason--
They learn a multitude of facts but can't put them all together
They shrug their shoulders and are glad for warmer weather.

Their lives are like circuses filled with strange acts
Nothing to do so there is pressure on their backs.
"Where will I go today? Who will I see?
As I get ready, I'll watch the tv."

Some kids turn to suicide, others to drugs or self-mutilation
Death groans from the souls trapped in a pleasure-loving nation.

Mama's too tired and papa doesn't care
Let the tv raise them as they sit there and stare.
The images and messages lodge between their two ears
They'll host those spirits for the rest of their years.


April showers bring you no flowers
Because you have no farming powers.

Sitting in school with nothing to learn
In hopes of a degree one day to earn
Our finest students are those who best
Parrot back the information we put on the test.

"My child made the honor roll," you say with glee
You wouldn't say that if you saw what I see.
He achieves in a system designed to fail
An empty-headed proselyte who believes the stories we tell.


The students are still here, still sitting in schools
Steadily becoming even bigger fools.

Developing the useless man takes patience you see
It's best to start working before he turns three.
Fill up those years in which he learns so fast
With foolishness galore, cartoons, and trash
Then shuffle him off to school an intellectual bane
To extinguish the intellect and further stunt the brain.


We finally let the herds of "kids" go home--
(after a quarter of the month is already gone.)

Yes, summer is here and the kids get a break
Courtesy of your Big Brother, the State.


July, July, no children outside
They are in the home where the internet they roam
And watching tv
Where we want them to be.

We examine the experiments of the behaviorists you see
Who condition rats and monkeys that want to be free
Then we turn the results on unsuspecting man
Programming him for his entire lifespan.

Both pain and pleasure are used to achieve our goals
We've known this trick from the days of old
But now we use science and technology to perfect our old ways
Ah...truly these are the good old days.

Nobody can stop us now, no one knows who we are.
If you told them our name they'd think you'd gone too far.

Our agents in black work twenty-four seven
Promising the glories of their kind of heaven
Meanwhile subjugating the unwitting of all stations
Who drink of the cup of the mistress of nations.


It's August already and there are flowers in the clover
We'll start school again before the month is over.

The circus will continue, deconstruction goes on
Each fool in a seat is an unwitting pawn
As the powers that be reach their objectives
A howling population releases invectives
Against an enemy unseen, in the shadows, unknown
Who they'll never correctly identify even when their fools are grown.

                                                                                       (school is now in session)

"Social engineering" a term coined to explain how "change agents" change society's belief system to fit in with the new world order. They seek to overthrow of previous "morality" and replace it with, "believe whatever we say today and at this moment" and, "follow our instructions to do whatever we say" and, "do whatever you want to and accept everything--there is no wrong except disagreeing with us". The school system is a chief tool in reaching their objective to engineer a compliant society. They program the minds of children for about thirty hours a week, 9 months a year, for about least 12 years. Then they send home homework and rest secure that the children will spend ample time watching television, another chief indoctrination device. For an overview of how the menstealers are using the school system, read "Brave New Schools" available for reading online free of charge.

The only people who are incapable of being overcome by this sorcery are those that only believe the Bible. The elect are incapable of being deceived even in the midst of the greatest signs and wonders (Mark 13:22).

All else besides the elect will continue to fall like a deck of cards. The agents of the devil, are working night and day to bring this to pass. The end goal--enthronement of the man of sin and the destruction of all mankind. Theirs is a culture of death encouraging and feeding activities and technologies that lead to sin and death (e.g., pornography, eugenics, euthunasia, drugs, whoredom, abortion, AIDS, GMOs, tv, Ritalin, witchcraft, new age spirituality, etc.) . And although this world is a waste howling wilderness, the Bible teaches that the devil and his ministers will fail in their mission to destroy all flesh. They will get close, very close, but they will fail--

Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Mark 13:20 And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.